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Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Aug 02 2015 · 75 views

Posted Image

I've now apparently spent seven years of mine here! That is quite a lot of years. As a reward I now get to bear a decapitated Toa head in my posts. It is only right.


The very image of fear.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jul 26 2015 · 123 views

Posted Image

Some of these old Kamen Rider monsters are amazing.


Rider jump. Rider kick. Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider. Rider. Rider.

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jul 21 2015 · 110 views

My current obsession with Kamen Rider is still going strong.

My Ryuki figuarts collection keeps growing and it's looking better all the time. I currently have them displayed by color so my Ryuki riders are forming a big old rainbow.(Except for Zolda because he didn't fit. Some day.) I have a Gai and Imperer coming, and I just put in an order for Magnugiga and Alternatve Zero, so really the only stuff I have left are Knight, Odin, and Tiger. And Alternative. And the Survives. So...still a bit. Not as much as what I've already got though.

Anyway all the Ryuki figures are beautiful and basically amazing, as are the few contract monsters I've got. I managed to get a Genocider for "cheap," and I'm glad I did, because Venosnaker is great, and Evildiver looks really nice. Metalgelas I'm not taking out until I get Gai, but he's huge and looks really awesome. The dragons are also very poseable and great looking. This entire lineup of figures is really just outstanding and Bandai did an amazing job on it. I really hope they get around to releasing the rest of the Contract Monsters (especially Destwilder and Biogreeza) because it'd make for an even stronger line. Not really crossing my fingers though.

On the actual, like, watching side of Kamen Rider, I watched all of Kamen Rider Blade over the last two weeks. The beginning was weird and messy as heck, but the series as a whole got better and better the more it went on, and although there was one really weird snag in the finale (Tachibana, what is up with you) it had a really strong conclusion. It's far from my favorite Kamen Rider (even if it's only one of two I've finished...) but it was a pretty solid show nonetheless.

The movie was super terrible, though.

Anyway, I originally watched Blade (far ahead of when I initially planned to do so) because I liked the designs a lot and wanted to buy the figuarts (but had forbidden myself from buying stuff from series I hadn't seen.) So basically, the same day I started Blade I ordered the four Blade riders' figuarts. I finished the series yesterday and it doesn't look like I'll be getting the figures themselves until this weekend. So that's a thing. I really want to get the bikes (except of course Red Rhombus) and Blade's King Form now. And. I'm really hoping Bandai releases a Wild Chalice, as well as a Joker, at some point. Chalice is the best.

Anyway, now I'm watching the original, 1971 Kamen Rider. I'm only a handful of episodes in, it's pretty alright? It's, well, from the 70's. Special effects and the like aren't very advanced and some of it feels goofy. But the plots ain't too bad, and the fights are actually pretty decent--they, you know, kind of feel more like fighting than what is shown in more modern Rider series? (also Hongou Takeshi is one violent rider) May have something to do with the less obtrusive suit or something. In any case, seeing the origins of the franchise is pretty cool no matter what. It's fun.

Anyway, my rough watching order for Kamen Rider keeps shifting for no reason, but for now I guess I'm generally planning on just watching the whole franchise in order? The ones I can find anyway. Only generally though. I may watch one newer thing every couple of Showa series or so. Like I think I may just jump to Gaim after I watch Amazon. And I kinda want to watch Kuuga before I start tearing into Black. Who knows. I'll see.


This mail did fail

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jul 13 2015 · 176 views

Posted Image

Eesh. That is a banged up box. You know, being shipped from Japan, you would think banged up boxes would be a little more common, but after more than a year and (guesstimating) at least twenty or so boxes that I've gotten buying stuff from Japan, this is the first even halfway messed up box I've gotten. Law of averages catches up. Every single time.

Luckily amiami has a tendency to include a metric ton of packing paper in every box, a measure which always seemed a tad excessive at times but now I am seeing is totally appropriate. One of the boxes inside was a bit squished, but nothing was damaged.


In this box came four more Kamen Rider figuarts, to join a pile of other figuarts I have yet to open. And to form a bigger pile for the um, nine or so other figuarts i have coming in addition? Yeah. Lots of Kamen Riders over here.

Posted Image

This is what my Kamen Rider display area looks like right now. Abyss is the centerpiece because he's still the best one I've gotten. Verde, being a Ryuki figure "as well," is similarly fantastic and I love him. All these other chumps are alright, I guess. (not sure why i bought so many Doubles, i think i got carried away there)

Meanwhile, these are the ones I have yet to open.

Posted Image

One of these things is not like the others.

I like to space things out, so a bunch of these will probably stay in their boxes for a while. They all look pretty cool, though. Rider figuarts are. Pretty cool.


the fourth of july, aka

Posted by the ghost of isaac newton , Jul 04 2015 · 135 views

Annual Give My Dog a Heart Attack Day

Our dog Princess has been freaking out for a bit now. Poor dog :c Our other dog seems to be doing fine, thankfully.

Princess, though. She...pooped in my room out of anxiety :|

dang these fireworks

i don't believe you truly comprehend

the gravity of the situation

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