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Tempest Tower


StuckHome Syndrome

Posted by dotcom , Aug 11 2014 · 63 views
homestuck, book 3 and 1 more...
It's been well over 2 years since I got the last book, but look!

Posted Image

Unlike the first two books, I didn't buy this one immediately after it came out. I guess I blame how little thought I've given to Homestuck over the past almost year--the hiatus is really taking its toll. That doesn't mean I don't like Homestuck anymore or anything, I just found other priorities, so even though it's been out for like, uh, ten months, this book fell by the wayside. Until now, I suppose.

It's got a really cool cover and it's definitely way better than Book 2's (2 years later and I still do not approve of troll eyes on Rose) I'm looking forward to reading it and all the dumb annotations Hussie's done this time around.

But another thing

Posted Image

This book is really thick! I did not see that coming. It's about as thick as Book 2, if not thicker. Which is a bit odd, since Act 3 is shorter than Act 2. (Though I believe it's got more flashes, so maybe it evens out?) And it's a little shorter (height wise), oddly enough.

I know originally this book was meant to include the Intermission, but that didn't happen. So it looks like that will be a whole little book to itself? I can't even begin to tell you how happy that would make me. I've wanted an Intermission book--just the Intermission--since the idea of MSPA books became a thing. But given all the other stuff Hussie is working on around now I doubt we'll see that book (or any others) until 2015, probably.


This next month will be my fourth anniversary as a MSPA fan. I started reading Jailbreak on September 1st 2010, to be exact, and I read that, Bard Quest, Problem Sleuth, and caught up with Homestuck by the 29th. It's hard to believe it's been so long. I can still remember waiting for Cascade for all those months, and the Kickstarter and all those walkarounds and fancy flashes and the Scratch intermission and seeing and speculating on the new kids and the cherubs, troll ancestors and alternate timelines, the many character deaths and exposition, the slow revelation of player aspect symbols through hoodies.... and all the weird cool stuff that's happened...it all feels so recent, but it's all such a long time ago. I started reading Homestuck as a freshman in high school, and this month I'm going to start university. Many things have changed in my life, but Homestuck has always been sort of there. Sometimes more than others, but it's always been a good part of my life.

I'm happy to own this book at last.



Posted by dotcom , Aug 10 2014 · 72 views
mixels, this got dark quick
The Mighty Krawg has found him a fitting sacrifice.

Posted Image



All The Mixels. All of Them! (Approximately)

Posted by dotcom , Aug 10 2014 · 121 views
mixels, rules
I'm a fan of mixels. They have fun designs, great parts, and are rather affordable (with usually stellar price-to-parts ratios). I've been buying them since the first series, and they're fun. Still, because I used to not have all that much money to throw around on lego, I made a sort of rule to myself that I'd only buy one out of every tribe. And it worked! It's an affordable and fair way to go about it that works well for me (especially since I don't have all that much display space anyway) So for some time, it worked well and all was right with the world.

Posted Image

The system, shown here kinda working.

Then I made a mistake. That mistake's name is Tentro.

Oh, he may seem like a swell fellow up there, and his parts might be pretty ok, but make no mistake, that mixel is nothing but an impostor, a poseur of the highest order, and a scoundrel maybe (i'm just reaching here to be honest)

What I'm saying here is Tentro sorta looks a lot like Zaptor in the head area and I think that's just incredibly boring. And not only because Zaptor pulls off that build far better, but because in a line with so many sorta varied and out-there designs, I think they could have gotten by without reusing a previous design almost exactly.

So I wasn't satisfied with Tentro at all. If I was really only going to get one of each tribe, I really didn't want two of them to look the same. So I decided to get Kraw. In fact, Kraw had been my first choice for the Flexers. The one and only reason I didn't get Kraw instead of Tentro was the fact that he had none of the new joint pieces, whereas Tentro had like, 8. In retrospect (and now that i do have him. spoiler alert?) it's obvious that I really shouldn't have cared, but I did, so Tentro happened.

Getting Kraw really complicated things for me though, because I can get really hung up about the rules I make for myself. And if I was going to get Kraw, I was going to have to get a second of every tribe, too. And from there, especially since I have a bit more disposable income, it was a bit of a slippery slope.....

What I'm getting to is this is what happened.

Posted Image

Balk's head is pretty long, so he only gets to sorta happen.

SO YEAH. I got all of series 2. Some of them really surprised me (Gobba and Jawg were much better than I expected) and some were kinda disappointing (Lunk and Flurr are both about as unexciting as I expected) and the other ones are Balk. Kraw, of course, was perfect. He's such a drama queen, and I love him.

So I guess from now on I'm getting all the Mixels. I guess I'm ok with that.

And, of course, getting all the Mixels meant I had to go back and buy all the other series 1 guys I didn't already have, which was....a bit expensive. I was fortunately able to find 5 of them in a bricklink store for the it-could-be-worse price of around 7 each. The last one (which of course just happened to be my least favorite, volectro) had to be bought on ebay for a price I'd rather not think about. So yeah! I have no idea where I'm going to be putting all these Mixels, but actually being able to fool around and make a ton of mixes sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

And at least Volectro got here quickly.

Posted Image

Let there be no doubt as to my amazing image-editing ability.


Premier Once More

Posted by dotcom , Aug 09 2014 · 42 views

After 8 months of always forgetting to get Premier Membership, I'm back to the blogging sphere! Even with the temporary anniversary perks and all, it's really been a while, and I've got quite a few things to talk about. Some of them are even relevant to this website! Strange times.

For now, I've adopted a new blog theme, (which I'll hopefully be expanding with some pretty custom blocks.) based on Fireball, a cgi disney anime shorts series I have become a big fan of. It's kinda obscure. You've probably never heard about it. My avatar and sig should follow suit, but I'm still only kinda working that out.

Any way, it's good to be back. This should be fun.


don't ask me nothing

Posted by dotcom , Jul 25 2014 · 63 views

what even are fads

tempest tower

it's ok i guess

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