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Posted by Squishyfrog , Dec 14 2013 · 478 views

ASRNDFGJsakjghfdkjgoihjgspojfvhnkj THIS GUY IS SO CUTE =33333 he cost $15 but it was worth every penny.
i actually got him a little while ago(mid-November-ish) and i posted it on my other blog but i forgot to here.


it sure feels like December

Posted by Squishyfrog , Dec 12 2013 · 211 views

80 degrees outside and the sun is out and it's humid
boy i really do love living in Florida honest


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 19(Fighting(again))

Posted by Squishyfrog , Dec 07 2013 · 276 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(562.52 KB)^
yes, i said that Sawk was my favorite Fighting type. yes, i said that this series was over. yes, i said that i was starting to like Hitmonlee less and less.

but i was thinking about how unsatisfied i was with choosing Sawk. every other Pokemon on the list i was entirely happy with, but not Sawk. something just didn’t feel right about it. i have no real connection to him, considering i bought White and White 2, where he is virtually unavailable, and in reality he’s just kind of… boring.

Hitmonlee, on the other hand, was the MVP on my most successful RU team(which was still not very successful). he could singlehandedly sweep teams with his Normal Gem+Unburden+Fake Out set. and come on, he’s just too weird to not love with his glaring eyes, stretchy legs and lack of a mouth.

so while this pretty much invalidates everything i did before, i honestly don’t care because this was something that had to be done, and i’ll be able to sleep better tonight knowing that you all know that i know that we know that i do, indeed, like Hitmonlee better than Sawk.


more Minecraft wallpapers

Posted by Squishyfrog , Dec 04 2013 · 376 views

some of you might remember my last batch of these, and iunno you seemed to like them so here have some more.


Oppa Gagne Style

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 29 2013 · 466 views

Posted Image
will anyone even know what this is referencing
considering this is a Lego forum i'd hope so
(even though no one cares about gangnam style anymore but w/e)


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 18(Fairy)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 27 2013 · 340 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(327.22 KB)^
disclaimer: Togekiss is my favorite Fairy type, but i already drew her for day 5, so i drew my second favorite instead.

i liked Spritzee when i first saw her, she was undeniably cute, but i didn’t think of her as anything too special. until, that is, i read about how people thought she was inspired by plague doctors. plague doctors would keep perfumes in their masks to help keep the smell of dead bodies out, and Spritzee is tied to perfume, as well as her face resembling one of their masks greatly. this made me appreciate Spritzee more, because while she was a very cute Pokemon, she had an origin rooted in rather creepy things, and that was interesting to me. plus she looked a bit like a flamingo, and flamingos are really cool. it made me very excited to see what she would evolve into with all that potential, and what do we get?…

one of the most hideous, uninspired Pokemon designs ever, at least in my book. i was so sad that they just threw away all the great potential with plague doctors and whatnot and gave us some abomination that didn’t even remotely resemble a bird anymore. i might go as far as to say that Aromatisse might be my very least favorite Pokemon ever, because even though there might be some designs i like less, they just tossed anything that made Spritzee remotely interesting out the window. but i guess that’s neither here nor there.

and with that, this little series is over. so i ask, did you guys enjoy this? would you be interested in seeing something similar in the future? what was your favorite drawing of mine?

random statistics:
no. of Poekmon from gen 1: 0
no. of Pokemon from gen 2: 0
no. of Pokemon from gen 3: 4
no. of Pokemon from gen 4: 3
no. of Pokemon from gen 5: 6
no. of Pokemon from gen 6: 5
favorite drawing result: Snorunt and Cofagrigus(tied)
least favorite drawing result: Crawdaunt
favorite Pokemon to draw: Zygarde
least favorite Pokemon to draw: Deoxys

just realized that none of my favorites come from gen 1 or 2, which is strange because i do like a lot of gen 1 and 2 Pokemon. oh well(inb4 “the original Pokemon were the best though”).


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 17(Steel)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 26 2013 · 372 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(433.7 KB)^
ah, i remember when i first saw Honedge. i instantly loved his design. it was just so perfect and so clever the way his sheath made a fake face and his his tassel looked like an arm, plus the way he unsheathed himself was so cool… oh yeah, it was love at first sight. he was so perfect, in fact, that i was scared he would evolve into something lackluster and predictable, like a haunted suit of armor that everyone seemed to want.

well, a few months later they revealed Doublade. i’ll admit, i was a bit disappointed at first, considering they literally just stuck two Honedge together and made them pink. but over time, his(their?) design grew on me once i realized that “one Honedge = cool, so two Honedge = twice as cool? also pink is an awesome color so”.

and then, as fate would have it, i was spoiled by a leaked picture of Aegislash. and i was really quite dissatisfied with his design. it took away everything i loved about Honedge and Doublade. instead of a sheath that cleverly made a false face, it just had a shield, and its disguised tassel arm now was two straight-up arms, complete with elbows. it just… wasn’t the same.

but i found myself coming back to that photo, and each time i did that i warmed up to Aegislash more and more. and eventually i ended up loving him just as much as his previous forms, and even more now(i think what sealed the deal was his adorable eating animation in Pokemon-Amie)

well that was a boring story sorry about that

honorable mentions: Magnezone, Escavalier, Honedge, Doublade


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 16(Dark)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 25 2013 · 177 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(577.59KB)^
disclaimer: Sharpedo is my favorite Dark type, but i already drew him for Water so i drew my second favorite instead.

i don’t have much to say about Crawdaunt except i HATE HATE HATE how this drawing came out and i’m sorry it looks so awful but my pencils weren’t cooperating

honorable mentions: Tyranitar, Spiritomb, Greninja(all the Water/Dark types are so cool(well besides Mega Gyarados))


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 15(Ghost)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 24 2013 · 191 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(1222.54 KB)^
well, here's the obvious one lol. you don't even really have to know me at all and you can guess that Cofagrigus is my favorite Pokemon, seeing as he's my avatar on here and several other sites.

so, what about Cofagrigus makes him my favorite Pokemon? the answer is simple: everything. no, seriously, everything. i love his Pokedex entries about how he "punishes" grave robbers, i love using him competitively, i loved using him in-game, i love his cry, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE his design. for me, it doesn't get much cooler than an Egyptian coffin with four shadow arms, a mask that bears the face of when they were human, piercing red eyes, and a terrifying smile. all they need to do is give him a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Z and i can die happy.

honorable mentions: Haunter, Chandelure, Honedge, Aegislash


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 14(Dragon)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 23 2013 · 537 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(881.34 KB)^
disclaimer: Tyrantrum is my favorite Dragon type, and Zygarde is my second favorite, but i already drew them for other types.
i’ll be honest here and say that Garchomp isn’t entirely my third favorite Dragon type. indeed, he shares that spot with another Pokemon, Latios. i was originally going to draw both of them and post them together but Garchomp took a long time to draw and Latios was proving to be a pain and i realized that if i were to draw both of them that i would have to delay this for a day, and i didn’t really want to do that. i probably like Garchomp a little bit better than Latios anyway.
as for why i like Garchomp, well, just look at this thing. it’s a freaking land shark that can fly and is also a dragon and it doesn’t get much manlier than that. he’s a bit more of a conventional choice compared to some other Pokes on this list but i don’t care lol.
honorable mentions: Dragonair, Latios, Dragalge

hoot hoot

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