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  1. Thanks, I'll make sure to keep that in then! I was thinking of having bounties go out on a specific day of the week.
  2. After creating the original podcast for the BZPRPG, and then frolicking in that field of podcast and video editing for a while, the idea of joining the YouTube channel sounds exciting. I'll be sending a PM once I come up with a pitch.
  3. “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” Fun ride, great party, time to go. Thanks for the memories. <3
  4. IC: Dervish, Onu-Koro (Ferron’s Forge) Nice guy, Ferron. If this was Ta-Koro, I wouldn’t be let off the hook with having less widgets. Maybe it was the whole, “I’ve lived out my destiny,” thing that gave him such a nonchalant attitude to finance. Speaking of living out one’s destiny… “Thanks,” I said while handing over what I had. “I hope you don’t think this rude, but I was wondering, well… how’d you become a turaga?” Destiny isn’t my thing, generally, but for some reason this wise old turaga felt like a mirror into someone I could be – ignoring the fact I’m a mercenary making money killing innocents.
  5. IC: Draeverian Joskiir, Ta-Wahi (???) *Poof* Poor Mariko, not noticing his “friend” was nothing more than the blinking outline of an avenger long gone. The toa of sound never found much pleasure in standing around. DJ was a man of action: rap, punch, and leave the questioning to Mariko. Sitting around waiting for a toa of ice to drink and get acquainted with long lost war buddies, Maru or no, wasn’t on his “Kill Kohra” to do list. Mariko and the other Aitua were the patient ones. Ta-Koro’s lava fields gave way to the ash forest as he trekked towards colder climes. His tongue clacked polyrhythms off the roof of his mouth, and with each percussive beat he found his way illuminated. This is a bad idea, Drae. Leaving Mariko behind was stupid. You’re stupid. DJ smack talked with Rivet. There was a harrumph in his mind. So much for the months of learning to be less obvious . I’ve got a plan though: I don’t need them. Oh, really? Really? You have a plan? Well, that that must make you King of the World. Rivet laid down the sarcasm with each drawn out vowel. Climbing over a rocky outcropping, DJ brushed off his hands. The flakes of granite and ash rippled through the air, a soft melody in their graceful fall. He could smell the lava rock, the taste of minerals strong on his tongue. For the blinded warrior, it was pungent. Yeah, I do. So… what’s your grand scheme? DJ grinned and popped his knuckles. Punch things. OOC: Draeverian to Ko-Wahi
  6. Woah, that's a really great reality check Krayz. It probably is just me then.
  7. I like the idea of having a Fate system, but what kind of pre-designed summons are you thinking of? How do you see this playing out if, say, two Vakamas exist where one is Archer and the other is Caster? Additionally, how would Summon stat generation happen?
  8. Ah, hmm... Will it be like the anime or the game?
  9. I'm back? EDIT: Looking around at the game, I'm wondering how we as players can jazz up the world, push the main plot goals forward, and otherwise get more large-scale action happening at a fast pace without direct involvement of large staff posts that involve lots of timeskips to keep things moving? I mean this as a really open dialogue, not in any ways intending to insult anyone. I know player involvement is probably a key issue (and I'm definitely guilty of that point), and that a game is only as good as its players to an extent, but what else could we all be focusing on? Is everyone happy with where the game is now, and am I the only one feeling like we've been in a sink-hole for the past year? If so, maybe it's a personal issue and I need to reevaluate my place as a player. If not, what can we do to change things?
  10. IC: Dervish, Onu-Koro (Ferron's Forge) "I figure that's about it," I responded, taking the words of the forgemaster as my time to pull out the wallet. Counting up the rough sum of widgets I hit on a problem. "Um..." IC: Ahkmou, Onu-Koro (Wise Man's Archive) After the bungle with Priicu, and the silence of Skoll, Ishi found his patience wearing thin. Taking solace in the shelves of books,he wandered the rows of tablets and leather-bound tomes. Some titles were nostalgic, others boring, but a great trove tantalized his mind with the words stored within their covers or on their faces. Ignoring the presence of his bodyguard, Ishi awkwardly made himself a small nest of books around a footstool in the middle of an aisle and prepared for the long wait for Nuparu's summons. Each page proved difficult to turn, sometimes taking several attempts, and made reading a grind for the otherwise speedy thinker. Slowing down, taking a rest, ignoring the frantic lifestyle, all these things seemed to be lessons the matoran was learning in abundance. If only he could learn faster.
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