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2013 Here I come!

Posted by Unikitty Tekulo , Dec 31 2012 · 81 views

Okay, so I've been having a really good feeling about the next year lately and I had no idea why.
Then I realized it was 2013.  13 has been my favorite number for quite some time.
Friday the 13th has always been my favorite day ever.  Every time that magical date appears, I always, without fail, have a good day.  Nothing spectacular happens, but I guess it just brightens up my outlook on things.  ^^ 
Anyway, here's to a new year filled with wonderment and other fancy words!
Heck, you're even allowed on my lawn to celebrate!  But don't break anything.  >.>
~Tekulo <3

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Nuile the Paracosmic Tulpa
Dec 31 2012 06:11 PM

My only regret is that the ONE New Year resolution I made this year wasn't accomplished. Besides that, I'm looking forward to the new year, too.


Friday the 13th brightens your outlook. Truly, that makes perfect sense. That's an admirable way of looking at the day, and I can easily see the logic behind it. I often feel the same about such things; for example, 12/21/12. XD Philosophically speaking, that was a fun day.


Wait--we're--we're allowed on your lawn? . . . *grins malefically toward a can of gasoline*


Sincerely, Nuile: Lunatic Wordsmith :smilemirunu:

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My Characters are Silly (Taka Nuvia Rocks)

TP: Let's see here... giant sword, no... Partical canon, no... Bazooka, no... ship anchor, no...

TT: Ship anchor? O.e

TP: Yeah, I like shipping! -ba dum tsst-

Narrator: And so TP and Jalina enter the Wizard's tent. There they find all sorts of mystical items.

TP: Hmm... Eye of newt, bat wings, I don't even know what this is -holds up glowing green jar labeled "Necklace remover"- eh, it's probably worthless, -tosses on ground and breaks jar. The contents ooze into the ground-

Jalina: uh wait - oh okay... what about this? *holds up something that looks like a giant can opener* it looks dangerous D=

TP: Oooh, let's try it! 8D

Narrator: -watches intently-

TP: ... Aren't you going to tell us how it turns out?

Narrator: Nah, i wanna see you guys epically fail on your own. =3

Jalina: *keeps on searching* Ooooh, cool! *lifts a box makred "cursed armour - don't wear"* *opens box* Ooooh it's dark! And there are skulls on it! 8D

TP: Ooh, put it on! I bet you'd look sweet in it! 8D

Narrator: -watching intently-

TP: You hush! D=

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