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Rapping Dog


Generic "I'm Back"

Posted by Zipper , Aug 13 2013 · 318 views

Hey guys.  I hope you still remember me. =/


Korra's "finale"

Posted by Zipper , Jun 23 2012 · 270 views


I don't know what they're going to do with season 2 at this point. =/

Also, how the heck am I still a Premier Member?


Whoa Dudes.

Posted by Zipper , Oct 14 2011 · 157 views

It's been, like, half a year. Dang. And for some reason, I'm still Premier. Not that I'll be blogging much, but it's still nice to have some status.

Anyhow, instead of writing an entry about myself, I want to hear about you guys. Yes, you! How has your downtime been?


Adblock Plus

Posted by Zipper , Feb 20 2011 · 154 views

Installed it for Firefox.

Oh, and if you guys could vote for me since Retinence is destroying the competition and I'm not even going to make the wildcard, I'd appreciate it.



Posted by Zipper , Feb 16 2011 · 112 views
Just the lower arms now...


Fake Antivirus

Posted by Zipper , Jan 02 2011 · 154 views
Grr... first time it's infected my computer. Am currently trying to remove it.

EDIT: Victorious!


Bionicle 2004-by The Waters Of Babylon

Posted by Zipper , Jan 01 2011 · 117 views
In response to this topic, this is how 2004 should've started.

I have to say, the setting and terminology of this story really parallels with that of Bionicle's early years.


God My Ohhhh! Pt. 2

Posted by Zipper , Dec 26 2010 · 142 views
>Walmart has 50% off Lego
>Lego Stores have 50% off Lego

>I can't buy any of them



God My Ohhhh!

Posted by Zipper , Dec 24 2010 · 174 views

The Ultimate Gainax Ending.


So, Hero Factory 2011

Posted by Zipper , Dec 02 2010 · 180 views

It may be Mega Bloks, but it gives a pretty good idea as to where TLC is heading with this new building system.

I like it, personally. Thoughts?


Need 2 Pieces

Posted by Zipper , Oct 27 2010 · 99 views

Anyone have two of these that they'd be willing to send to me? I can't trade or send back the pieces, but I'd be willing to advertise something in my blog/sig or take one of your MOC requests.


Villain Factory

Posted by Zipper , Oct 16 2010 · 177 views
Topics later.

All the reasons why no BBCC 60 entry.


Space Pirate?

Posted by Zipper , Oct 09 2010 · 135 views
His name be Bonaparte.

Well actually, he looks more like a naval captain. :/

The real MOC that comes with him should be posted next week.


Hey Biology Masters

Posted by Zipper , Sep 28 2010 · 101 views


A Question

Posted by Zipper , Sep 12 2010 · 184 views
What do you guys think is my best MOC?

(Yes, this is for my further studies of BZP trends, etc., etc.)



Posted by Zipper , Aug 28 2010 · 108 views
In order to keep myself from being distracted whilst studying, my parents will only allow me to go on the internet in the weekends. I usually disagree with stuff like this, but (surprise!), I agree with them, considering how many honors classes I'm taking this year. Doesn't mean I won't MOC though. wink.gif

Just a heads up.



Posted by Zipper , Aug 19 2010 · 144 views
You may be seeing one from me today or tomorrow. Guaranteed.

It's a serious one.


3 Years And Psg

Posted by Zipper , Aug 13 2010 · 119 views
Bleh, I need to post that MOC soon to celebrate my Huna.

In other news, I think I just found my anime counterpart.

The first one is チャック, Chuck or Zipper in English. Second is well-known GIR, whom it looks a lot like. Coincidence?

From Gainax's upcoming show "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt". (Yes, you read that right)

I'm surprised that it's an anime too. But putting Powerpuff Girls and GIR together with raucous humour is enough for me to watch. cool.gif


Review: Mega Bloks Cyan Spartan

Posted by Zipper , Aug 12 2010 · 797 views
» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

In the Official Halo Topic.

EDIT: Haha, very funny guys, trying to lower my blog rating because of this review. tongue.gif
It's fun to be on the dark side every once in a while.


Update: That Mega Bloks Spartan

Posted by Zipper , Aug 11 2010 · 174 views
Should be arriving soon. I'm excited, it'll be the first time I'll get my hands on one of those figs (in Cyan, too!).

(I told you guys about a survey where you could get one of these things for free, but it's over now).


That review's a-comin.

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