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Rayg's contents, under pressure.


Happy birthday to me, but the present is for you!

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 28 2014 · 272 views

Alright guys.

It's been much delayed, abetted, halted, and darn near canceled, but it's finally here. This is a project I've been working on almost since the beginning of Act 2, and while I originally hoped to have it to you somewhere in the beginning of 2013, numerous delays impeded our progress; namely, the main guy I originally hired to program this beauty ended up quitting. Luckily our very own HAHLI HUSKY stepped up to the task, and with her incredible work, I'm finally ready to present to you.

STORM AND SAND, the first interactive game in BZPStuck.

Posted Image

There's a few pages in between this and what is my present to you all, but I hope you enjoy our work and let me know what you think.


I may have a problem.

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 19 2014 · 318 views

I really love the Galaxy Squad sets. I just have a little one but if past behavior is any indication I may be getting all of the darn things by the end of this.

Incidentally anyone want to trade some Bionicle for theirs? Haha.


Megaupdate Part 2: ENGAGE HARD MODE

Posted by InnerRayg , Jan 03 2014 · 238 views

Are you ready for HARD MODE?

Posted Image
Click for the next animation!

This one here's the real labor of love, so enjoy and stay tuned, there's more on the way.


BZPStuck: Awakened from three month coma. More at 11!

Posted by InnerRayg , Jan 03 2014 · 313 views

Wow, talk about a cliffhanger! I want to seriously apologize for the wait my friends - to say it was out of my control would be true, but it's still not a good enough reason and I do apologize for that. I promise the content will be much more regular from now on - I've taken serious steps to assure it. In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of our labor - this is the first of three big parts of what I'm calling a the megaupdate. Thanks for reading everyone!

Posted Image

Click me to watch the animation!


Any of you fools going to SDCC?

Posted by InnerRayg , Jul 11 2013 · 286 views

Because Rayg has a deep and terrible need.

You see This beautiful creature?

Posted Image

That's Mezco's iconic, and EXCLUSIVE Walter White action figure with Los Pollos Hermanos slip cover and accessories from the much talked about episode of Breaking Bad "The Fly".

And you better believe I need that figure like I need to breathe.

That said, I'd really rather not pay the eighty dollars it's going for on Ebay right now. If one you cool kids is going and would be willing to pick this sucker up for me, I'd be more than willing to compensate and throw in a little extra for your trouble.

What do ya say. Do it for your pal Rayg? Trust me, you and I will make a lot fo money together...and I assure you, I am very discrete.


Meet the ALIEN HUNTER team.

Posted by InnerRayg , May 09 2013 · 645 views

Meet the ALIEN HUNTERSTM. An elite team of figs who are determined to fight the xenomenace wherever it hides!

Posted Image

ABE ARIATM is the youngest member of the team, and hes always ready to fly headfirst into action! If his brash attitude gets him in his trouble, his BLASTERAYTM will get him out of it just as fast! His super powered rocketpack is capable of jettisoning him into orbit, where he can take the fight against the aliens into their own backyard.

Posted Image

BURT BALLADTM is the muscle of the team, but this giants no dope! When hes not using his bulk to flatten the alien filth in his path, he is studying the best way to develop the latest in SPACE SHIFTTM travel technology. His special lens lets him see parallel dimensions, to find out where the aliens are coming from!

Posted Image

GARY GLEETM is anything but - hes never said a word. This silent guardian uses his NEOBLADETM to make his point. This mysterious warrior is totally dedicated to the eradication of any xenoactivity. Just dont get on his bad side, or ###### make sure youre next to get diced!

Posted Image

Don DIRGETM is a small package that packs a huge punch. The teams sniper, Don uses his tiny frame to hide and pick off targets from a distance - and hes the most accurate shot there is. Aliens wont stand a chance when his BIOSCOPIC EYETM finds them. Just watch out for his explosive temper - especially if you bring up his height!

Posted Image

E-7UDETM is the cybernetic C████████ ███ ███ ALIEN HUNTERTM team. His programming is ██ ██████ the team in their efforts ██ eradicate the █████ menace, in a peaceful ███████ that includes duties as team medic. Programmed ███ loyalty, if you ████ trust E-7UDE, you cant trust anyone.

Posted Image

ZIA ZEALTM is a rebellious fighter who knows that the odds are stacked against her. As the only female member of the ALIEN HUNTERTM team, she never allows herself a moment of weakness. She fights twice as hard as her teammates, even dual wielding her trademark ZAPCTIONTM GUNS. She hopes to one day be the leader of the team, and wont let anything get in the way of her ambitions.


Stay tuned for more exciting information about the ALIEN HUNTER team!



Posted by InnerRayg , Apr 16 2013 · 444 views

Not to spoil anything, but a certain sweet new ride for Ray demands christening! Help choose the name from our fine selection, and the winner shall forever be enshrined on its hull.

Posted Image

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