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Bziii: Seven Heavenly Virtues

Posted by Mangai-Hau , in Writing Jan 21 2012 · 500 views

Toa Team
Member TX Wade has posted his idea to create a toa team with members based on the Seven Heavenly Virtues that counters the Daedra. This is the entry in which to discuss said idea; therefore, I will update this one as pertinent to keep up with discussion.

First Day of Discussion:

It has been largely agreed upon that this team of Virtues should be more than just foils to the Daedra.

TX Wade stated that this group will have a twist of some sort. To quote Parugi of Congratulations: '...A reason for being'.

Members Hubert and Parugi have stated one or two of their characters may join. Parugi also put forth the idea that perhaps the virtuous toa team could be more out to protect the island in general as opposed to merely combatting the Daedra.

Member Benluke-116 proposed: [quotename="Benluke-116"]Perhaps the members could all be reluctant about becoming heroes? And making them fight more enemies then just the Toa Daedra would be an good idea.
Another random thought: How about having an member that's a Skakdi or a Vortixx? He/She would still use 'Toa' as a title. [/quote]

TX has vocalized his support for the general idea of the first paragraph, but also expressed he feels that this team's members should not strive for heroism. He believes they should instead try to become 'guardians'.

Second Day of Discussion:

TX Wade and Parugi expressed their dislike for the second of Benluke's proposals. They believe that skakdi and vortixx have certain evil or more neutral stigmas and do not fit in a 'toa team'.

Toa Onarax and Zoma stated that they would like Humility and Patience, respectively. Meanwhile, Parugi specified that the character he has who may join the group could serve as either Temperance or Diligence.

TX stated that he will take whichever virtue is left. He added that he is currently leaning towards Charity and Kindness.

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So, what does everyone think of my suggestion that the team have an Skakdi member?
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The Dark Chronicler
Jan 21 2012 10:27 PM

I am among those who are interested in joining this. It seems rather interesting to me.

Well, a Skakdi may be interesting, but I think the players should decide what they play as. If none want to play as a Skaksi, there there would not need to be a Skakdi.

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I was thinking more of this to be a Toa team, likewise the Daedra. I'm having a hard time picturing a Skakdi or Vortixx as an embodiment of one of the heavenly virtues.

As for the reluctance on becoming heroes: I like the idea however I don't think they'd strive to be actual heroes. They'd think of themselves as people who help those in need, a guardian type of idea rather than think of actual heroism.
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Good Vortixx, that embodies a Virtue. Look no further than Salvinn, Mark Bearer of Hope.

Anyway I'm interested in joining and I'm willing to make good Vortixx or Skakdi for this.
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While my preference lies with a Toa team, I'm not against Skakdi or Vortixx members. If there's a Skakdi, there might as well be two so they could use their elemental powers. Let's make sure our characters resemble their virtue.

So here are the following virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence and Temperance. Has anyone taken interest in a particular virtue?
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If I have a character join, they would represent Temperance. They would begin playing its role at the end of this year if so.

But I'm not sure we're using the same list of the Seven Heavenly Virtues. I tend to go by this.
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Yeah, we'll use those ones instead. If I read right, you said you'd start playing the role at the end of this year. By that, do you mean like the end of 2012...?
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Owhoops. I meant by the end of this BZIII season, sorry.
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Why would you start playing as a character when the season's about to end? I'm sure most of us are thinking of creating this group within a month's time or so...
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That's why I implied it as a possibility. I really don't feel the character I have in mind will be developed enough any earlier in the right direction to fill that role. In fact, I doubt they'd hold it long.

Who knows? Perhaps the old Temperance will not be able to fulfill their role at that time. I'unno; I'm merely stating that I could control a Temperance and the specifics of doing so.
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The Dark Chronicler
Jan 22 2012 12:21 AM
If it is not yet requested, I would have an interest in the position of Patience, should it not be taken already.
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Jan 22 2012 12:36 AM
The lingo you used in the blog entry makes it look like we had a civilized parliamentary discussion. How... remarkably cute.
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If I may, I'll take Humility, and I think I may already have a character for the job.
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In general: Just saying now -- if Raehn (Iron Toa) ends up joining, she'd most likely operate under the moniker of either Temperance (she's a justice-seeker already) or Diligence (already serves as a foil to Decaia.)

I'm planning on waiting to see how many other people want to join before making a final decision on whether I officially do or not; it'd be a bit odd to have a character both on the Daedra and the Virtue team. (*looks at EW* ... :P )

Which reminds me -- TX, are you planning on using the term 'Arete' for this team, a la the last Virtues team, or were you going to think of a new name?

In response to the Skakdi/Vortixx discussion -- frankly, I was never really fond with the idea of non-Toa being on a team called the "Toa ____" -- Toa-like or not (that does include Lust and her counterpart; sorry, EW. :P) Especially Skakdi and, to an extent, Vortixx -- while Toa-like species, such as Valkyr, can get by on the idea that they are similar to Toa, Skakdi and Vortixx are just... not good symbols of justice. The former is too well-known as a war species, and the latter, at least to me, seems too focused on under the table dealings to be seen as good guys for most people.

That might just be me. But still; species stigmas, I'm afraid. :P
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That's exactly why I find the idea interesting, actually. Still, if no one else likes the idea don't have to use it.
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No, I'd rather have it be a Toa team. Like Parugi mentioned, Skakdi represent more of a war-like species and Vortixx tend to be on the more cruel side of things. Ruins the reputation, y'know?

As for the name...not sure whether I want to use Arete or not seeing as how most members here aren't exactly from the original group (guessing).

Speaking of virtues, I'm capable of whichever one's left so take your pick and I'll take the last one (unless I change my mind). Although, I'm leaning more towards Charity and Kindness. I believe I'll take the one which isn't chosen.
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Personally I feel that all the characters should start out as a normal character, and will only later develop into one of the virtues.
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How so, Onarax? I would imagine our characters are already somewhat preset to resemble a virtue, personality and everything included.
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But every character has a history which makes them become that virtue. If we give them just enough traits to make them similar then we can, over a period of time, have the character grow into the virtue.
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Sounds to me like what the Daedra are doing this time around -- starting off as regular characters that gradually come together as a single team and each coming to represent their sin in time as opposed to starting off that way right off the bat. Which I have to agree with; character development always makes things more fun. :P
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