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    - Drawing
    Because you can create absolutely anything with a pencil and a piece of paper
    You'll probably realize that I myself mostly create disturbing monsters and other horrors

    I'm into various metal music, and a fair bit of electronic music
    -In Flames
    -Black Sabbath
    -The Faceless
    -Despised Icon
    -MSPA Musicians
    -Hyperduck Soundworks
    -Danny Baranowsky
    -Metroid Prime Trilogy OST

    -Playing music
    I'm not absolutely fantastic at it, but I play my keyboard
    at least a few times every day, so I figure it's worth a mention

    ALSO now I make music which is cool and fun and all

    [obsessive rambling here]
    The Stanley Parable
    Dear Esther
    Amnesia: the Dark Descent
    Garry's Mod
    Super Meat Boy
    Metroid Fusion
    Metroid Zero Mission
    Yume Nikki
    Half-life series
    Portal series
    Left 4 Dead series
    BioShock series
    Crysis series
    Dead Space series
    Metro 2033 series

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  1. VampireBohrok


    wat the cee
  2. Hi, do you have another Brickshelf page? The one I saw in your Helsephyr entry got deleted.

    1. VampireBohrok


      oops haven't been logged in here for months, anyway I might've changed the folder or something


      I'd recommend my flickr page though, I'm mainly using that nowadays


    2. Otos


      I see, for some reason I couldn't acces to Brickshelf but anyways. I've read in your Hermit entry that maybe you could take a photo of the one without the armour. Is that still a possibility?

  3. why is your name suddenly lowercase

    1. VampireBohrok


      it was written in like that in the display name field, and I clicked "save changes" without thinking :[

    2. Laughing Man

      Laughing Man

      ah man that sucks. something similar happened to me once, I accidentally hit the enter key and got stuck with half a name. but hey, at least it's just a lowercase version of your usual name and not something super embarrassing

  4. thanks for the comments everyone! I can't say I'm very into transformers but... I did see the first three films in the cinema because big robots Didn't feel like they left much of an impression at the time, but maybe I did get something from them? at any rate, the whole build started out with me wanting to make a head with those horn parts like so, and the rest was just a fierce struggle to make it something relatively head-shaped, so I'm almost prepared to chalk it up to coincidence well, I guess we'll see! there's some great competition, and tastes differ, after all. he literally lives alone under a volcano (thanks!) it is indeed a deception. the contest allowed tape, so I just made a ball of the stuff and stuck parts to it. it's great no but thanks! I'm kind of curious myself as to how the finished build looks with the armour off, so I might get a picture of the whole internal structure just for fun.
  5. I just saw your art folder on Brickshelf - you sir, are brilliant at what you do!

    1. VampireBohrok


      thank you kindly! though, everything there is more than a year old. oops

      I've got some newer guys here > http://phantoon.tumblr.com/tagged/my-artwork

  6. click for full size ReBrick, Flickr My entry to the "Show us your Makuta" challenge on ReBrick. The initial idea was to make a maxed out version of his 2003 form, with some inspiration taken from his G2 masks. this is the result. looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  7. The BBC guidelines say this, I'm pretty sure it's applicable here: But so you don't have access to a computer you could post the pictures from? If not, my best suggestion is to search around for internet guides that could help you get those technical difficulties sorted out. I'm certain more people are having trouble downloading apps and things.
  8. reminder that this means a bigger portion of your $20 would be going towards the packaging, so the set itself would inevitably be smaller. and despite providing an (arguably) better experience, canisters are worse from both an economic and an environmental standpoint. given Lego's current packaging policy, it would be quite a double standard if they started making plastic containers again. I'd rather have them improve the sturdiness of the current box design, the fragility is its biggest flaw in my opinion
  9. and basically any other song from the soundtrack, really. There's so much to it, from deep atmospheric music to intense battle themes, with a bunch of fun and silly songs to top it off.
  10. apparently Lego didn't get my phone number, and it took me forever to notice they were trying to contact me, but here we are. now I was thinking, perhaps I should just not open this box just so that whenever someone goes "so what 2015 sets do you have", I can be like "all of them. theoretically." then I'll shake a sheet of paper with Schrödinger's face printed on it right in front of them for several minutes

    1. Sumiki


      I mean bwockday

    2. Sumiki





  12. oh I was actually 14 when BBC 60 was on, and my entry ended up getting first place. anecdotal perhaps, but it does happen. and I mean, there are some good intentions behind this idea, but there's no way of seeing whether the respective group requirements would be followed correctly. in practice, we'd have a contest that's harder to moderate - there would most likely be an influx of cheaters, and with that the point of age groups would already be defeated. (also on a side note, having a job does not always equal having the financial security to buy toys)
  13. VampireBohrok


    click for full version So today was Brickeens' 19:th birthday(!!), and for the occasion I made this. In order from left to right - Sumiki's Toa of Iron, Brickeens' Toa of Stone, and then whatever my character is. thoughts are appreciated :j
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