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My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 13(Bug)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 22 2013 · 566 views

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^click for full-size image(480.08 KB)^
disclaimer: Scolipede is my favorite Bug type, but i didn’t want to draw him again or use the same artwork, so i drew my second favorite Bug type instead.

i’m not exactly sure what Escavalier is supposed to be, to be honest. he evolves from a beetle thing, then he gets Shelmet’s armor and evolves into a knight-beetle thing, presumably? but his name references snails, but he doesn’t really look like a snail sans the swirly part of his shell. whatever he is, i find him really cool. i’ve also used him competitively to minor success, though that was in RU and i soon abandoned that tier for UU, which was much more fun to play for me. there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be viable in UU, though.

honorable mentions: Ariados, Nincada, Shedinja, Accelgor


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 12(Ice)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 21 2013 · 463 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(766.02 KB)^
if you ask me, Snorunt is one of the cutest Pokemon ever. the way they constantly shiver and look like they’re cold, well, it just makes me want to cuddle up with one lol. i can just imagine a group of them huddling up together in a cave or something, keeping each other warm. sadly, it seems not a lot of people find Snorunt as cute as i do, but i guess he’s not as conventionally cute as, say, Eevee.

honorable mentions: Glalie, Regice, Froslass, Bergmite


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 11(Rock)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 20 2013 · 316 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(878.69 KB)^
question: what’s the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “fossils”? for me, and i’m sure many others, it’s dinosaurs. apparently that’s not the case for Game Freak though, because it took them until the fourth generation to make fossil Pokemon based off of dinosaurs, and until the sixth before they made one based off of inarguable champion of dinosaurs when it comes to popularity, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

but boy, was the wait worth it. they literally could not have made a better T. Rex Pokemon. he looks like a fat and greedy king, complete with crown, while also appearing extremely ferocious. both of those are qualities that a good T. Rex needs to have, and they captured them both perfectly in one of my favorite designs of all time.

honorable mentions: Omanyte, Tyranitar, Archeops


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 10(Psychic)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 19 2013 · 387 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(733.63 KB)^
remember how i said Chandelure was a pain to draw? well Deoxys is about fifteen times worse. seriously, it took me like ten tries for me to get something i was even remotely happy with, and even then this drawing has so many obvious flaws(giant head ahoy).

while i like all of the Deoxys forms, his Standard form is my favorite as far as appearance goes. it has something to do with his face, i think. i also think it’s cool how he changes his DNA strand arms into actual arms, which is something his other forms apparently can’t do. he also has one of the best themes in Pokemon, imo.

honorable mentions: Espeon, Latios, Beheeyem


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 9(Ground)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 18 2013 · 278 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(948.08 KB)^
we’re halfway through! also a bit of trivia: this is the first Legendary to appear on this list.

today, i bring you Zygarde, a new legendary Pokemon from X and Y. thus far, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde are my favorite legendary trio to date. all of their designs are really cool, and i love how they’re based on the Nordic myth of Yggdrasil, while also incorporating the X, Y and Z axes, which fit their respective habitats(it’s also extremely fitting because these are the first Pokemon games in full 3D). it’s all really clever and all i wish is that the mythology behind these three is fleshed out a little bit more in the inevitable Z version.

more on Zygarde itself, the main reason i like it is just how alien it is. the sporadically flashing lights, the weird tombstone-things on its back, the utter lack of any relatable face or even eyes… it just feels very distant and inhuman unlike other Pokemon who lack human qualities or features. and something about that makes it really cool to me.

honorable mentions: Nincada, Garchomp, Golurk


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 8(Electric)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 17 2013 · 316 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(260.36 KB)^
lampreys have the creepiest mouths in the world, which makes them both extremely awesome and extremely scary. while Eelektrik and Eelektross(both of which are also awesome) are more straight-up lampreys, Tynamo manages to have the mouth, while also being RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE. seriously he’s so cute and i don’t normally say that about anything fish-like.

sorry about the relatively boring drawing today, but there’s only so many things you can do with Tynamo to make him interesting.

(btw if you haven’t noticed i’ve been drawing the types in the order they’re listed on Bulbapedia. so if you really care that much you can see what order i’ll be drawing the types in ahead of time I KNOW EXCITING RIGHT)

honorable mentions: Pikachu, Magnezone, Eelektross


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 7(Poison)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 16 2013 · 367 views

Posted Image^
click for full-size image(694.26 KB)^
oh, Scolipede. i used to completely look over your design, as if you were nothing special. that is, until my second White run, where i trained a Venipede for the first time. he was kind of weak, but i kept on training him.

when he finally evolved into a Scolipede, he instantly became one of the best members on my team. extremely fast and good attack with Swords Dance to boost it. sort of like Togekiss, but a non-competitive example, when he became so useful his design started to grow on me more and more. and now, as you can see, he is one of my very favorite Pokemon.

honorable mentions: Victreebel, Haunter, Ariados, Dragalge


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 6(Grass)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 15 2013 · 413 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(854.89 KB)^
Ghost/Grass is a really interesting typing matchup-wise, and there’s a whole lot you can do with it design-wise, too. so before X and Y were announced, i was really hoping that Game Freak would give us a Ghost/Grass type Pokemon. lo and behold, we were given not one, not two, but four Ghost/Grass type Pokemon!

while i’m not a big Pumpkaboo or Gourgeist fan, i think they hit the nail on the head with Trevenant. his spider-like root legs, his menacing red eye, his giant hands and, of course, his tight afro made of foliage. it all comes together to create a very cool and unique Pokemon, at least in my opinion.

honorable mentions: Victreebel, Snivy, Serperior


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 5(Flying)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 14 2013 · 377 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(516.45 KB)^
i used to not like Togekiss at all. i thought it was dumb looking and when i started to play UU on Pokemon Showdown i realized that its paraflinch set was the worst thing ever and i hated it even more.

then, one day, i was creating a new UU team but i couldn’t decide on a last member. i looked and looked until finally, i settled on Togekiss. specifically, its bulky Nasty Plot set. it only took a few battles until i realized how incredible this thing was. i honestly can’t tell you how many times Togekiss saved me when the odds were stacked in my opponent’s favor.

guess that, somehow, when i saw her competitive worth, her design started to grow on me as well. and now she’s my favorite Flying type and Fairy type, too.

also i know i said hands were the worst thing to draw but i lied; wings are the worst thing to draw

honorable mentions: Drifblim, Archeops(very close second), Yveltal


My Favorite Pokemon of Each Type: Day 4(Water)

Posted by Squishyfrog , Nov 13 2013 · 350 views

Posted Image
^click for full-size image(451.34 KB)^
alright, here's the reason i like Sharpedo:
he's a shark torpedo
i don't think anything else needs to be said do you
honorable mentions: Octillery, Crawdaunt, Huntail, Greninja

hoot hoot

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