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Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates


Spring Heeled Jack

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 30 2009 · 44 views
QUOTE(Spring Heeled AJck by Lemon Demon)
Upward he shoots
by the springs on his boots,
like an inverted angel.
We’ve been afraid of this terrible,
strange, elusive monster for years.

It seems to be superstitious lunacy
but in fact when things go black
old Spring Heeled Jack appears.

I hear the sound
of him bounding around
on the rooftops of London,
leaving the people bewildered and stunned
and, on occasion, aflame.

No sooner than unsuspecting Englishmen
turn their backs, the wretch attacks,
and Spring Heeled Jack’s his name.

I doubt that it’s those clever brats in college.
and the Marquess of Waterford denies all knowledge.
And people in the area reek of mass hysteria…
But, admit you must, that it is just enough to scare you.

And you scream when he draws
out a handful of claws
and a blue breath of fire,
then disappears leaping higher and higher,
as if lighter than air.

Time marches on,
now it seems as though he’s gone.
This day lacks tales of his acts
but don’t relax
for Spring Heeled Jack’s still there.

Oh you crazy Brits and your crazy monsters.


L 4 D 2

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 29 2009 · 43 views
I'm gonna import a copy from Australia!


*put* Up Or Shut Up.

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 28 2009 · 44 views
and 1 more...
QUOTE(Me on another site)
I thiink I'm on a natural high or something cuz I've got ideas buzzzzzzzzzing in my head and they won't shut up and my WPMs are through da WOOOOOOOOOOO!


Alzo Zombieland review l8r maybemaybenot


X X - X I I

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 27 2009 · 50 views
and 1 more...
Oh Quetzalcoatl (Or Atheismo, your pick), that movie looks HILARIOUS.

I mean, what's NOT to love about the National Mall being flattened by the USS John F Kennedy?


Don Newman

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 27 2009 · 39 views
My <DIETY NAME HERE>, that is an EPIC Pyro!


. V .

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 24 2009 · 57 views

My new theme. Which V it is is up to you.


O H No O O O !

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 23 2009 · 54 views
and 1 more...



Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 23 2009 · 53 views
and 1 more...


Lobster Man

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 22 2009 · 71 views
and 1 more...


The Ring. Tone.

Posted by Xaeraz , Oct 21 2009 · 62 views
When this song is over, you will die.
When this song is over, you will die.
This recording bears a curse, and it only will get worse,
When this song is over, you will die.

You've seen that scary movie called The Ring,
Except for this being The Ringtone, the same thing.
Ask not for whom the MP3 / may toll, it tolls for thee,
You're doomed the moment that I cease to sing.

When this song is over, you will die.
There's no time to complain or question why.
Three minutes and some change are all we could arrange,
When this song is over, you will die.

There was a monster at the end of Grover's book,
And he was too darn scared to even look,
Well, it turned out to be him, but your fate is much more grim,
And all that will remain is this song's hook.

When this song is over, you will die,
Its power chords will make your brainpan fry,
For good measure, in the bridge, we'll stuff your girlfriend in the fridge,
When this song is over, you will die.

It isn't Rock Band for Nintendo Wii,
The controller's not compatible, you see,
The only beetles to be seen are picking your bones clean,
And your tomb is locked, no way to change the key.

Have your body freeze-dried, wrapped in foil,
And planted some six feet beneath the soil,
This is your requiem, and it has no DRM,
You're iPod Shuffling off this mortal coil.

When this song is over, you will die,
Nothing left that you can do or try,
Take the record for a spin, then inform your next-of-kin,
When this song is over, you will die.

When this song is over, you will die,
When this song is over, you will die,
It's an earworm of a tune, but you'll get rid of it soon,
When this song is over, you will die.

When this song is over, you will die,
Thanks for listening, time to say goodbye,
Hope you've made out your will, now we're closing for the kill,
When this song is over, you will,
When this song is over, you will,
When this song is over, you will die!

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