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Tempest Tower


Ed, Edd N Eddy

Posted by dotcom , Feb 02 2012 · 19 views

I've been catching reruns of this series on CN since I never had cable when it was running, but always enjoyed it when I got the chance to watch it. After several episodes, I have come to a conclusion.

Jimmy is absolute best character.


Koro Ouroboros (Bionicle Homestuck?)

Posted by dotcom , Jan 30 2012 · 385 views
awesome, ridiculous, foolishness and 1 more...
So Waffles posted that blog entry about making an (obviously trollish, aimed at those haters who hate) contest combining MLP, Homestuck and BIONICLE. As a pretty big fan of at least one of those, previously/currently dedicated to another and semi-serious following the remaining, I decided to do a rough draft of a mock adventure blending these, in some ridiculous form. This was, in fact, not particularly hard; I've given a lot, and I do mean a lot, of thought as to how a session could work, for both BIONICLE and MLP. I'm kind of a huge geek that way.

And so I took out paper and pencil and started writing/sketching.

Now I have a six-page conversation between Kopaka and Tahu as they prepare to play Sburb, plus some more.
I might have gotten carried away. :0

(Koro Ouroboros: Koro, as in the villages that the Toa will build up to reach their gates. Ouroboros, symbol of the cycle of life and rebirth, meant to signify the method by which universes are created in this mockup of a story)


You Killed Wesley Payne

Posted by dotcom , Jan 30 2012 · 24 views

This book is an incredibly over-the-top story about a Private Dick, Dalton Rev who searches for clues to solve a mystery and help out his bro. Rev is a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.


And the extras were awesome. Lexington Cole preview? Hilarious in a terrible way. The A-Z of Possible Gods was really really really great though.



Posted by dotcom , Jan 28 2012 · 59 views
So I'm just browsing some other sites and come upon an advert for a little kids' show called Punky (Can be found by searching "punky rte jr ad" in your video site of choice.) And...the way an integral part of the main character's role is presented is...rather unceremoniously and awkwardly put. My response would go along the lines of

why would they even advertise it like that
i don't

why am i making a blog post about this


Italian M L P Intro

Posted by dotcom , Jan 27 2012 · 69 views

holy things i cannot mention
this thing is so amazing

I mean I know enough about European languages and Italian to get most of what was being said even without the lyrics being provided, so the cheesiness was not avoided, but it is so good.

tempest tower

it's ok i guess

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