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  1. Squishyfrog

    Still alive

    all i know is it sent me an email when you posted this despite having never received an email from bzpower in my life
  2. Guess who's back, squishy's back, back again. Tell a friend.

  3. Squishyfrog


    okay this is something that's been on my mind for awhile now and i think it's time i finally say it now this isn't some big farewell about how i'm never going to come back to BZPower ever again or anything but i've seen so many great people just disappear from here without saying a word, and i don't want to leave anyone who might care wondering why i left or what happened to me. for a long time, the only reason i kept coming back here was because of my friends, but once i was able to find most of them on other websites i just forgot about BZPower almost entirely. there is literally nothing here to keep my interest anymore, and even excluding that all of the drama surrounding this site is just something i don't need or want to deal with anymore. i'll always have a soft spot for this site - it's where i met most of my internet friends and when i was younger it was great for talking about Bionicle and Lego. but as time went on it seemed as though the mood of this website changed, possibly because everyone was growing up. i used to think of BZP as a really welcoming site with a friendly community, but now it's just barren and the only discussion that really takes place anymore happens in whatever the latest fuss in the blogs is, and even then a lot of the arguments contain thinly-veiled insults and generally just a negative attitude. there's not a whole lot else to say, really. if you want to find me elsewhere shoot me a PM and i'll get back to you. and with that, i say goodbye, BZPower. you used to be fun, but now you're just depressing.
  4. i might be able to help with this but it depends on what i actually have to do
  5. wait you're fifteen right idk that just seems a bit young for wisdom teeth removal but i might be wrong
  6. if you're doing VGC don't bother with hazards. very little switching goes on in Doubles, so it's really just a waste of a moveslot. nevertheless, Tyranitar would still be a good choice. maybe even an Assault vest set - ridiculous Special Defense when in the sand, and still has a fantastic offensive presence.
  7. these are all completely different and it really depends on what the rest of your team is and what your team needs. Quagsire is a wall to set-up sweepers Gyarados is a set-up sweeper, whose main strength is being able to remove his Rock and severe Electric weakness by Mega Evolving and getting a free Dragon Dance Bisharp punishes Defog and Sticky Web users and Azumarill is a wallbreaker/late game cleaner. decide which of these fits best onto your team, and go with that. and if you use Quagsire, always use Unaware. it's garbage without it.
  8. I'm an ISTJ, whatever that is? I'm really not sure I trust the results here, because a lot of the questions I couldn't answer accurately either way, so it felt a bit like flipping a coin. I'm not sure I got anything useful out of it. Only bits of the ISTJ description ring true. pretty much exactly this. i'm also an ISTJ, apparently. i don't quite remember the percentages and i accidentally closed the page with them lol, but i think it was moderate Introvert, slight or no Sensing, significant Thinking and moderate Judging if it matters at all.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VB :alert: :alert: :alert: :alert: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: in celebration have this old gif i made for your birthday like three years ago:
  10. Squishyfrog


    this is the one i remember
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