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this is your captain speaking



its my birthday and i still very much hate myself, as i have for the past ten years



just keeping u all in the loop

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Oh, hey, that sounds like me.




Happy birthday, you're worth loads more than you realize, and I really hope you can, at some point, see yourself to be as beautiful as you truly are.


Or, you know, normal words. Sorry, I'm really not that good at cheering people up.

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omg u are ... too nice ... u dont have to go out of ur way to cheer me up tho. if anything if u want u can commiserate. we can sit on the metaphorical couch together in this metaphorical living room and just sit and be like wow, we hate ourselves, where did everything go so wrong


everyone else who is feelin a lil self-hatey can also join. its a big couch.

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