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The Lost Light Insider


How To Peacefully Spend Your Retirement As A Window Prop, by Cyclonus of Upper Tetrahex

Posted by Alphys , in toys and games Apr 14 2016 · 216 views

How To Peacefully Spend Your Retirement As A Window Prop, by Cyclonus of Upper Tetrahex found my old friend cyclonus the other day, who i can add to the very short list of "transformers that have survived my turbulent and unstable childhood". i am by and large pleased, except for the missing arm, which i can only assume has simply been lost to the years from how often weve moved


im gay

Posted by Alphys , in bzpower Apr 12 2016 · 239 views

just keeping u all in the loop.

i have a temporary name change to celebrate getting caught up on this comic. im going back to alphys in may


at lyichirs request

Posted by Alphys , in mocing Mar 23 2016 · 250 views

at lyichirs request it would definitely benefit from more neon green, but not by just giving it straight shells ... at least not these ones b/c theyre too short

i have an idea for smth i want to do but idk if itd look good u_u

also i changed her arms a little to make her armour look more attached and cohesive and also lowered her shoulder armour half a unit


master of electricity

Posted by Alphys , in mocing Mar 22 2016 · 215 views

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

[x] [x] [x]

an ancient and powerful warrior, mysteriously displaced through time and space many millennia ago. many consider her a myth, to the point of her strangely becoming a constant among cultures across timelines, with each depiction in stories varying wildly between them with only a few key similarities. this has made it difficult, if not impossible, for those who study this type of subject to trace where she originally came from, or where she may show up again.

the only solid information that seems to be consistent among depictions are her general mask shape, her distinctive purple hue, and her electrical powers.


i look away for five minutes

Posted by Alphys , in bzpower Mar 21 2016 · 193 views

i look away for five minutes and you all make banter without me


jungle villager

Posted by Alphys , in mocing Mar 14 2016 · 163 views

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

[x] [x] [x]

a jungle villager with an intense fear of heights. however, she loves to swim and uses her armours wings as fins for that instead.


hello lads

Posted by Alphys , Mar 05 2016 · 300 views

whats the hip banter on the streets these days



Posted by Alphys , in mocing Feb 09 2016 · 333 views

me, coming up with a self-moc: how can i properly express my identity problems and other mental illnesses and the fact that i tie all my self-worth to my hands and what im able to do with them
brain: give her claws and a messed up bird monster face

Posted ImagePosted Image
[x] [x]

shes a very anxious and paranoid character with a slew of mental issues that stem from decades of abuse and neglect. shes mostly hides in her cave and only comes out at night to eat food set out by villagers for her. she does not like bright lights or loud and/or sudden noises or confrontations. she does like when the villagers who do happen to see her at night are kind and gentle with her and understand her various ailments that make her act the way she does.

thats all i have. bye



Posted by Alphys , in mocing Feb 02 2016 · 211 views

bug cool


head concept 2.0

Posted by Alphys , in mocing Jan 30 2016 · 175 views

head concept 2.0 this is the only good thing ive made in ages and its only a head

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