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The Internet.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Aug 09 2012 · 100 views

As I browse the many corners of the interwebs, I often come across things that I can only describe as incredibly depressing. They're not related to anything offensive or sexual or discriminatory--it's just really normal people acting in very, very stupid ways, saying very stupid things, being contradictory, obsessive about their interests, senseless and overly stubborn. It's just...sad, seeing people, usually ones older than me, get so immersed in useless things that it becomes their sole focus and eats away at anything that may make them pleasant people. In a way it disappoints me in a stronger way than legitimately terrible things, because it's so ordinary and avoidable. It's just people who are too stubborn to accept any sort of change, who see any change to the monotonous they have come to love, and as a result lash out disproportionately at harmless things...it's just...saddening.


Shapeshifting Alien Lego Gorilla. From Space.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Aug 04 2012 · 1,740 views
awesome, regret
Also known as Bloxx.

Posted Image
Bloxx is one of the new aliens from the fourth Ben 10 series, Omniverse. He's Better Than He Sounds. He doesn't make a lot of sense, but Bloxx is actually pretty awesome, he can do all sorts of nonsensical crazy buildy stuff and doesn't afraid of anything.

As a longstanding Ben 10 fan (Though for a while there more of a guilty pleasure, only went back to being genuine when Omniverse came along) I often regret the fact that the LEGO Ben 10 line was so short-lived. It was definitely due to the fact that they decided to go for constraction figures, which no Ben 10 fan I know of cared about at all. They were pretty lackluster and inaccurate and really didn't even begin to compare with Bandai's figs, which are cheaper and much more accurate. A more traditional system line would have done pretty well, I think. I know for a fact Ben 10 fans would love a system line. Bandai is actually going to release a very terrible-looking knock-off LEGO line based on Ben 10 laterwards, because there is demand for that.

But that's not what my point is. My point is it would have been awesome for LEGO Ben 10 to go on, just to have this guy as an actual LEGO something.

I would have totally bought that.


Tara Strong's Best Voice Acting Role

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Aug 02 2012 · 357 views
Tara Strong's Best Voice Acting Role Pakmar!

the tags lie!


4 Years

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Aug 01 2012 · 86 views

Four years ago, I joined this website. I think it's been offline like an eight of that time, but it's been an enjoyable experience all around. Four years is quite some time, and I'm happy to have stayed so far.

That said, it's only a matter of time until Norik's ugly mug shows up. Bad spinny, worst friend.


I must be going insane

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jul 31 2012 · 128 views
art, not sucking, maybe sucking and 1 more...
Because lately I've been beginning to think my art may actually be kind of good.

In my defense, my art lately has actually been kind of good.

Seriously, it amazes how much I've improved since I started drawing back in 2010. It's been a very rough journey of self-discovery and trying to not suck utterly and completely. I've gone through so much change in personality and interests in that time, and a lot of it has been related to my attempts to further my art skills, a venture that has somehow not resulted in utter failure.

And here are some visuals of this amazing phenomenon.

This was Dave Strider in September Day 2010:
Posted Image

This is horrible and I wish I could erase it from my memories. But I'm not, because of reasons.

This is Dave Strider in July 31st 2012:
Posted Image

Don't get me wrong. This is still pretty bad. The proportions are not quite there, the hands suck, the perspective is wow so bad and really I haven't the slightest how the folds are supposed to work. But it's a definite improvement, and that makes me happy.

i don't believe you truly comprehend

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