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the koth


I Feel Like Writing A Story

Posted by Kothra , Apr 17 2009 · 159 views

So I suppose I will. How far this will go, I know not. I don't even hav a title yet.

The room was dark. Very dark. But no completely: a small, but high-powered light was working its way across the wall, illuminating everything in it's path. This light was attached to the end of a rifle.

The rifle was in the hands of a large being, its dark blue armour nearly impossible to see in the darkness. It swept the rifle across the room one last time, and then stood still. If you were standing there, next to it, you would hear nothing, but if you were scanning the correct communications frequencies, and had the correct decoding equipment, you would hear a flood of chatter.

"This is Surveyor four, building 071 is completely intact and unoccupied," said the being.
"Copy that four. The whole place is deserted. They must have fled before the bombardment," said a voice, over the comm waves.
"I assume we'll be heading out soon, then?" asked the being.
"Yes. Get out to the main plaza, and we'll get the Phasmatis to flash us back up there," said the other voice.

The being walked out the front entrance to the building, and started jogging down the empty city's main highway towards the Central Plaza. Up in the night sky, flashes of light could be seen: the KFS Phasmatis must of attracted the attention of a security task force after burning the city to slag. The being quickened his pace, and took off his helmet, eager to free himself of the overwhelming flood of HUD data.

The creature beneath the helmet, as tall and brown-furred, looking in every way like an anthromorphic otter.

"Hurry up Lieutenant Streamdiver. They're not going to wait forever," could be heard coming from the helmet's internal speakers. Kothra Streamdiver pulled it close to his head. "Yes Captain. I'm on my way."
Kothra scowled. These people were so impatient. He clipped the helmet to his belt, and set off running down the highway towards the main plaza. He could have activated his jet pack, and gotten there quicker, but the glow would give away his position, and he wasn't about to give the presence of the squad away to any enemies just so he could move faster.



Below the city, in a partially collapsed subterranean bunker, the city's Resident Commander, sat at his chair, looking at the fuzzy feeds from the few remaining cameras throughout the city.
So the Kalarii had struck after all, just like he had told the council. though the Commander.
at least I had the city evacuated a day ago. The casualties would have been enormous...
It was now time to rid the of the invaders. The Commander turned to one of the command consoles, and pulled up the command interface for all of the stilll functioning auxilary reactors. He tapped rapidly at the screen wiht his feathered fingers, sliding icons around, starting and stopping reaction sequences, and ultimately, setting the reactors to produce more power than they physically could.

The Commander set back in his chair, estimating about ten minutes of time before the reactors overloaded. He set the databoard's chronometer for ten minutes, and laid back in his chair, thinking of his family, and his friends, which he knew he would never see again.

Five minutes passed. He looked at the clock.




Yeah. Tell me what you think so far.



Cot Rpg Rough Draft: Jura: Extragalctic Threat

Posted by Kothra , Apr 16 2009 · 222 views

This is where the moderators of this RPG can edit it before the posting of it. It has already been approvedby the judges, but we'll probably try again just in case. Note that this is only a rough draft, and WILL be edited.
Post #1 - Kenpachi Zaraki

Jura: Extragalactic Threat

The Universe contains over a thousand billion stars, and billions of galaxies, and we have always believed we might not be alone in the universe. We were not wrong: we made contact with alien races in the year 2015, and they came to Earth. We have met several friendly aliens, and with their help, the global warming crisis has been ended and human technology has improved rapidly over the years.

Skip ahead to the year 2046. Humanity has developed FTL (Faster Than Light) technology for further exploration of space, and has begun to colonize other worlds. However, not all of the aliens we met were friendly. We had struggles with a few races, but worst of all is a race of creatures known as the Jura. These aliens plan to conquer the universe. We believed all to be lost, but then a Terran human by the name of Zeke began to organize a resistance force to stand against these alien invaders. Zeke then traveled to Kalaras, the capital of the powerful Kalarii Federation, and pleaded to them for help.
The Kalarii were not fools, and pledged their support to Zeke's Resistance.
Now that Zeke had the support of one of the most powerful nations in Known Space, he was prepared for the oncoming invasion. Before long, Jura scoutships were detected near the border of Terran Space. Detections led to investigations. Investigations sparked skirmishes. Skirmishes led to all-out battles and full-scale assaults.

The attack of the Jura has begun.


How can you play when you don't know where the heck you are?

Worlds of the Rebellion
Terrain: Rock, snow, water, forest, mountain, and a few others
Native Species: Human
Notable locations: main Rebellion base, there are a few others on other worlds
other details:
Solar System: Sol (that's what I've heard it's called)
Galaxy: Milky Way

Terrain: Acid
Native Species: none
Notable locations: there are only 3:
-the Fortress: a hidden rebellion base
-the Wastelands: an area of nothing but rocks, wreckage and dust. This place is not a good vacation spot, however the wreckage of thousands of ships lies here, so this is a good place to go if you're looking to salvage for parts
-the Acid Waterfall: Near the equator is a huge waterfall of acid that pours into the southern hemisphere, few have gone down it and lived, not much lies in the southern hemisphere: mostly acid and a few small islands, though few are fertile
Other Details: the planet is just a an ocean of acid except for a few islands, some are more fertile then others, but they're all very small. The only places that are of any interest are the locations listed above.

Terrain: mostly covered by water, with two major continents (about Eurasia sized), tropical jungles in many places, as well as mountain ranges and volcanic peaks; two large urban centers, one on each continent, with many smaller cities.
Native Species: Kalarii
Notable Locations:
-Kalaras Central: the centre of the Kalarii government, the capital of the Federation
-the Twin Peaks: two adjacent volcanic peaks; a major research centre is located here
-Djanteith: Kalaras' industrial center; many of the KFM's weapons and vehicles are made here
-Tsentok Shipyards: a massive space station orbiting Kalaras; all of the KFM's starships are built here; it also serves a training centre for new crews
Other details: Kalaras has warmer temperatures and a shorter day, and year than Terra
Solar System: Kalaras
Galaxy: Milky Way

Terrain: Very watery planet, with several small islands. Year-round tropical temperatures.
Native Species: None; currently inhabited by the Kalarii
Notable locations:
-KFM Daniacin Base: the outpost that the Kalarii Federation has established on Daniacin; located on the largest island, features defensive emplacements able to repel nearly any assault
-Daniacin Resort: a tropical resort established by a small Kalarii business group. Soldiers on leave get in free.
Other details: A Kalarii military base, near the Jura's territory, has many defensive satellites in addition to its surface emplacements
Solar System: Dania
Galaxy: Milky Way

The Jura Homeworld

Terrain: Mountain Ranges cross over the planet in some places, it looks like a desert planet with a big sea and a smaller lake.
Native Species: Jura
Notable locations:
-the Fortress: Head Quarters for the Planet's army.
-The Sea of Death: It's waters have Some kind of Poison that Some can Die within three days if not given the right Anti-venom
-The Edge: The Bottomless Chasm that Goes to unheard depths, Some say it Goes to a World within this one. But others say that it Goes to the Center of the Planet.
Other Details: Not much is known about this Planet, But it's Waters is the Same as Earth. Only the Sea of Death Located in the Center if the mainland is Known to Kill.
Solar System: Deapteori

The Planet Eunthom is the second to last planet for it's sun


Character Profile Form
You need a character before you can play, duh.

Species (either human, Jura, make up your own, or use another character's):
Gender (male or female [or neither, if your species does not have genders]):
Faction (Rebellion, Jura or neither):
Opinion of War (what your character thinks about the war):
Biography (a brief backround description of your character):
Species Description (if this is one of your own making):


Ranks: Link(Cause I was being lazy)



-Soldier: these men will fight for their cause, whatever the odds, this class is best suited for combat against multiple opponents
-Agent: these people are called upon to infiltrate enemy bases, this class is good at sneaking around and disguise, they are suited better against a single opponent, usually with hand-to-hand combat
-Assassin: when someone needs to be killed, this class is hired for the job, these people are sent to hunt them down, this class is best suited for sneaking around and combat against single opponents, especially when the opponent is not aware of their presence
-Tech Specialist: this class is brilliant with technology, they can repair almost anything and are very useful if your ship takes damage, this class is better for combat against single opponents, although they aren't the best for combat


And if you want to make your own Planet fill this out:

Planet Name:
Native Species (Human, Kalarii, Jura, et cetera):
Notable locations:
Other details:
Solar System:
Galaxy: Milky Way


Human tech
-Two-man Fighter: these vehicles are perfect for defense of a planet or ship, unfortunatly, they require 2 people to fly it, one pilot and one gunner)

-Transport rocket: these aren't the best for going long distances, but if you need to transport items between planets (such as earth to the moon), this is good for the job, these vehicles are unarmed)

-Scout Car: these cars are deployed to scout areas for any signs of aliens, they are equipped with a gun in case they find anything)

-Transport Frigate: these vehicles are used to transport people or items longer distances than rockets, these are unarmed, but usually have a small fighter to hold off attackers)

(Credit to Atton Rand)


The Jura
The Jura are a mysterious alien race. No one is certain where they came from,except that they are not of this region of space. They are believed to be of another galaxy entirely. They have strange technologies, not like that of the more civilised species of the Milky Way.

The Leader
The leader of the Jura civilisation is believeed to be named Juratick, however, this is unconfirmed, as it was only pieced together from intercepted transmissions.

Jura Powers
Mind control

Jura Subspecies

Types of Jura
Jura: Size 8 ft. high. (The troops)

Tri: Size 10ft. tall 20 ft. length. (Serve as scouts for the Jura)

Type: Jur
Species: Jura
Description: Bug
Ability: Can take over the human body and turn it into a mindless slave.
Danger level: MEDIUM.

Type: Gor
Species: Jura
Description: Giant Mantis
Ability: Can kill Humans instantly. and use the Human body for bait.
Danger level: HIGH.

Type: Zorg
Species: Jura
Ability: Sight
Danger Level: MEDIUM


The Federation of Kalarii States

The Kalarii are a militaristic otter-like race from the planet Kalaras. They are highly advanced, with massive starships and formidable weapons.

Kalarii Infantry Units

Kalarii players can play as any of the following classes.
- Line Infantry
- Auxilia
- Legionnaire
- Arcani
- Technician
- Pilot


1. No spamming or flamming
2. Use IC and OOC
3. No killing other players' characters without permission
4. Recently, some people have been using things from other stories (I.E. Lightsabers in a non-star wars rpg, or time lords in a non-doctor who rpg, or connecting an rpg to another rpg that isn't intended to be connected in any way), this is not allowed here, if you want to use lightsabers, join the star wars rpg, you could be inspired by these other stories or rpgs, or use similar things, but not the ones from the stories
4. No God-modding
5. No immortality, if you don't want to die, don't create a situation where you'd die, it's alright if you're immune to some things, but everything has a weakness, and the immunity should have it's limits.
6. You are limited to three characters, and us staff can deny profiles, if we have reason to.
7. Obey the staff at all times. No exceptions.
8. No using other players' characters without permission.


You must PM your form(s) to Kothra, Akaku, or Robo. Posted forms will be ignored.


This is what happens when you break the rules.

We as the staff will determine the severity of the punishment depending on what you've done. It could be anything between a warning to being kicked out (formally known as a permanent ban).


We are your superiors. Get over it.

Kenpachi Zaraki
Atton Rand
Kothra Streamdiver
Akaku: Master of Flight


Post #2 - Kothra Streamdiver

Approved Profiles

Username: Kenpachi Zaraki
Name: Zeke
Species: Human
Gender: Male
skills: N/A
Class: Solder
Rank: Admiral
Weapons: Buster sword, pistol
Appearance: 5' 11", army getup, black coat, scar on his face. blue eyes, black hair.
Homeworld: Earth
Bio: Unknown
Species description:

Username: Atton Rand
Name: Rafello
Species: Zion
Gender: Female
Skills: repair, computer hacking, talented pilot
Class: mechanic
Rank: officer
Weapons: single pistol,
appearance: humanoid with pink skin, (although in the right lighting it looks like human light skin), long curly red hair, red sleeveless shirt, black pants, black boots and black gloves
Homeworld: Zorron
Bio: Rafello was one of the first non-humans to join the rebellion, her skill with technology was quite valuable in the war
Other info:
Species description: The Zions, or Zyons (it can be spelled either way you which way you wish to spell it), are a rather intelligent race, they are often skilled with technology. Zions can naturally tell whether a person is telling the truth or a lie, and will normally remain loyal to their cause, it is almost impossible to convince a Zyon to betray someone they serve and trust. In areas with no oxygen, Zyons can hold their breath for up to 3 hours, they can even survive a space vacuum for that long without a space suit. This is very useful if the exterior of a ship needs repairs while in space, as well as be able to get pretty far down underwater. Their internal organs are also known to be able to resist a certain amount of radiation, they can stand large amounts but they have their limits, poisoning does not work on them, almost nothing can poison them,

Username: Kothra Streamdiver
Name: Kothra Streamdiver
Species: Kalarii
Gender: Male
Faction: Rebellion (Kalarii Federation)
Rank: Captain
Weapons: KI-44 Repeating Energy Rifle, LI-12 Energy Pistol, KB emergency energy knife
Equipment: Legionnaire-class Power Armour,
Opinion of the War:
Personality: short-tempered, occasionally a control freak
Biography: At age 14, Kothra was sent to the Kalarii Federation Military Academy. He graduated 4 years later, and served as a Hoplite trooper. His commanding officer quickly noticed Kothra's skill as a commando, and requested him to be transferred to Special Operations. The transfer was accepted, and Kothra began serving as a Legionnaire Commando/Trooper. When the Kalarii Federation joined with the Rebellion, Kothra was sent to the Base at Daniacin.



Posted by Kothra , Apr 13 2009 · 93 views

It's amazing. Join it.

And it has three times as many posts as the other two RPGs: it's better.



Spring Break

Posted by Kothra , Apr 11 2009 · 91 views

Started yesterday.



Blog Approvals

Posted by Kothra , Apr 09 2009 · 115 views

Though I would like more, that is not the point of this.

The point is... I have five variations that I can give to people. =D

Blog Approval Variations


Galactic Basic



I'm Not Dead!

Posted by Kothra , Apr 09 2009 · 109 views


And the only B was in Adv. Alg. II. Everything else was an A or A+.

Which obviously means I'm not grounded for once.



The Most Important Rule Of Survival Is This:

Posted by Kothra , Apr 08 2009 · 94 views

Leave home, bring iPod.



Is This Art? I Suppose So.

Posted by Kothra , Apr 07 2009 · 89 views


I have yet to GIMPify it, but I think it's amazing for something from me.



Cheat Devices = Epic Fail

Posted by Kothra , Apr 07 2009 · 187 views

Anyone who uses an Action Reply, Gameshark, or any such device is a complete and total [insert extremely rude term here].

All such devices deserve to be burned like the blasphemous objects they are.

If you have one, I highly suggest that you take a sledgehammer or any similar heavy, metallic object to it, and pound it until it is no longer recognisable.

~ Centurion Aulus Kothrius


No Artwork Today

Posted by Kothra , Apr 06 2009 · 83 views

Get over it. sleep.gif

Btw, join either Codex Alera: Origins, or Mechpunk.

The links to those two CoT Rpgs are in my sig and my latest content block.


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