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JMJ is awful at playing Portal 2...

Posted by Jedi Master J. , in Random Aug 21 2012 · 160 views

XD Hey, folks. I am just popping to give all an update. lol Not that its needed really since nothing has gone on for past couple of days since my last entry.

Well, actually that's not entirely true. I mean I did just finished playing a bit of Portal 2 Co-Op with Mister Blade. And man, I am horrible Co-Op partner since I was really nothing more than burden for him since I forgot the controls of how to play it on the PS3, so I ended up making a lot of mistakes and wasn't very helpful with helping solve the puzzle, especially that last puzzle. :blush:

I am sorry about that, dude. Oh, and I also forgot that my sister and I did play a little of Co-Op, so we didn't actually start at the beginning of the Co-Op mode, so we were in the hub already. I am sorry, Blade. I would understand if you didn't want to continue the Co-Op mode with me.


In other non-Portal related news, I will be posting later on in the week a test LEGO set review, which I am doing mostly to test my camera as I would like get better at taking photos with it.

There is going to be a video with the written review, but you should just treat that as a bonus thing as it is nowhere near as professional as written review will be. For example, I mispronounced word yellow in that video (And it was not because I was trying to be fun or anything. I just have poor speech skills. Its particularly why I stink at pronouncing Bionicle words.). So yeah, you should probably take that video when you see it as a grain of salt to actual review.

In addition to the video bonus in that review, I am also going to be showing you guys an Inventor model of the set since I ended up getting motive today to recreate it in that 3D modeling program. And well, if I can rig it right, I might show an animation of it disassembling. You guys will just have to wait and see it for yourself. Be aware though, this test review is for a small set, so it probably not going to be that impressive looking.

Oh, and speaking of Inventor LEGO Projects, remember that LEGO House project I started awhile back. Well, apparently there going to be too many parts involved with that for my computer to handle assembling them. So yeah, now I got another reason to try an upgrade this computer at some point. XD

In other video game news, I am now seriously tempted to put Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on hold to play the World Ends With You. lol Not that is surprising considering Mister Kohaku has gotten me addicted to listen to the game's music due to his link to teaser site for possible sequel for that game. :P Hm...I don't know if I am going to do that though as I really would like to try and finish KH 3D before school starts. *shrugs*

Alright, I think I have ramble enough here for today. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a good day. And good night, BZPers.

- JMJ 2012

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Hey; it's no problem. =) I myself had no clue how to solve that puzzle; and the hub thing worked out perfectly, since it took us right to the test I wanted to redo; since i had been doing some co-op with Xaeraz, until that session ended, due to my having to eat dinner. So it's no big deal; if it wasn't for the fact that I needed to get off the desktop, due to it getting late(And my laptop just can't run Portal 2. I've accepted that. =P), then I probably would've stayed on for a while more. I know the feeling of having to relearn controls on the fly, so it's fine; I can't count how many times I've picked up a game, and spent a good 10-20 minutes going 'okay... This is fire... This is... dash...' or so, depending on the game. =P

So yeah, it's perfectly alright; the comment about the hub was simply me being curious, that's all. =) Again, it worked out perfectly, since I had played a bit earlier today. That last puzzle was just bad, in general. Though, you were actually the reason I was able to solve it; if you hadn't used the portals to send the laser up above the roof, I never would've made the connection that we needed to portal it into the building, and we'd likely still be scratching our heads over it. xD

So yeah, no worries, and we'll work on co-op more tomorrow; given that we managed to complete that challenge of 'don't lose the cube', I'd say it was a job well done. I missed that thing like 10 times when I went through the chamber with Xaeraz. ^_^;
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This Is Spinal Thirst
Aug 21 2012 10:27 PM
How far did y'all get, anywho? I need to now for when I take Blade over again =P
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Just to the end of the course we were in the middle of when I left earlier(We ended on Chamber 7, it was Chamber 8 that we finished, and headed back to the hub). xD Might've gotten one or two into Course 3, but I didn't think of the obvious for that last 'chamber', and we were on that for about half an hour. ^_^; (That laser puzzle was the worst part, since I saw what needed to be done, but didn't clue in, until I had scoured the rest of the place. And then in IRL I said 'OH OF COURSE!', and rushed back to put my plan into action. =)

So, pretty much the next course that we would've been on, if I hadn't gone to eat at the end of Chamber 7. =/ Sorry about that again, Xaeraz; in retrospect, I should've stepped into the capsule first, before heading to eat. =P
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The World Ends With You is worth it. Stop blogging and go play it. :P

(Actually don't stop blogging)

(I like my job)
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This Is Spinal Thirst
Aug 21 2012 10:40 PM
Yeah, well, I had to bounce anyway =P
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Jedi Master J.
Aug 21 2012 10:59 PM
@Mister Blade: I see. Well, thanks for being understanding about it. I was worried that I might of been annoying you is all. But yeah, I guess I helped you kind of with the last puzzle by messing with my portals there, which I thought most be used somehow in this puzzle. XD

I just didn't realized the intent was for laser to go through the glass. My logical was to try to use the laser somehow to blow up the fan. lol

@Xaeraz: *shrugs* I don't even know what course we entered since my father was distracting me at the time. I think it was second course of chambers.

@Blade: lol Well, here's your answer, Xaeraz. Thanks for answering that for me, Blade.

@Kohaku: I would if it weren't for fact that it is almost midnight here, so it is not exactly ideal time to play a DS game, especially when you have work the next day at 8 AM.

-JMJ 2012
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@Kohaku: I would if it weren't for fact that it is almost midnight here, so it is not exactly ideal time to play a DS game, especially when you have work the next day at 8 AM.

That has never stopped me. :P
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three years of black text
Aug 22 2012 04:29 AM
Honestly, if you don't play DS games at nearly midnight when do you play them?

- Vorex
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Jedi Master J.
Aug 22 2012 06:54 AM
@Kohaku: Well, my point is I don't want to just pick up and play this game for just a half an hour's time, which is about as long as I would of been able to play last night.

And well, personally I liked to invest a lot of time into playing a DS game, so I can't say playing for a half an hour appeals to me. Plus, it is hard enough getting out of bed as it is when I go to bed around midnight, so I rather not make it more difficult by sleeping even less due to me playing this game past midnight. *shrugs*

@Vorex: I usually play them about an hour after I get off work, so around 7 PM. And well, I played them for as long as I wanted to, so sometimes it is till midnight.

-JMJ 2012
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Nah; it's fine. =) The only reason I left was because it was quarter to 10 at the time, and I technically should've been off at 9. xD

I hadn't realized it either, until I recalled the whole 'lasers go through portals, too.' deal; it should've slapped me in the face sooner, because of going through glass twice, though. xD
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Your anwser pleases Mister Kohaku. He will allow you to not play at midnight.


In all seriousness, I totally understand. Especially for a game like TWEWY that can suck away so much free time.
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