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Iron Horizon



Posted by VampireBohrok , Mar 13 2015 · 293 views
Posted Image

apparently Lego didn't get my phone number, and it took me forever to notice they were trying to contact me, but here we are. now I was thinking, perhaps I should just not open this box just so that whenever someone goes "so what 2015 sets do you have", I can be like "all of them. theoretically." then I'll shake a sheet of paper with Schrödinger's face printed on it right in front of them for several minutes


Helsephyr speedpaint

Posted by VampireBohrok , in Artwork Dec 12 2014 · 336 views

Posted Image

One of the reasons I was happy with Helsephyr is that he's so consistent with my drawing style, so here's a quick attempt at a photoshop sketch of him. don't mind the halo thing, that's just for the sake of composition I think. (also oops the head turned out way too flat looking, but it'll have to do)


Helsephyr [BFTGM]

Posted by VampireBohrok , in BZPower Nov 30 2014 · 292 views
Posted Image

(click the thing)

So I finished something for the first time in just about four years, and I'm not terribly unhappy with it either!



Posted by VampireBohrok , Oct 20 2014 · 363 views
artwork, guns
Posted Image
  • guns



Posted by VampireBohrok , Oct 14 2014 · 460 views
artwork, for sumiki, sorry

Posted Image

"fanart is dead"



A Shadow Searches

Posted by VampireBohrok , Sep 22 2014 · 390 views

[thumbnail leads to topic]

Posted Image

I know nothing about ninjago


Re: Sir Fangar's Saber-tooth Walker

Posted by VampireBohrok , Aug 11 2014 · 416 views
I'm on the fence about that set really, it has some pretty cool pieces and minifigs, but at the moment there's only one thing that would make me actually buy it.
so I'm wondering, does anyone know if the set comes with a spare for the tile on Gorzan's chest plate? you know, this one:

Posted Image

because if it does, I may very well have to buy it


Setting the mood

Posted by VampireBohrok , in Artwork Jul 07 2014 · 364 views
artwork, new project maybe
Posted Image

just a relatively quick concept sketch, we'll see where this goes.


new bionice leaks

Posted by VampireBohrok , Jul 02 2014 · 535 views
hey everybody, guess what I found in the garbage???? that's right, leaked footage of LEGO's upcoming line, to be released in 2015!!

Posted Image

just more proof LEGO didn't forget about us BIONICE fans!!


Original music time

Posted by VampireBohrok , Aug 18 2013 · 330 views
My music
Okay so I've mentioned earlier that I've gotten into music making. In Garageband, more specifically. The program
has its limitations but I've found that I can go pretty far with it none the less.
I've been working on this song for the past few days, and it's a theme for an original character who's basically
this disturbing skeletal fleshmonster dude. I should have some artwork of him eventually. (He's not that horrifying.)
So yes, without further ado, please do have a listen to Emissary of Taint.
Soundcloud Link
As mentioned in the description there, critique is very appreciated. c:



Posted by VampireBohrok , in Artwork Jul 03 2013 · 421 views

wooooo, time for some new art
Posted Image


[Full Image]

Vezon is a pretty bizarre guy. I do wish he hadn't turned into a comic relief character, he had a lot of potential
to be genuinely terrifying even after he was released from his position as a mask of life guardian. Or he could've
suffered some dreadful fate or something, I dunno. I think he's devoured by Fenrakk when you defeat him in the
Gameboy version of Bionicle Heroes. I enjoy the character concept a lot anyway, maybe I'll make a few radical
redesigns for the fun of it.
About the picture – I should say that the torso was an afterthought, and I think it turned out a bit too small. It does
portray the overall physique which I intended, though. But in the end this is really only a sketch I worked with over
a day, at a lack of better things to do. At any rate, critique is very appreciated. c:


oh no, fanart

Posted by VampireBohrok , in Artwork Apr 30 2013 · 341 views

Okay so I finally got around to deciding what art I should be posting here first
The thing is, as many of you have probably noticed, I don't really make any complete compositions or anything, it's usually just concept art and such
None the less, I dug up a couple of pictures that I think would make a good start for the resurrection of this blog

Posted Image    Posted Image
these two are both from the game OFF which has some really cool character designs
To the left, we have Zacharie, the eccentric masked merchant, and to the right we have a type of spectre, the main type of enemy in the game. 
(the zacharie one contains a hidden surprise, can you find it???????)
Made in Photoshop CS5, about two hours each.
so there we are, do stay tuned for more artwork :B



Posted by VampireBohrok , Apr 03 2013 · 613 views

Okay so I've realized I've basically fallen into shadow and obscurity here
Moreso than before, that is
But well, the idea is that I'll try to redeem that now :u
I have this tendency of getting stupidly indifferent about things, so I think a good move right now
would be to stop taking this place for granted and actually contributing to the community
I have a lot of artwork going on, and I've also taken up music-making so I should definitely
have a thing or two to post here
So yes, here - have this to-be frequently updated blog, on special discount for you guys :0


Today's achievements

Posted by VampireBohrok , in IRL Aug 25 2012 · 261 views
undead are people, too
- Walked around in the presently zombie infested Stockholm
- Rode a train car full of zombies
- Wore my Bro Strider shades and met a zombie Dave
- Watched zombies clash with survivors in gas masks and other gear
- Had picnic in a park with lots of zombies
- Decided I might join the zombie apocalypse next year

(yeah, the zombie walk is like the best event ever)



Posted by VampireBohrok , in Artwork Aug 17 2012 · 268 views
caliborn, undyingumbrage
Late sketching in Gimp. uu/Caliborn from Homestuck.

Posted Image

I've probably missed tons of details but it's half past 2 AM here so I don't care anymore


Posted Image


Posted Image
Posted Image
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