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Team Baron's Stage


Life right now

Posted by dotcom , Sep 21 2012 · 159 views

my family has..had...5 dogs.
one of them, Peggy, was born with some deformities. she is a chihuahua, and her spine is formed in an irregular shape, and her heart is much too large. it's almost as large as head, and that isn't good. but she lived, she was happy, and so were we.
last week her health started deteriorating. her breathing was loud and raspy and forced, but she was otherwise normal.
my dad took her to the vet, where she stayed overnight. she came back on tuesday, and her health had fallen exponentially. you could now hear her breathing from across a room, and she was barely responsive. she just sort of went and laid down at different places, didn't really want to eat or do anything. and that's how the past two days went for her.
and then today, when i came back from school, i found her bedridden, not responsive to anything. her eyes were glossed over, and she wasn't moving at all. all she did was breathe, a terrible, forced breath.
so she was taken to the vet again. her heart had grown too much, and there wasn't much space left for her lungs. she really was dying.
she was put to sleep, just a few minutes ago.

i love all my dogs. they are the one part of my life i can consistently count on to not be terrible. no matter what, they are always there, and they can always lighten my mood. there is nothing they can do that would really bother me. again, i love them all.

i can hardly deal with this right now. this was supposed to be a good day. it was the day i got out of school for fall vacation. i've been looking forward to tomorrow specifically for almost six months. and now one of my dogs is dead. and she was young. she wasn't even four years old.

the only reason i'm on the computer right now is because i don't want to think about it at all.

and i just


i hate my life right now

[Rest in Peace, Peggy (2008-2012)]


My Keyboard is in a Coma

Posted by dotcom , Sep 17 2012 · 158 views
bzpower feels
By which I mean I spilled some water on it and half of it died. Unfortunately, I stopped posting in some important blog entries, and that is why.

I'll keep this brief (because I still don't have a keyboard, using the on-screen one)

I still have to say, this is one of those times that I can look at BZP and really say "Yes, this is a community I'm proud to be a part of." I'm not the most active member, nor the most well-integrated. But this is still a site that matters to me.

Seeing all these cool people--Gato, Aho, Kohaku, DeeVee, BioGio and all the rest--talk about important things that are especially relevant to people like me--it is really great. It's reassuring.

You're all great people.


Cucumber Quest

Posted by dotcom , Sep 10 2012 · 310 views
comics, cabbage is awesome
I started reading this comic like fifteen minutes ago.

It's too early for me to have any solid feelings about most things (except maybe for the fact that I love Cabbage), but I do know one thing.

I am absolutely in love with the art.


Slow Progress on Doctor Who

Posted by dotcom , Sep 09 2012 · 232 views

I've been watching the new Doctor Who show for a few months now. It's been slowish progress on account of looong episodes.

I just finished Series 3, and I thought I would blog about it, because unlike the first two series, I have significant feels about it. The stuff I liked I liked more than anything prior to it, and the stuff i disliked was thus more meh.

-Firstly, Martha. I liked Agyeman's performance. Martha was interesting, wanting to be a doctor and all, and I think she had potential to be an intriguing character. I liked her more than Rose, initially. Unfortunately, unlike Rose, whose relationship with he Doctor had some subtlety, Martha was quite obviosuly and verbally pining after the Doctor since day one. Eventually her infatuation became her entire character, and boy was that boring. Sadface.

-Space rhinos. Awesome.

-Daleks. Eh. So far none of the Dalek stories have been too good. The only good thing about any of them is what it shows about the Time War and the Doctor. The one in this season was pretty good. (I liked Laszlo and Tallulah), and Sec was an interesting character. Some things still confuse me (ie, why was Laszlo taken by the pig slaves? As far as we saw, all the other captives were taken from Hooverville, and no one else had been taken from the theater), but it was a solid story.

-Human Nature/Family of Blood! These were good episodes. Still not sure exactly how I feel about the whole becoming human thing, but it was a good, deep story with a lot of great moments. Also, Harry Lloyd is awesome.

-Blink was delectably creepy (also timey-wimey bowls). Loved it.

-Oh yeah, I'm not talking about 42, Lazarus, or Gridlock at all. Wonder why.

-Utopia was pretty average, excluding Captain Jack, who is himself. At least until the end, oh god that cliffhanger. The end was pretty amazing.

-The Sound of Drums is practically my favorite anything in Doctor Who ever (yet). John Simm is amazing.

-Last of the Time Lords was not amazing. LotTL had very ridiculous deus ex machinas, including a reset button. It was disappointing and utterly unsatisfying. It broke the streak of really really good episodes, as well as the entire series of goodness. And also apparently they cut a lot of stuff from the american version? Boo. >:C

Good series, terrible finale.


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