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Life is like a box of Grenades


I got a lego minigure set....

Posted by BULiK , Aug 07 2012 · 216 views

It felt like the space marine. I wanted the space marine, only the space marine. I open it and Bam! :censored: little bunny dude.



The Best feeling in the world.

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes Aug 06 2012 · 260 views

Some may compare it to opening the gifts on christmas morning. Others say it is like the first day of summer break, but still, it has been compared to bringing home a box of donuts, watching Nuju Epically smite in the BZPRPG (As long as our characters aren't within a mile radius of the smiting location), and even Mental_Floss's "10th" issue, this phenomenal event only happens rarely when the planets align, Because....


Posted Image


Life Size Bionicle Masks

Posted by BULiK , in Progress Updates Aug 06 2012 · 1,464 views

Recently I've been putting together life sized bionicle masks out of papaer (Thanks to Crunchbitnuva for making the designs themselves, see his paper mask topic for details), and I've finished glueing a few, and here are some pictures. Not all folders have pictures in them yet, but for now I've made 3 bionicle masks so far; the Pakari, the Kaukau, and a low quality kakama. The noble huna should be done by the end of the day, and the Kualsi is making progress.


I've discovered the meaning of life!

Posted by BULiK , Aug 06 2012 · 92 views

It was about a week or so ago, at a Wendy's (chain fast food restaurant), I was with my grandparent's and my sister. About halfway through our meal, a 95 year old man walks in, followed by what I assume is his grandson, who is now an adult. before they ordered, they stood nearby the door, discussing what they would get. The Old Guy says, "I'm gettin' a hot dog" with an EXTREMELY Southern Accent. His son tells him they don't have hot dogs here, but the old guy yells out again that he wants a hot dog! The young guy says "whatever" and they go up to order. The Old guy yells "I Want a hot dog!!" to the woman at the register. she tells him they don't have hot dogs there. He yells for a hot dog again. She says, "how about you try a hamburger?" While the old guy ponders that the karz a Hamburger is and if he should get it, the young guy orders. Then the old guy says "I want a HAMBURGER!" to the woman at the register. She asked what drinks they want. the old guys says "I want SWEET TEA!" in the same intensely southern accent. the young guy explains to him that he can't have sweet tea due to diabetes, so he said for the old guy to get some coffee. "I'd like some coffee!". Everybody in the room was silently laughing at his exclamations. So then, when the food is ready, the old guy exclaims "I GOT A HAMBURGER!" and he lifts it as high as his arms can reach.

I didn't find the meetinhg of life, but I got A HAMBURGER to witness this scene. But for all I know, I could be on Off their rockers! Next year

O, and I got meh blog back, thank B6 for that.



Posted by BULiK , Dec 29 2011 · 120 views

I didnt buy premier membership (yet) but it still displays the add entry button


My Christmas Loot- Er, Gifts.

Posted by BULiK , Dec 25 2011 · 87 views

i mighty as well state off what I got, (vaguely)

other than some money,

4 lego minifigures, series five, (2 were my brother's but he lets me keep them)

Star wars the original trilogy for blu-ray (i might return it for the prequels instead)

a steampunk-ish book.

other stuff.

a cup.

new headphones.

and others yet to be opened.
I'm so excited.
oh, my grandparents are here now, bye!


My Amazing Animations Skillz Present Unto You.....

Posted by BULiK , in Attempts at Jokes Dec 16 2011 · 176 views


Posted Image



Posted by BULiK , Dec 16 2011 · 104 views
is it just me, or does every time i get inot or near a fight in the BZPRPG that I have to go to some party or vacation?
theres trouble brewing in po-wahi, and I'll give you a hint, im not in the eye of the storm



From: Bzprpg News And Discussion

Posted by BULiK , Dec 13 2011 · 210 views


probably "nanorobot tune" from Machinarium, the game, when he tries to look cool,
"visitors from dreams" by DMA-SC or "robots FTW" from Portal 2 Soundtrack for excited/ happy/energetic.
"mr. handagoat" from machinarium soundtrack for casual
"buster", "pink chocolate", and "tetrobot"from Blocks that Matter soundtrack or "gameboy tune" from Machinarium Soundtrack for curious
"Black cap brotherhood theme" from Machinarium Soundtrack for drunk
"the glasshouse with butterfly" from Machinarium Soundtrack or "the earth at night" from Osmosis Soundtrack for asleep.
"star" from blocks that matter soundtrack for creative
probably "divine combat" and "sacrifial" from the binding of isaac soundtrack for fighting/angry

EDIT: "pain fade away" from darwinia soundtrack for so cheerful im in my own happy place not paying attention to you mood.

Source: Bzprpg News And Discussion

becAAuse nuju metru said not to post in the topic, im blogging it.

discuss the songs and if you dont know them listen 2 them


I'm Looking For The Mnolg Style Charcter Creation Kit Made By Matoran Onku

Posted by BULiK , Dec 13 2011 · 88 views

but the topic in the archive doesnt have working pictures.
help, anyone?

Life is like a box of Grenades.

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