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Another T F U Entry On A Blog That Seems Full Of Them

Posted by dotcom , Jan 06 2012 · 26 views

Okay, so the last mission. After beating the beginning area in the hangar and the laser tube section (Both of which were kind of dumb) I made it to the last section with all the lasers and the lift and that a couple days ago, then saved game and stopped playing.
So the next day I loaded my game to find I had been returned to the area when you have to align those rings in the laser section.


Then after finishing the two rings and almost exiting to the last room, the game starts responding and I get the mini shortcut in which Juno tells me what to do with the rings. And I'm returned to the area before the first ring. Again.

(ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

(and then later a few purge troopers killed me after I got the black crystal yaaay)


The Bring Back Bionicle Project On Lego Cuusoo

Posted by dotcom , Jan 06 2012 · 339 views
bionicle, dumb people
So I recently ventured into the BBBIONICLE project on Cuusoo. Ignoring the fact that this isn't what Cuusoo is for, I'm glad to see that there are a good number of intelligent discussion and commenting going on. At the same time, some members' attitude is more than a little... ehh. Let's take these few comments for context.

Bionicle was like our best friend. Hero Factory is our arch-enemy. The replacement for Hero Factory is more disqusting, stupid and retarded. Why can't Lego just remake Bionicle?

We don't like Hero Factory, because it's lame, horrible, and ridiculous.
We love Bionicle, because it's awesome, interesting, and legendary


And these are just a few found on the first several many comments. I'm okay with the idea, and the fans making reasonable requests are cool. Those who are demanding that it be brought back immediately and making these sort of comments just peeve me so much. It kind of kills the whole thing for me


Star Wars T F U Update

Posted by dotcom , Jan 04 2012 · 24 views

I spoke too soon, that blasted Star Destroyer is the dumbest thing in the game.

Of course, I haven't yet finished the last mission so there might be some even dumber thing happening later. I doubt it, though.


Moe By Michael Firman

Posted by dotcom , Jan 03 2012 · 94 views
moe, webcomics and 2 more...
I just have to say that Moe is one of the best, funniest comics I have ever read. I can't even say what a brilliant comic it is, I just recommend it to anybody who cares.


The God Cat...

Posted by dotcom , Jan 03 2012 · 89 views
homestuck and 1 more...
Posted Image
...has no name.

ie,. he is not Sievert.
Whyyyyyyy. That name is just so perfect and a great counterpart of Becquerel.

Sigh. I guess his name being a reference to GC/AT. (Genetic sequencing) is good enough.


It sucks

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