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Challenge Kourok


Well That's Just Prime.

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , Jun 07 2009 · 12 views
Bein' Materialistic
Feh. I think I got one of the Universe Onslaughts with the truncated SFX. <<

Also, he's got a gun hidden behind his cow-catcher things. That's awesome.


Really Some Kind Of Twisted, Snow White Deal

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , Jun 04 2009 · 13 views
Say hello to the new theme for the blog contest: Soundwave! (and his tapes)


Sideswipe Review

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , Jun 02 2009 · 19 views
Gallery of images

Sideswipe was built to fight. He is sleek, fast, and single-minded in battle, focusing on his enemy with absolute attention. His blades are a shining blur as he leaps through the air, twisting to avoid enemy fire. Converting from vehicle to robot at blinding speed, he uses every trick in the book to get close to his opponent, and put his powerful blades to work.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 6
Rank: 5
Courage: 7
Fireblast: 3
Skill: 9

BOX: Sideswipe's box is nothing special. He's evidentally a level 3 transformation, or "Advanced Conversion", as the upper left corner says. Below that is "TRANSFORMERS" in large text with an autobrand peeking over "ERS" and "revenge of the Fallen under "FORMERS". Then, under that, Sideswipe is displayed in vehicle mode above a CGI image of his face, his name, and his faction. The back features him in robot mode, his Corvette Stingray Concept mode, his bio, and his Tech Specs.

VEHICLE: Sideswipe's vehicle mode is a Stingray consept, for the Corvette line of cars. Being a sports car, Sideswipe is therefore silver, in keeping with move tradition. Not much else to say, except that the car's disguise is somewhat lacking from underneath.

TRANSFORMATION: ACK. Sideswipe is deserving of his rank three transformation rating, but not really due to complexity. No, he's a figity one. You have to move his arms and legs at lower torso just so to transform him out of vehicle mode.

His hands are also kinda a pain to get out. =P

ROBOT: In robot mode, Sideswipe's not really that bad. He's got eleven points of articulation in his limbs and head, with more in his kibble backpack. However, his legs suffer, as his wheel feet can't be moved at all. This results in a lack posability down there, which causes Sideswipe to suffer. However, when you move his lower legs, his "Mech Alive" gimmick activates, in this case a pair of blue knee panels slide in and out. He has swords on his ams, although you have to turn them around in a way that makes them seem more like scissors. His robot mode features plenty of sculpted details, too.

Nice car mode.
Decent robot mode.
Lots of robot mode detail

MegatronFutzy transformation.
Overpackaged for a small toy.
No feet articulation.

Overall, I'd recommend Sideswipe if you're looking for a nice, twelve-dollar toy


R O T F Sideswipe

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , Jun 02 2009 · 18 views
I has him. (Deluxe)

Review in a couple minutes.



Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , Jun 01 2009 · 23 views




I'm Officially A Transfan

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , May 29 2009 · 17 views
Bein' Materialistic
Just ordered Universe Powerglide, Universe Onslaught, and ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe.

Reviews (maybe) in four-ish days.


Here's To Necro.

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , May 25 2009 · 19 views
I don't actually consider myself a musician to be honest. I consider myself a deranged lunatic who makes odd and interesting noises with a slab of alder with metal strings pulled taught over it that writes words set to a rhythm.

Best quote I've read in a while.


Advice 1

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , May 25 2009 · 7 views
Bein' Materialistic
Should I buy Universe Powerglide, or not?


Hello, Soldier.

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , May 24 2009 · 23 views

Welcome to the 501st. Please refrain from fragging fellow clones, slamming your ARC fighter into any ships, or switching over to the rebels/sepratists in the middle of the battle because you happened to pick Mustafar instead of Kashyyk.

Also, whatever you do, don't die. You're just wasting reinforcements.

(Yes, I've picked Battlefront II up again. Deal with it.)


New Name

Posted by Strange Festive Xaeraz , May 24 2009 · 16 views
Woo and such.

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