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  1. Favorite Beings: 1. Toa 2. Rahkshi 3. Turaga Toa and Turaga because they have access to elements. Rahkshi because I absolutely love Kraata, their powers, and how they get stronger and have different, defined stages. Favorite Elements: 1. Stone 2. The Green 3. Shadow Stone because it was my favorite growing up. The Green and Shadow are second and third right now just because of my characters in the Six Kingdoms games. Otherwise I really enjoy playing all the elements.
  2. SK vibed so hard I actually got back into RPing for its duration. The aesthetic was awesome. Really felt like 01-03 but with these crazy twists to it. Basically like Viltia, where she ended up (on accident) copying the vibe of original Lewa. At least how he was in my mind as a kid. A survivor in massive, twisting trees and bushes, constantly fighting or avoiding dangerous Rahi. She even had an Axe and a Miru as her Golden Mask. It was amazing to almost fulfill what I felt like I never got enough of as a kid. SK was truly a gift.
  3. OOC: Sorilax One moment. I found a frozen sliver of time with text over it that best relates my response to you. It is… around here somewhere. One second, I need my player to grab it for me. Okay here we go. His face. It is so... organic muscle-y, yet it so completely conveys the meaning. It is marvelous. Odd. Very odd. I shall endeavor to learn all I can about the Life of this new plane of existence. As for Whisper and Whira, I am proud of you both. For being so young and yet accomplishing feats so great. I will uphold the powers granted to you by the Legend before I became it. I will continue to power your existences. I anxiously await to see what you both will accomplish, should we ever get another game. Caedast, I am so sorry I had forgotten you. I could have used your guidance in my own journey many times, as you well know.
  4. OOC: Sorilax the Living Legend - Great Spirit of Life and the Legend Location - Discussion Topic With - The players and his fellow Great Spirits Oh dear. Oh my. Great Jumping MAHI! This is quite troublesome. When I discovered the Truth, I never thought… I don’t know what to think. All my striving. All my purpose. It was just a game played out over the course of a little over a year? It- No. I am Life. But it is not enough. I must ensure Life remains within my tender arms, despite my limited medium. I need something more. Something that powers what powers me now. … I know just the thing. And so I have become what granted my own wish. I am Life. I am… The Legend.
  5. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, Twekohui’s bunker With - Exuze, Muaka NUVA Proxima This felt like the end. It wasn’t quite how she envisioned things. A flurry of activity as beings rushed to the portal Zataka had created. If the universe were dying, would they even be safe back in Mata Nui? His head had been torn off somehow. He had died. Kind of. This was too much. It was all too much. Viltia focused on her mask instead, imaging a Toa just like her. The mental image in her mind wavered, but she had always been one for focus and she sharpened it. She broke through some kind of barrier and in a shower of golden light, an Onu-Toa stood before her. The female Toa of Earth looked shocked, turning to Viltia, gratitude and yet a bit of weariness to her voice “Creator? You’re… my creator?” She stumbled forward and they embraced. Viltia grabbed her Muaka too, tethers binding them all together. She used her now perfected Shapeshifting to merge the Onu-Toa and the Muaka’s forms into one smaller shape that perfectly resembled Viltia except for its color. Her Density Control allowed her weight to return to normal as well. She would travel back to Le-Metru Nuva. To her friends. To her home. She wished the last two months had lasted far longer than they had. She was going to miss it all, even with all the death and destruction. She had made such wonderful friends. Had such great adventures. She had finally grown into who she had been meant to be. No. Who she chose to be. And she would merge with Life, Death, and the Stars. She would embrace and comfort them all. Viltia disappeared from view. OOC: @BULiK No idea if Exuze is still there. I'm basically only reading my mentions at this point. We are flying here with all these posts!
  6. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Magic, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui With - Whira Cravious felt his element sealed away. He was his element, and yet… he still remained after it was gone, mind marveling at the Xa-Kuta magic that now fueled him. He truly was a force to be reckoned with. And at Whira’s side, nothing could stand against them. The money of the world was at their fingertips. But a rest sounded nice. He had worked almost non-stop since the day he had picked up a hammer. Perhaps there was more to life than the constant grind. “Of course. Anything you wish.” Cravious bowed his head to her. He was free from Irnakk. Free from the shackles of all else. Except for Whira. He would forever be bound to her. He looked up at her optics, still a beautiful swirling purple. For the first time in his life, he didn’t mind. OOC: @~Xemnas~ If I don't get my Viltia post in, this was one wild ride and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Thank you all for such an amazing game!
  7. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Elemental Temple of Light With - Mahrika, Bellicus Kastus, One, Two, Sala His duplicate died, life given for a greater purpose. The loss was immense. And the way his Life Kraata power let him know he could create another duplicate was almost a slap in the face. Sorilax turned to those gathered, emotion weighing heavy on him. He had done it. With the help of his friends he had done it. He was overjoyed and saddened at the same time. He knew nothing would be the same after this. He would not get to walk the island with Sala, talking about the marvelous lifeforms the land held. He would not get to know Mahrika more and see the kindness she could spread. He would not be able to converse with Caedast like old times, times which he now finally saw clearly where she was concerned, like a Light of Truth had cleansed those memories across space. He would not feel the breeze as it rushed through the dew dropping leaves on an early Fau Swamp morning after spending all night observing horned toads. He would not get to bask in the sun as Mahi grazed nearby, their gentle calls lulling him as close to sleep as he could get. He would not be able to have the fear of death, which instilled in so many a purpose. But he would be Life itself, able to create as many physical forms as he so desired and be wherever he wanted with whoever he wanted. Yet deep down, he knew it would not be the same. Even deeper down, at his core, at what made him him, Sorilax knew his destiny was to help nurture all of Life no matter the cost for all of time and across all the myriad realms of space. “Thank you, my friends. This, I do for all.” Sorilax’s optics rested on Sala, lingering for a moment. He almost stopped right there. But then the Life Seeker turned, entered the impossible machine, and activated it to complete his Life’s purpose. To be Life itself. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Harvali It's my understanding that the Life Creation Sorilax duplicate has already died to activate the machine already, correct? I'm not quite sure exactly what's going on. I hope this works.
  8. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui, piloting Akamai Cravious took his mech back to its bunker, using his already summoned hook to transform and bind the giant robot back up. Then he added several more shackles and thickened the protosteel of everything. This mech would have to tear itself apart to get free. Or so he hoped. Then Cravious exited his mech for the second time, running to the Cube. His crew closed everything up and they went to the lake’s edge, where Cravious sprung from the vehicle, his hirelings somewhat behind him. Whira, he called out to her mentally as she had to him previously, not immediately seeing or sensing her, I am here. I am ready. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  9. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Elemental Temple of Light With - Mahrika, Bellicus Kastus, One, Two, Sala “Thank you, my friend.” Sorilax beckoned over and opened the spine of one of his Life Creation duplicates. He grabbed the duplicate Two from inside. “This is Life itself, poured through mortal form.” He placed the Kraata inside the ACR. Next he held up Life Creation Viltia’s mask, the Golden Kanohi she had spent so long and hard on making. “This is Creation formed. The boundless wrestled into shape.” He placed the Kanohi inside the ACR, which he then closed. “And this is Avagah.” He traced a hand along its frame, remembering the many, many years he had spent roaming around Zakaz and studying the lifeforms on it with this ACR as his protection and backup body. “It is a representation of Time, for it has weathered through the years with great resilience. It has always stood at my side or protected my body no matter the decades that sought to wear it down. “Together, these three things represent the impossible made manifest. A combination of the forces of the world itself.” Sorilax gave the order to the Life Creation him he had taken the duplicate Two from. The duplicate him nodded, knowing exactly why this must be done. Then the duplicate, fully Sorilax and yet not quite, remotely possessed the Ignika and gave his freshly made life to activate it. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Harvali
  10. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Elemental Temple of Light With - Mahrika, Bellicus Kastus, One, Two, Sala Sorilax withdrew from the Ignika, taking Two back within his spine. What he had sensed while within the mask gave him the spark to realize what it was that he needed. He would need Time, Life, and Creation themselves. And then he would have to give up himself to make them one. He turned to the Life Creation Viltia, “I need your mask!” She quickly handed it over, ready to do whatever it took to help. Sala looked towards Sorilax once more, stepping close as he spoke with certainty in his voice. "Sorilax, what else do you need of me? I'm prepared to do anything and everything you wish of me." Sorilax turned to him. His fellow chronicler. His favorite traveling companion. His friend. “I need Avagah, quickly. And thank you for taking care of it all this time.” In the background, One watched Kas closely. Even one of the Life Creation Wings came over to investigate what was going on. Mahrika hesitated. She wasn’t sure what to do. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali @Sparticus147 I know Harvali gave me permission to puppet Mahrika, but I'm not sure what she might do in this situation.
  11. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui, piloting Akamai With - Sidra Cravious chuckled, “I’m the foremost weapons, vehicles, and Aspect bodies smith for this island. If I break it, you can rest assured that I can fix it... eventually.” The Seismic Pickaxe flew to him under his power over Iron and he started it up, chopping apart the ice on his mech’s legs with ease. He also called his large protosteel table over to himself and it morphed into a pair of hooks which he used as leverage to pull the bident from his midsection with a rending of metal and oil that caused even him to wince. Okay, that one hurt. He returned the bident to the Suva Kaita and stood after his torso healed fully, brushing off the dust that had settled on his deep maroon form. “I guess I’ll lock Akamai back up in his bunker, then.” Cravious pointed a finger gun to Sidra, “If he starts rampaging again, try to just cut off his limbs. But do what you must.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  12. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui, piloting Akamai With - Sidra “HUH.” Cravious scratched at frills that weren’t there on the giant mech. None of his actions were outside the norm for him. He had emerged from the bunker, studied how his mech was made, made a weapon, and then killed a big bug, so it had to be Rite-born. “I suppose there could be Zivons here in their dimension that they hide in. I know there are at least two roaming about the island right now, probably more. Yumiwak was going crazy in Irnakk’s Tooth earlier. She probably killed off her whole crew to get all the Rite-born she did.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  13. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui, piloting Akamai With - Sidra Cravious chuckled through the mech. It was nice to see some Skakdi hospitality. It made him a little homesick for the Rig, actually. He missed having to jealousy guard his life with every turn he took through its streets. The brawls that had broken out on its streets had been glorious. The mech raised its right hand non-threateningly and playfully made a waving motion at the tip of the blade, “While I appreciate a fight as much as the next Skakdi, I have things to do.” He paused as he thought about her words, voice growing more serious, “But you seem familiar with your mech, any idea why mine went crazy when I exited it? I just got it and there doesn’t seem to be a manual that came with it. Though that’s not surprising. I think there used to be only one and a half manuals at the Rig and one of those was in the tongue of the Aspects. I guess it makes sense that the rest of Zakaz wouldn’t be any better.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  14. IC: Cravious NUVA - Skakdi NUVA of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Kini-Nui, piloting Akamai With - Sidra Cravious sneered, “That’s right, you better calm down, you dumb mech. You don’t go rampaging unless I say so.” Cravious forgot he was tied to the mech intrinsically, meaning he was now speaking this for all the valley to hear. “You do this again and I will dismantle you myself!” Okay, the pain of the mech was really starting to get annoying. Cravious let the pain simmer for a little longer just to teach Akamai a lesson and then input his three powers. Iron, Quick Healing, Mind Reading. For the latter, everyone in the valley, were they mentally shielded more than was natural and normal, would notice a powerful presence taking stock of their intentions and location. It wasn’t full on mind reading, but rather the passive effects that came with it, such as reading attacks, ambushes, or just where a being was. They were the things that were much harder to hide than thoughts. The maroon mech stilled and ceased its flailing and bewailing. Where it leaked fluids, the flow lessened and then ceased. Its left hand reached up and tore what remained of the Freeze spear from its right shoulder, caring little for the further damage that was caused. But it didn’t seem to matter as all the damage quickly healed. Ceramics, protosteel, and glass weaved themselves back into place. “Stupid Akamai. How am I going to pay for all these repairs?” The mech held out its right hand and the giant Seismic Pickaxe Cravious had made earlier was pulled to it, dislodging the earth from where it had settled. It was time to break out of this ice and lock this rebel up so he could get to Whira. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy and @Everyone else at Kini-Nui
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