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Mata-Nui Weekly, 1st-7th of January 2014

Posted by Kughii , in BZPRPG Jan 07 2014 · 727 views

Mata-Nui Weekly, for january 1st-7th.

Kentoku Archipelago 
  • Kulrik is dressed by his attentive retainer.
  • Hanako and Desdemona talk about the deceased menti.
  • Inokio kills a saihoko who had accidentally bumped into the Chojo. Amaki and Yumiwa keep talking, though Yumiwa realizes she lost the pendant she was supposed to keep.
  • Arisaka, substitute menti teacher, throws boulders at her students to test their perseverance.  Enali, a student, manages to survive the ordeal while trying to help a hurt friend.
  • Crystal smith Akimoto works to complete a commission.
  • The Yukanna arrives in port, and Commodore Ayiwah disembarks with First Mate Tazera.
  • The device filling the sky is almost turned off, but Tutkee yells at the Taajars to let it continue.


  • Tehlin and Surina are stopped from leaving Ko-Koro by Lurah, a Sanctum Guard.  After learning about Matoro’s death Tehlin begins to monitor the streets.
  • Ishi Polzin discovers clues to the location of the kanohi Komau. 
  • Ak’rei’an’s followers continue their plan to capture Kecand.
  • The Chivinix is met by the Sanctum Guard and turned away.  He flies to Ta-Wahi.
  • Riaril treats the patient in her hospital after consulting with a ta-matoran named Tarian.
  • Jaa is let off Scott-free due to Leah’s kanohi powers, but she notices something odd: Ambages is an anomaly like the Makuta and she cannot see his emotions.
  • Zadron leads Kiara through the glacial tunnels, but Veneras catches up at a ravine and Kiara lingers to fight the toa of ice.  A po-lesterin is caught up in the struggle and becomes a prisoner.  The Sanctum Shock Troopers return to the fight with the attempt to cave in a section of the passages. 

  • Jarkale reveals his suspicions for Ignitus to Tuarn while they wait in the Great Takea to begin their voyage.
  • Helios reminds Xerrand not all skakdi are bad, even as Xerrand attempts to sway Helios to join a revolution to remove the dictators of the koros.  Helios turns the other toa down on the offer.
  • Voulge asks Vail why the toa of fire works to be good.  Vail replies that is it because he is darkness that he hates darkness.  Voulge questions the definitions of good and evil.  Vail accepts a quest to catch a baby ussal for Voulge.
  • Nei finishes her meeting with Akiri Hahli, promising to report any signs of the valkyr Anthyn.  Ferre consoles Nei and tells her to keep searching.
  • Caerus Valli goes to Akiri Hahli for asylum, offering his intricate web of secrets in exchange for his and Etera’s lives, as well as revealing the malevolent intents of Aurelia.
  • Ensis and Edubard continue their sparring.
  • Liara begins to diagnosis Corporal Shajs.
  • Helios goes to speak with Eutuchia about security passes for Malak’et, and finds out the peddler is up to no good. 
  • Verak is back, baby.
  • Liano and Crasaro defeat the tarakava and take its corpse back to the village.
  • Rynekk runs into an unexpected matoran in the temple.
  • Jin heads off to a job at the Polzin mansion.

  • Zaria and Ferron hug, and a maskless Kuhrin approaches the pair. The three head to Onu-Koro.
  • Larikon decides to destroy the corrupted lightstone
  • The Vortixx Sirius arrives to Ostia on a barge and begins to talk with a barkeep while drinking at said bar
  • Korru delivers food to the prisoners, and is watched by Baranx
  • A figure begins to light a campfire, despite the fact that they should not be alive
  • Sirius leaves the bar and is drawn into conversation with the Fourth.
  • Larikon destroys the lightstone by calling on Ak’Rei’An’s power.

  • Echelon calls off the deal with JL even as he runs deeper into Mangaia
  • Ignitus and JL decide not to pursue Echelon and instead prepare to leave
  • Veral and Transiz learn that now may not be the best time to speak with the Abettor and instead are tricked by Venixa/Syvra to head toward the Onu-Koro dark walk and further from Syvra. 
  •  Syvra watches Echelon run further into Mangaia and follows him. Echelon discovers Syvra following him and proceeds to question why he is following. Syvra inturn reveals his identity to Echelon.
  • Sucogu decides it is better to avoid Echelon and stay out of the whole matter.
  • Darvin Le'Neer finishes his Treehouse of wonder and sets up shop as the MNW Kini-Nui Branch leader within the Treehouse. 

  • Ophaim and Mekana discuss how to make the Brakas Monkey’s leave their tavern
  • The insectoid being Chivinix wanders about
  • Piraka vs. Ta-Koro guard continues

  • Tivanu and Rhea agree to let Surina escape whilst conning the Ga-Koronan authorities
  • Torvoth and Ardoku are attacked in the tunnels
  • Tharros and Grochi recruit Talinka Quine
  • Rungui endures the sadistic training regimen of Demtof
  • Vhohan is interviewed by Suriol in hopes of a position with the Mata Nui Weekly
  • The Table Crew stops at a hospital to get treatment for their injuries
  • Ferron and Zuriana confront Kuhrin. Zuriana is brutally murdered by Kuhrin, and Ferron lays her to rest, before going off to prepare to hunt down Kuhrin


  • Colx and Kunitu have an arm wrestling competition, afterwards going to the Bright-Star Inn for a drink where they run into Skyra and Hari
  • Tillian suffers breakfast on the face and rude awakenings in the Tillian/Skyra/Naona/Hari/Krayn reunion
  • Akiri Kongu gives a symbolic goodbye to the other Akiri
  • Drome takes artistic liberties with his and Kadon’s adventures
  • Merror arrives at the Le-Koro Hospital, and is greeted by Valria
  • and Brykon continue their discussion
  • Koura hires Donal


The Mata-Nui Weekly wishes you all a wonderful week of gameplay!

~Kughii, Dr. O, Voxumo, Canis Lycaon

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Big issue.. Tivanu and Rhea have not agreed to let Surina escape.. That was the first offer Rhea brought to the table then Tivanu countered it with something more to Rhea's liking..

Just wanted to correct that since that is a big difference.

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Aye, sounds like a big one!

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