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incredibly silly and just a little bit rude


Dear Transformers Prime

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 02 2012 · 199 views
unmarked spoilers, warning, rants
Please do not end your seasons by having fat guy Fowler battle the Decepticon armada in a helicopter. You have lost all my respect.

You were doing so well.
The previous two episodes were practically my favorites int the entire series, because Knock Out and Starscream and Knock Out, but you had to screw it up by permanently screwing my willing suspension of disbelief.

Also you kind of tried to make Wheeljack's fate mysterious except YOU DIDN'T because we've already seen his BH toy. So boo hoo to you.

Also Optimus Prime died. Come on. This doesn't even qualify as a spoiler, it's like saying Optimus Prime is red. Who didn't see that coming?

I do wonder if this means Airachnid is dead. I hope so! That would make me happy. Though another season without a single Autobot dying makes me not happy (especially Bulkhead), I am at least thankful that Knock Out has survived (unlike, like, Breakdown :( ). I think I'd ragequit if he died.

Prime is terrible in that all the protagonists are irredeemably boring. Optimus is boring (though he was pretty awesome these last past few episodes, I'll give him that), Arcee is boring, Bumblebee is stupid, Bulkehead is boring, and all three kids suck. Ratchet and Smokescreen are the only good good guys. All my support goes to the Decepticons, really. As I said earlier, Knock Out and Starscream are my favorite characters, and I quite like Soundwave and Breakdown as well. Megatron at least is a more charismatic leader than Optimus. I want them to win more than anything else.

"Patch" was basically my favorite episode. It was like Decepticons: The Show. I was watching it and thinking all the while Oh god, no humans or bots??? And Dan Vs is starting soon again? I must have gone to HUB heaven.

tl;dr Prime has the best bad guys, really needs to kill off its main characters.


Turns out I suck at naming mons

Posted by farmstink buttlass , Nov 02 2012 · 123 views

I have now gone officially off the deep end of terrible Pokemon names.

I named the Machop I captured "Buttugly." (Because Machops are ugly as heck.) I could think of literally nothing better.

I am utterly uninspired. Heeeelpppp.


what a mary sue

November 2012


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