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  1. farm lass..... faaaarm laaaasssss......

  2. There's only 2 mythicals, but there's plenty of events they can do to pad out the time in between. There's an alternate form of Magearna, as well as some special Pikachus. There's a special Z-move and crystal that isn't in the game either. And the Eternal Flower Floette is still in the game files, so they may be planning on finally releasing her. Keeping something out of the game to keep it a surprise wouldn't make sense, because it's not like we're supposed to know about Marshadow either. The only reason we do is hacks. It would all be a surprise anyway if people couldn't just access all the game files.
  3. Hahaha I just noticed the topic over on those forums. The guy you quoted on that thread was actually me. (assuming, that is, that you are RG)
  4. I did. Lots of people running around with troll stuff around here in 2010 got me to check out MSPA. I started with Jail Break tho.
  5. I read the last couple of chapters, and... Honestly, whenever I pick the series back up I kind of feel like it'd be best to not go past the Fullbring arc at all.
  6. I love everything about this batch of news. No HMs. No gyms. Alolan Pokemon. Beautiful. All of it. Beautiful.
  7. Well I watched JtO the night it came out at like 3 in the morning or whenever that was, and then I made the thread about it, so, around here, I guess. I would have been sleeping when the announcement actually came out. But as far as when its story media actually ended, that was it.
  8. I stopped caring about the reboot a while ago, because the primary media was just unexciting and unengaging to me, so I honestly can't say to be affected in any way by this announcement. So it's ending. I guess it it. It is something of a shame though. I was looking forward to another year of the sets at least. To get the MoUP, to see where they were going with the Vahi...oh well. It was nice while it lasted.
  9. Well the second half of JtO is out now so we may as well have a dedicated topic for it. Anyway, discuss away. (remember to try to use spoiler tags at least for a little while)
  10. 2014 probably. I had hope back then.
  11. the worst part is you're right. except for 2015 i don't personally know anyone who said "oh man oldschool bionicle was so much better and the new sets are even worse than hero factory!" Man. You sure weren't looking, then.
  12. I mean, it was completely expected but the gray joint pieces really do break up the color schemes in a rather unpleasant way. Most notably on PB, the gray in the dress is just...egh, it ugly. Honestly, I would have preferred if they'd gone with clips rather than balljoints, if it could have resulted in better looking sets. They basically only have 2 points of articulation, so it's not like you're ruining them by restricting it a little more. And Jake just looks...really off to me for some reason. They don't look bad, anyway, all in all (Lady Rainicorn is particular looks really good) but I don't know if I'll be making this a day one purchase like I intended to. Guess I will see.
  13. I watched those three plus Flying Witch, Kuma Miko, AssClass and Mayoiga last season. Luluco is probably my favorite one, Kiznaiver wasn't too bad though. I kind of finished the season wishing I'd watched nothing else tho. Flying Witch and Assassination Classroom aren't bad, but I found the former unengaging and to the end I just couldn't care about AssClass. Kuma Miko was unpleasant to watch, and Sakamoto...is good. But I like the manga so much more, it basically wasn't a good use of my time. I decided to put it on hold until I finish the manga, so...well, the last volume comes out this month. Will try to get back to it. Mayoiga deserves to be executed. Is bad animeme. This season I'm watching the Danganronpas, seasons 2 of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE and Arslan, Mob Psycho 100, 91 Days, Amanchu, (this art clubs got probs yo), Naria Girls and orange. A friend may also get me to watch Love Live Sunshine. Not sure yet. Depends on whether he believes in Amazon. We'll see.
  14. dotcom


    My laptop's keyboard has been doing this: a2a2a2a2a2 on and off for a few...months? whenever I try to use the a or 2 keys. So I've been forced to use an external keyboard. I also kept dropping my mouse so I'm having to use another one since the old one pretty much died. Also my headphones are dying too so. Yeah. Adapting to new things sucks and is for chumps. I can relate. (and, full disclosure: electronics may hate me? also, gravity)
  15. Yeah, the MSRP isn't too low (though still decent), but you can find them heavily discounted pretty easily, and at least Barnes & Noble is always running some promotion or other on top of that. It's a pretty good value.
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