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All we need is...Ride.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jun 28 2015 · 90 views
kamen rider
So a few weeks back for my birthday one of my coolest friends got me an S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Abyss, who I'd wanted for the longest time what with being an unofficial Ryuki rider, and a shark (Ryuki being the only Kamen Rider series I've seen but also a series I love lot in general. It and its designs). Abyss is sweet. Super sweet. I had read about how good Rider Figuarts were, of course, but stuck to buying figmas for Ryuki since they were pretty good and much, much cheaper than Figuarts are. I didn't want to get sucked into the expensive world of Figuarts, especially because Ryuki just happens to be the series with the most expensive figures in the aftermarket (Gaim may be overtaking it).

Sadly, it's too late. Abyss is amazing, and I want more like him. I've been suckered.

In addition to getting me interested in Figuarts, I've also really gotten interested in going back and actually watching some more Kamen Rider like I meant to after I finished Ryuki. I've actually started watching and catching up on Drive (9 episodes in). It's pretty alright thus far. The way the 12 year difference between Ryuki and Drive manifests in its style is very interesting to me. After catching up on Drive my plan is to try to binge on a few other series in my spare time. I think my to-watch list is looking something like...W, Kuuga, Fourze, Gaim, Blade, Agito...etc. Probably won't get through all those this summer, but it's the plan.

The order I plan to watch those in is largely dictated by the order in which I impulse-ordered some of figures from those series. (whoops?) Well, W, Fourze and Gaim anyway. But then I decided to stop buying stuff from series I haven't seen, and the thing is, I really want those new Kuuga and Agito figures (and Chalice) so I gotta watch those sometime.

Far as Drive goes, I already have Drive Type Speed coming. I ordered Mach though I haven't paid for that order yet. I'm not super fond of Drive's designs in general, so I can reasonably see these two being the only ones I'm buying for this series. Which is fine by me, since I still want most of those Ryuki Figuarts. It is not gonna be a cheap endeavor. Gotta be frugal.

Anyway..yeah. Kamen Rider stuff.


Things are steaming up (in my wallet)

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jun 13 2015 · 37 views

So after years and more years of seeing people talk about Games and Steam Sales and Whatever yesterday with the summer sale and everything (my birthday having been just this past Tuesday I had some money to spare) I decided to finally look into all that? So I downloaded the thing. And I've so far purchased a few games I've been wanting to check out for literally figuratively forever. Meaning Skullgirls and the Portal bundle. My computer is an old, tiny, well-documented piece of garbage, so downloading and running games pretty much wrecks it, and I am generally Pretty Bad At Games, but it's cool. It's cool.

I dunno if I'm going to get anything else. I'm really not a gamer, nor do I have much free time lately. (also I've been spending most of my money on manga so there's that) But something's something. I may give Hatoful Boyfriend a go, it sounds nothing short of great. Beyond that...shrugs.


farmstinks back

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , May 29 2015 · 101 views

woo yeah i felt all uncomfortable as not farmstink. this feels better.


5 Persons 10 Days. No Doors. One Crazy Writer.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , May 14 2015 · 150 views
full disclosure and 1 more...
So, you know Uchikose Koutarou? He's the Zero Escape guy. The crazy mastermind behind 999, VLR, and other assorted visual novels. He's know for good, intricate plots, good characters, and stuff. He's pretty good at the things he does. He does visual novels. Usually.

So, there's this anime airing right now. It's called Punchline. The title is a pun, based on the fact that in Japanese Punchline sounds like "panty shot." Which, well, should tell you something. I'm not going to go into details with the plot cause it's ridiculous, but. It's. Well, superficially, it is one of those series. If you know anything about anime, you probably know the kind. So it's just this anime, which any way you look at it should be unremarkable and bland, if not bad.

There's just. One thing. Uchikose Koutatou is the writer for Punchline. And though the first couple of episodes might have appeared to be nonsense to some, it showed its true colors quickly enough, and...it has gotten, like...complicated. Hiding just slightly below the surface of "random ecchi show" was a complicated web of plot threads and character motivations. And ghosts and time travel and superheroes and robots and...It's still a pretty ridiculous show, I guess, but the plots and characters...it's exactly the kind of stuff I loved about 999, and it's really good. Today episode 6 aired, which appears to be the midpoint of the series. And, oh man, the plot twists. Some things people were expecting, some things no one did, but all in all...very visual novel like. It's been one of the biggest surprises of the season. There's no telling if it'll turn out great in the end (though with him writing the thing I'm not terribly worried) but so far it has just been. One weird, weird, fun ride.

I'm not even sure what my point is blogging about this, I just had to get my mind in order somewhere...That latest episode blew me away.

i should really buy vlr sometime



Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , May 13 2015 · 130 views

Earlier today...er. Yesterday? Was my last final of the semester. So that's a wrap on my first year in university.

I guess it was ok. I didn't get any bad grades and only a couple of the classes put me to sleep. I still don't really know what I actually want to major in or anything...Still sort of stumbling through this whole thing I guess...the most interesting classes I've taken were Sociology and Anthropology. Both were particularly fascinating in some areas. But I still don't know. Whole thing is still a daunting idea. I'll try to figure something out this summer, but...yeah.

For now, I guess I'm free of the pressure of school work. I should get the chance to meet up with some of my friends more during break, though I'll also be working which will take up a lot of time...gonna be a busy summer in any case.

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