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Rayg's contents, under pressure.


Breaking Down Racial Barriers, One Comic At A Time.

Posted by InnerRayg , May 23 2012 · 419 views
Holy cow, almost a month without an update? That can't be right.

It is right. What the heck were we even doing??

Well, sadly there was some unfortunate occurrences (and some fortunate ones. I scored an internship with a local design firm!) that involved the sort of sad things that happen to friends sometimes. As a general reminder, always remember that you are loved. Yes, you. Everyone has friends and family, someone who cares about them and it may not even be the ones you suspect - sometimes we are bad about letting others know about what is in our hearts, but that means your life may be even more precious than it already is. If you're even considering self harm, please remember that you are not alone, not in any way, and help is out there.

With that out of the way, we are pushing forward and making great strides. If you haven't seen it already, you can check out our newest update in GD. Really you can't miss it I had the thing pinned for goodness sakes. What good is bending the rules if you people still don't see it?? But I digress, go check it out for some wild looks at a band most of our member base probably isn't familiar with but should be! Also there's a good bit with some steamy contraband you might like.

The next update will be a flash, and unless disaster strikes you can expect to see that sometime Tuesday. I still haven't mastered the mighty speed that Hussie has with the program, but I'm getting better. Then after that we'll finally see the introduction of a promised new character that I was talking about a month (!) ago.

I know this hiatus has probably hurt our fanbase, but I hope to regain your love soon. Yes, soon you will all be my fawning fans, my adoring public, sitting pretty inside my fist as I string you along in my insane quest of writing a silly comic on the internet. Will the madness never end?

No. No it will not.


Senior Show And Sickness

Posted by InnerRayg , Apr 07 2012 · 221 views
Just as an FYI to all my loyal and loving fans, who I'm sure number in the hundreds if not thousands, the slow down you are seeing right now on BZPStuck is absolutely temporary; you see, this last two weeks has been a period where I'm completely focused on finishing the final senior show for my college. It's the culmination of four years of work, and as you can imagine, it ain't easy. Smeag has likewise been pretty busy, but he has also had to deal with some pretty nasty sickness which only compounds the problem. My show is thursday, and come next week we should be on a MUCH more regular pace.

Sorry guys, lemme know how I can make it up to you.



Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 28 2012 · 136 views
Whew, just under the wire on that update! Still, despite preperation for graduation, work overtime, and sleepless nights on both Smeag and I's part, we're keeping to a somewhat regular schedule and for that I'm glad. Here in the upcoming week and a half we're going to be debuting yet another flash, and then soon after that, our third (and maybe fourth?) character! I know you're excited, because this means we'll have hit the halfway mark and it's where stuff really starts to get out of hand. So stay tuned folks, and be sure to keep those commands coming. They really do inspire a lot of what happens, and some plot twists that are now crucial to the story wouldn't have even occurred without them.



Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 16 2012 · 143 views

I'm sorry guys. This system isn't working quite as well as I hoped. Unfortunately Smeag's been super busy and since the narrative as is depends on his input we haven't been succesful at keeping the update schedule. We're working on a new way to do this, with my initial thoughts being that I probably just need to be relied upon for all the artwork so that it moves faster with the rest of the participants providing the text only so there is less onous on them to produce content. I hope and willl try never to let this happen again.


Holy ####

Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 10 2012 · 208 views
Wow, Smeag sure has made a splash on the scene with his entry into BZPStuck! As the first of many characters to come let's welcome him and secretly hope he stops making so many jokes about musicians I don't know so I don't feel so left out!

Just kidding, the more obscure the better. He wouldn't have it any other way. We'll probably be seeing one or two more new characters before we get back to Ray in any serious fashion, but once we do you better believe stuff is going to be kicked into high gear. So stay tuned!

Also, can I say that I am utterly devastated at the total lack of speculation so far about which staff members each of those screen names you saw earlier in the comic will be. Come on you nerds, I want to see how many pieces you can put together.


Woops, Late

Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 07 2012 · 134 views
Ufortunately when you're running a project with a lot of people involved it can get hard to make sure everyone's around when you need them, and it looks like these little delays are probably going to be more common as people live their lives since for SOME reason nobody can dedicate 24/7 to this little forum comic we've started. Our next character should be up tonight, and apologies for the extended wait. I've posted a inbetween update to sate what little appetite there may be at this point, and you can make a fun game of it playing "find the lost pixel."

I'll probably be doing this in every frame from now on.




Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 04 2012 · 174 views
Holy cow, it's finally done. That definitely went like three days over what I planned for it, but man it feels good to be able to see the finished product. If you guys haven't seen it, please go check out the comic thread to see the capstone for my beginning arc. Now we get to the fun part, where our next character makes an appearance and we start really exploring the dynamics between characters. Stay tuned folks - we're just getting started.


Animation Frustration

Posted by InnerRayg , Mar 04 2012 · 130 views

This thing is taking forever, but I swear I will finish this by tonight. Time to move it forward!


New Banner

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 26 2012 · 135 views

Seriously I did NOT think people would care this much about it!

Sorry about the black pixel! I'd fix it but bossman six is the only one with the ability to reupload the forum skin images.


Snap Out Of It!

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 25 2012 · 152 views
Well, that's our third week! I wouldn't expect more content for a little while yet - the next update is going to be a super sweet flash if it works out like I think it will. After that, expect a protagonist shift (Maybe) as we go deeper into this little story.

Fun Fact: In the official page count, the panel of Ray licking his lips slowly is the 100th page. It is also the most deeply satisfying .gif I've ever made.

I hope some of the stuff you've seen this week has helped show how we're going to start changing the story from what you expect; basically, abandon all preconceptions at the door folks, we've officially gone off the rails. So as always feel free to share your thoughts with me, both good and bad!

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