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  1. Please come back and do BZPstuck!

  2. One would assume a general redesign of the front page and a mobile friendly version would basically go hand in hand, and I imagine both are probably being slowly worked on.
  3. As a community Eurobricks isn't great, but as a source for leaked set images, yeah, it's pretty good.
  4. Hey it all works out for the most part! Except the infinite Lego pieces produced in the Probelisk but uh...let's ignore that. Anyway I ended up putting out another update because you guys are cool and I missed doing it. but this time for real the next one will be a Flash.
  5. I gotta tell you, it's not happening quite yet but I really look forward to seeing all the crazy stuff you guys are going to come up with for the alchemy bits.
  6. At long last, the secrets of our totally original alchemy technique is revealed! Enjoy a bunch of animations I made almost two years ago guys. Speaking of which, the next update will be a pretty big Page, and then after that we're not far from the End of Act 2. Stay tuned!
  7. What Brian thinks is going on, and what actually is going on, are two very different things. The facts are these: Brian has a helper made from the amalgamation of a weird robot that lived in his house but was broken, several pieces of technology sent to him by Ray's Lil Bro, and a floating brain/computer program that has served as his guardian for as long as he has lived. Ray has a helper made from the amalgamation of a Bionicle toy and a powerful game construct. Brian thinks that because his helper and Ray's helper were both made from a bunch of weird stuff, they are both part of the game, but the thing about Brian is that his sleuthing tends to lead him towards conclusions that aren't always correct. He skips over important details before coming to his answer. This will be important later.
  8. Glory be to the empress, may she live forever on the blood of her subjects as they run red, each lashed with care. Happy birthday yo!
  9. And almost a month later, we're back.
  10. You realize this would lead to an avatar and signature that don't look good together at all? The whole point is to have a cohesive set - if one's got a totally different design than the other, it wouldn't look good at all. The possible fix might be a separate avatar contest, then a signature contest to follow it based around the winner of the avatar contest. That way you would have a cohesive look.
  11. Aw man I still remember the day he started using my sprites for his comic. That was great. How has nobody mentioned Razor anyway? I'm surprised nobody mentioned Moutekea or Danska for the same reasons, sprites that people used quite a bit. I'd probably toss the names up that everybody else already threw out, but if I had to escalate any name up higher for dedicated fandom, I can't look further than Six. He kept this place up longer than Bionicle itself lasted, and that's from sheer dedication to the brand. That deserves its own recognition. I'd also have to name some people, some surprising from me for reasons I'm sure. Lady K, Rayg, Turakii, SPIRIT (all four of them have canonized stories in Bionicle), Toa Lhikan Hordika, DV, Brickthing, Roa, GaliGee, Erebus, the entire TTV crew, Kraahlix (he started the BS01 podcast). There's probably many more I could name, but these are the ones I could recognize for Bionicle once you mentioned them. Wow what I literally have no memory of that story. This is incredible.
  12. I think the only thing that bothers me is the more angular eyes you've used in the MoC - I know you're probably going for a 100% Technic MoC but I really feel the use of some round or angled system pieces (depending on expression) would have faired a bit better. Otherwise I like it and really love seeing the little guys turned into Lego. Now for the Kid!
  13. Predictable April Fools jokes are boring, and frankly, they make my head -spin-.
  14. Also I think it's super crazy how big a character Emmett's mom was and then to just have her mashed together with Wildstyle/Lucy in the final film. I kind of suspect the entire thing was born around a "Your MOM's the chosen one" joke.
  15. Well believe it or not, there has been just a teensy bit of thought about this new direction. We've had pretty intense discussions behind the scenes for almost a year now about what it is that draws people to BZPower, and after extensive looks at post data (where the most activity has been in the forums year after year), the survey results, and our own analysis it's become super clear that it's not CONSTRACTION style building that draws people to BZPower. Sure, it's a component, but the thing that has made us who we are, the thing that makes us different from just another Lego news site, is our intense focus on Lego storylines. Literally nobody else does this - you can go anywhere to find a review of any given set, but news about the latest books? Reviews of the movies and TV shows? Theories about how they integrate together, what is canon, what isn't, and discussion about minor details that end up being missed by the majority of the audience? That's the thing that makes us special. So the conclusion from there is pretty simple - we need to focus on Lego's story-based themes as much as possible, because that's our sweet spot. AND anyway Chima WAS a constraction line until like three weeks ago, so the point's kind of moot.
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