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Space Jam



Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 25 2012 · 248 views
Software Dev, Microsoft
No, no, not building with Lego.

Building with code!

Microsoft announced their BUILD developers conference today.

I also get a significant amount of money to go to a conference for work of my choosing.

Guess I may be in Seattle the week of Halloween.

(Please give me a free Surface tablet, please?)


I made a skin

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 23 2012 · 395 views
bzp skin, skin, bland and generic
First off, I want to thank everyone at the staff who help contribute to the skin! I know I was probably a pain to deal with sometimes, but hey, we managed to get a skin done! Special thanks to John for jumping in from time to time and making some changes, and to Andrew for giving us the opportunity to work this.

Now then, if you have a problem with it, come at me. I'm the one that made the majority of the skin coloring decisions. I wanted it to evoke the classic BZP style while being able to evolve upon that. The base gray used in the background was selected for it's non-eye searing quality, something that is always important to consider in web design. The blue-gray tones blend well together and make for a sleek visual approach that is not gaudy or distracting. The dark red jumps out immediately, and are used on items that are meant to catch your attention. Yellow is used as a highlight across a number of places as well, especially as an indicator color to inform you of what items you are currently targeting with your mouse.

If you don't like the skin, that's alright. There will be a couple avenues for you to use. You can offer constructive criticism, but it needs to be constructive. I can't improve anything if all you want to say is "I don't like it" or "it's bland and generic". Those statements don't mean anything to me, I can't design a skin around "make it not bland and generic". There will also be a potential for member driven skin development. We haven't decided what form this will take, but it does seem likely that we'll go the contest route. Stay tuned. :)


No one man should have all this blog

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 22 2012 · 264 views

Has it really been 3 years since I last had a blog post? Astounding!

So much has changed in that time. The last time I had a blog post it was my first summer home from college. Between then and now, I moved out of the dorms, got my first apartment with some amazing people, had a year long internship with a focus in web dev, lived by myself for 3 months, graduated college with a degree in computer science, moved to Minneapolis, MN (ewwww), and got a job right out of school in application and web development for a technical consulting firm that has a deep partnership with Microsoft..

My oh my how much things can change.


Have A Strong, Secure Password.

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 17 2009 · 307 views
Trust me, you'll be better off if you do.


Home Run Derby

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 13 2009 · 162 views

That was awesome. Way to go Prince, representing the Brew Crew!


Family Business

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 13 2009 · 148 views
Real Life
So yesterday when while my dad and I were still away from home, my dad got a call.

My mom called my dad with some big news!

My aunt got engaged!


Wave Bye-bye Now

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 10 2009 · 156 views
Real Life
Going up north with my dad to visit some family this weekend. I leave sometime this afternoon, won't be back until sometime Monday. Please don't pm unless it's something that cannot wait. I might sneak on from time to time, but I'm not going to have time to deal with all your problems.


Blog Bumping Via Re-publishing

Posted by Than the Moa , Jul 01 2009 · 131 views
it's lame


Party Animal

Posted by Than the Moa , Jun 30 2009 · 177 views
I just got the achievement for completing 250 online challenges in Burnout Paradise.

That game is so addicting.


Bbc Contest #54 Final Poll

Posted by Than the Moa , Jun 25 2009 · 131 views
It's up, go vote!

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