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Life is like a box of Grenades


How I met your father

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes Oct 14 2012 · 280 views

Posted Image

Now that's what I'd call bad first impressions.


Progress Update (with pictures)

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Oct 14 2012 · 262 views

So, since last weekend I've been working on another one of CrunchBiteNuva's paper masks, the higher Quality Kakama. It's not completely finished being built (All that's left is the inner lining on the side slits and some more detail on the mouth), but it's extremely close. I'm surprised that I got it this far in around 4 days. During the coming week while I'm at my parent's house, My grandpa will (Hopefully) have time to finish paper mache-ing the Pakari, and maybe start of the Kualsi.

Here's some recent pictures of the kakama:

On my face

(Please comment to rid me of boredom)


I finished building another Paper Mask

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Oct 13 2012 · 249 views

And what it looks like on my face.

Again, thank CrunchBiteNuva for making these and making them available. Go check out his topic.

Now comment.


The best part of being a noob...

Posted by BULiK , Oct 12 2012 · 195 views

...Is during the amount of time that you don't realize you're a noob. That's horrible for me because I've known I'm a noob for the past 10 months or so >.<


I just did something hilariously stupid

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes, Uncategorized Oct 11 2012 · 380 views

I was in the RPG forum posting as usual, when Ieaned forward and poked my lips around through the air, trying to sip from my straw without having to divert my vision from the post I was typing. This was like a natural instinct, actually. I couldn't get the straw, so I instead maneuvered my head around to drink directly from my cup. And lo and behold, i was kissing my newly bought Kohrak canister! I looked around for my cup, only to realize that I didn't have one. Then I repeatedly headdesked.

I can't believe I'm this stupid!


OH YEAH! (I bought some stuff)

Posted by BULiK , Oct 11 2012 · 169 views

There is this annual giant garage sale at my dad's church, and since my dad is the associate pastor there, my family gets to look through and buy stuff a day early (sometimes). Last year I got 2 lazer tag guns that are usually priced (retail) about $50 for $2, just to give an example of the outrageously low prices. This year was ripe for the picking. I found a Kohrak with box and instructions (and apparently sme kid crammed in a few extra pieces in there), I also got some old 1990's computer games that I thought could work on the slow old computer Iuse at my parent's house; Red Baron 3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator. I forgot that my computer's disk drive doesn't work, so I'll just add those to the pile of computer games I've bought in the past half-year thatI can't use at all :( . I was going to get an empty weed killer spray pump thingie to try to build a PVC pipe pneumatic cannon, but my mom didn't approve. In all, the stuff I bought cost $5. My lil' brother got an little RC car for $2, and my little sister got an airsoft pistol and a bunch of ammo for $2. I'm Feeling like a boss right now


(Pweez comment)


I figured out why I've been feeling so horrible lately...

Posted by BULiK , Oct 10 2012 · 151 views

So, I've figured out why I've been feeling so horrible.lately. Apparently I forgot t take my anti-depression pills last night, so I'm just having one of those times when you just feel spontaniously depressed. Usually video games cure the problem,but unfortunately I can't play any of my 70+ games I have on steam on the old, slow computer I use at my parent's house. To make things worse, Math class starts in 50 minutes >.<


Ask me stuff Cause I'm bored.

Posted by BULiK , Oct 09 2012 · 146 views

And try to make the questons less random and more... interesting.


My seven-day weekend is over

Posted by BULiK , Oct 09 2012 · 115 views


Well, at least it was fun while it lasted. I played some more runescape and convinced my grandfather to let me download Hammerfight on his computer. We will finish Season 4 of Eureka just before I leave at 1 O'clock this afternoon. I've made a lot of progress on my life size Higher quality kakama, and hopefully my grandfather will finish doing the paper mache on the pakari while I'm gone. And, on a less fun note, I've been waking up at 4 in the morning spontaneously every. single. day. And another sad thing happened when my mom and all my siblings came for 2 days, which was so annoying. I haven't made much progress on my Viper Mk II.

Now comment, people!


I'm co-hosting an RPG

Posted by BULiK , Oct 07 2012 · 125 views


This is awesome. Thank you Lord of Adders Black, for this opportunity.

Life is like a box of Grenades.

Posted Image

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