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Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost


Nearing Graduation

Posted by -ToaD- , Mar 01 2019 · 100 views

I dig year long school programs, at the very least I'll be able take welding tests for stick and GMAW at possible job opportunities.

I've also set myself on fire twice by accident and flashed myself 3 times lol

Pretty fun stuff overall looking forward to TIG in the next couple of weeks.



Posted by -ToaD- , Oct 06 2018 · 126 views

Been welding since about May now, pretty fun stuff, I know my way around a stick machine and even have my own home machine.

Still got a lot to learn regardless but my classes are great.

I even pimped out my helmet.

Got advanced stick classes in a couple weeks and MIG as well, Tig most likely next year.


Stress and misery

Posted by -ToaD- , Oct 07 2017 · 390 views

When stuff really starts getting to you and you can't even fall asleep until nearly 4 am, I'm such a mess lately and anything I try to do about it makes me worry more about it all


Working in food

Posted by -ToaD- , Aug 21 2017 · 313 views

People who come into restaurants in big groups literally minutes before closing are some of the most irritating type of people, along with big rushes of people all ordering the same things and then complaining about a long wait when they caused it by not noticing the massive crowd of people already waiting for their stuff.

But hey on the bright side the kitchen staff is always great fun to be around considering pretty much anything goes conversation wise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Posted by -ToaD- , Aug 07 2017 · 356 views

Was fun once again this year shame that Sumiki and Zatth weren't there but I got to bring one of my best pals who had a great time.

Plus I also got to make the Demoman to the best of my abilities, still got some stuff to alter a bit once I find the time.

Luroka is still a massive nerd


Minecraft server

Posted by -ToaD- , Jun 30 2017 · 354 views

So I finally got around to updating it to 1.12, should all be working but in a worst case scenario I've got a backup saved to my desktop.

IP is still

Any issues people have please PM me.



Posted by -ToaD- , May 18 2017 · 321 views

Was bored at work so I drew the Mask of the Father.

Was pretty much from memory and got it drawn pretty fast.



Posted by -ToaD- , Apr 15 2017 · 298 views

Posted Image

lol inactivity


Confession time

Posted by -ToaD- , Mar 22 2017 · 302 views
I regret nothing

So in the year 2006 when we had been living in our new house for a few months now, one neighborhood kid I knew had a lemonade stand one day so that he could buy some new toy he wanted. Well at the time the new Inika sets had just been launched and my love for Bionicle still roared strong and I wanted to buy Jaller.

So the only logical thing my mind could come up with, lets sell toys I don't need or want and use the money to buy it. Well it worked amazingly but my only customer was the younger kid (probably about 6 or 7 years old) who had the lemonade stand. In short I basically took all the hard earned money he made that day in a fraction of the time it took for him just so I could go to the store and buy Inika Jaller. I was 10-11ish at the time but I could see the disappointment in his parents eyes and my own......

I still got the Bionicle set though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not a Stolen idea from Voltex

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