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Rayg's contents, under pressure.


Clang! Clang! Clang!

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 21 2012 · 110 views

Alright folks, Week Two of BZPSTUCK is off and running after a brief respite. From here on out you should probably expect that Sunday/Monday is a no-update-zone, and probably Wednesdays. That still leaves Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for us to play though, not to mention the fact that once we get the other staff members more involved we should see a large influx in update content. I'm lifting some heavy weight here at the beginning but once I get the thing up the others can come in and help give me a hand moving it to our end goal of creating the most convoluted metaphors possible.

I lost the handle on that sentence. I'm sorry.

Anyway, should be lots more fun, especially if you guys make some of the choices I'm hoping you do. There's an awesome flash in it for you if you do. Choose wisely!


Bzpstuck Week 1 Complete! Ending On A High Note.

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 18 2012 · 131 views

So there we go, our first week was a rousing success I would like to think. Either the critics are being silent or everyone is enjoying it, which is a good thing. Hopefully as this continues more of BZP will be getting involved and we can bring some life back to GD and the forums in general.

Anyway, although it's not the most technically impressive thing our first real flash also got posted, with some major props to Ryan Bratton, a non-BZP friend of a friend who provided the customized sweet tunes you hear. And if you think that's good, wait till you hear some of the beautiful serenades Andrew aka Smeagol4 has cooked up for the future. We've got big plans guys, big plans :)

As for the story content, I leave you with a big "question mark?" for now, but suffice to say this is the first big hint at what's different in our little story. You've seen what's familiar. From here on we start changing things.

So Questions? Concerns? Input? Lemme know!


So Seriously What Do You Think.

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 17 2012 · 226 views

Now that we've started up BZPStuck, I'm working pretty excitedly on making some cool content for you guys, but I wonder, what do you guys really think so far? Like, what do you want or hope will happen with this and what do you want to see? Also, what is it you would really hate seeing? Let me know.


Secrets Of Bzpstuck Revealed!

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 15 2012 · 142 views

So yeah that whole update block for today was meant to span like, a week's time. I just burned through my entire backlog. Hahaha oops.


Oops A Day Late

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 15 2012 · 197 views
Sorry Guys I'm a day late on that FORUM RULES DEMOLITION

Posted Image

Is that a comic AND a game posted in GD? HECK YEAH IT IS. What ya gonna do, PUNK?


No But Seriously I Am Going To Wreck This Place.

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 08 2012 · 153 views
Doom, Here it comes and 1 more...
Seriously though come Monday I'm going to be bending rules to my whim like CERAZY I'm telling you guys. Bunker down NOW it's gonna be a storm and nobody will be left standing.


I Wish People Feared Me Too :(

Posted by InnerRayg , Feb 07 2012 · 407 views
Staff, Fear
Man, apparantly people despise/hate the staff but I don't think I ever even get an honorable mention when it comes to enforcing my will without any regard for the rules, obtusely breaking them even as I enforce them upon others.

Maybe I can fix this soon. Would you guys promise to be afraid then? :(



Posted by InnerRayg , Aug 21 2010 · 181 views

So I'm supposed to be designing a t-shirt right now but you better believe I'm chatting it up with some girl who gave me her number today instead.

Rayg be pimpin all around this here blog yo!


This Is To S.

Posted by InnerRayg , Aug 16 2010 · 114 views

Hey, this is just a quick shout out to one of the coolest people at Brickfair. He's not really a member here, but people who went know who he is. He's the guy who originally got me to come to Brickfair back in 2006 and for that I owe him a million thanks because it has since turned out to be a defining point in my life, really he is one of my best friends and the things he's done for me and our group are too innumerable to count. It's true, not everyone gets along with him and he can come off as a little crass to some people, but that's just him being who he is and not making any excuses for any reason. So here's to a great year, and to next year when we will surely be sharing a room once again!


Let's Face It.

Posted by InnerRayg , Aug 15 2010 · 189 views

I still won the crazy photo contest this year, but I can't lie and say this isn't a pretty solid second.

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