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Imperial Anecdotes


Kirby the Vacuum is my hero

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Nov 14 2012 · 212 views

I found The Brave Little Toaster on a video site last night and just finished watching it. Oh my gosh, so many memories, so many ups and downs, so many emotions. And that one scene where all the other appliances fall down the waterfall and Kirby is so sad and just slinks away from view...

and... and...

everything is so sad... :( :( :(


Oh my god I was crying so hard and smiling so sad!! And then he saves everybody! "Climb on you cool dude[sic]."

It had been long enough that I remembered a few parts but not many huge chunks or the ending, so it was just like watching it anew all over again. And now that I've seen it again I think I have to say: It's one of my favourite movies ever. And speaking from a more educational standpoint, that movie has many lessons about teamwork and leadership in it, which makes it all the more awesome. Heck, I might even make a presentation about it.

Oh my word, I'm so happy right now! Kirby FTW!


Shirt Contest: A Plea

Posted by Jenny Quantum , May 26 2012 · 255 views

Posted Image


Okay guys, here's the deal: The deadline is 6 days overdue, and we only had TWO entries for the contest. Previous years we had upwards of 20. Honestly, this is pathetic. That is not a contest, that is a sham.

I have not closed the entry and will accept entries here until Tuesday the 29th, so if you had an idea at the back of your head for a shirt design, enter it. If you said you were going to enter and did not, enter it. Do it. Now. If not, chances are this will be cancelled this year and few people really want that to happen, at least publicly.

And if you don't enter like you said you would, I will buy MLP merchandise and kick it into a wood chipper. >:(



Posted by Jenny Quantum , May 14 2012 · 82 views

The King’s Keep was the last remaining bastion of the tyrannical regime which ruled the land from the Galloping Sea in the west to the Sawtooth Peaks in the east, the sole defiant finger which positioned itself to be most offensive to all who dared rebel against the vain royal who still demanded fealty. It was a simple castle, a tower three hundred feet tall with little more than a curtain wall for protection. It once jutted out over the green landscape with the grandeur of marble, glimmering in the sun like a jewel, but after the war, the smoke and tar had worn on the alabaster skin, turning it black and yellow with age and despair.

Despite the seemingly temping solution of knocking the thin finger down with a hammer, as it looked frail from afar, hiding its remarkably strong face under a facade of fragile balconies and fluttering tapestries, the sole method of toppling the imperial redoubt was far more complex. Beneath the simple protection the tower had was a vast network of caverns, and it was within these catacombs that the rebels had decided to place explosives. The end would be the same: The tower would be toppled, but in this case they would simply be robbing it of its support. “Fitting, aye?” the rebel captain asked his attaché.

“Indeed, sir,” he replied. The situation was suiting. Just as the rebels had stolen the support from the crown, they were about to rob the king’s last castle of its foundation.

The rebels toiled through the night, assembling in droves as they tunneled through the earth to a subterranean tube the had discerned the location of. After finding it, they wheeled in the carts of dynamite and gunpowder and followed the tube towards the area of the castle’s foundation.

There were few resistants. A few guards were stationed below as a precaution, though the vanguard had disabled them and cleared the way. The rebels worked through the night and into the day, and it was not until late the next night that they reached their goal: The basement chambers under the tower. They laid their stuffs there and left a few of their number behind as the suicidal guards of the load in case it was discovered. They then left and emerged from their entrance.

The men left behind lit the fuses and let it go, not bothering to flee; they knew what the fireworks would look like. For the majority who left, though, the sight was heavenly. In a fantastic blow, the entire bottom fourth of the tower disintegrated, sending the rest of the bastion to crumble down in a massive heap. The earth shuddered, but the people rejoiced as the last bricks shattered. The king’s tower had been destroyed, and with it, his influence. They were free at last.



Posted by Jenny Quantum , May 12 2012 · 88 views

“By jove, I’ve found it!” the archeologist exclaimed as he stepped into the tomb he had searched for all his life. He was an old man now, wrinkled face worn from years in the sandy wastes searching for something in what many called a fool’s errand. But now, as he entered the thing he had sought out for almost his entire time on earth, there was no pride, no “I-told-you-so” emotions, no enmity towards his ridiculers, instead he was overcome with the simplest sort of joy that rendered him speechless. His happiness was unrestrained and contagious.

He said nothing save for his eureka exclamation from the moment he went in to the moment he came out, and when he did, he was bet by a barrage of equally astounded students and assistants. He was happy as was his companions, content that they had all shrugged off the curse the ridiculers cast on their dear leader and his mission. So overcome with pleasure of their mind-boggling discovery they were that they seemed lost in the moment.


Two weeks later, after further investigation and excavation of the tomb, he was hosting a press conference in a circus tent erected near the dig site. With him were his friends and colleagues, but most importantly there was a mural, an elaborate fresco painted eons past. It was exhibited behind them for all the reporters and critics to view in full glory. The archeologist stood at the podium, euphoric and content that his life’s mission was not for naught. He gave his lecture and answered the questions fielded, but the joy in the moment was lost when one of the reporters, on behalf of one of the old man’s enemies, a lord named Ethelred, gave a fatal question that caused the old man to look behind the mural.

All eyes were on him as he stepped from the podium and disappeared behind stone mural. The next thing everybody knew, he thudded to the ground, dead from fright. They all scattered while the reporters gathered around his body, taking pictures of the old man, dead with one hand clutching his heart and the other pointing at the inscription on the back of the mural.

It said one word that was signed, written in paint that dried in time, obviously placed there previously.


The old man who lived for naught died for not. My friends, remember this cautionary tale, and above all, remember that words do kill.


[ Entry For Entries ] 2012 Bzpower Member's T-Shirt Contest

Posted by Jenny Quantum , May 09 2012 · 478 views

Posted Image


Please see this entry if you're not sure what this is about!

"Okay, so what now?"

Not to worry! I have this all planned out! ... I think.

Here we are. The contest. Okay. So.

"What do we do now?"

Now you submit your entries for the BZPower Member's T-Shirt. In this entry, you can submit designs, patterns, or ideas you feel can/should be implemented. You should also have a short paragraph explaining why your design is the bomb and what is in it. Here, like this.

_____________________ ****

Name: Put your username here.
Posted Image
Description: Tell me what is special about your design and why it should be chosen.

_____________________ ****

"What medium can the designs be in?"

Anything you have! Scanned drawing or sketch, Photoshop manipulation, MSPaint collage, anything! We just wanna see what you got; we don't care how it looks or how it was made.

"I can't do art worth a flying carp. What can I do?"

Ask around. Ask friends online or off and see if you can find someone who can make your design for you, then submit it.

Or you could just try your best! : D

"When is the contest over?"

The 20th of May. You have some time to work on it, but remember, you still gotta work! ;D

So get started!

List of Entrants:

Entries: #

Please post only entries here. Comments, questions, criticisms and other communiques should go in the Home entry linked below the image at the top of the entry. Thanks!


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And may the odds be ever in your favor.



Posted by Jenny Quantum , May 04 2012 · 101 views
Not, Game, of, Thrones
It was a nice spring day in the park. The flowers were beginning their annual bloom, making the field burst with colorful swaths of bloom. Clusters of red and yellows clashed against each other in a peaceful battle amid the greens, their pitched fights interrupted only by the hovering of a hummingbird or the buzz of a bee. Birds chirped noisily in the trees, some plucking crumbs tossed by pedestrians. The setting was peaceful, and the lord seated on a bench enjoyed this scene, absorbing the environment with glee.

He fumbled for his pocketwatch and glanced at the time before promptly putting it away. His company was almost late. Still at peace with his surroundings, however, he scarcely dropped a beat in anxiety, not even hitting his cane in worry of his potentially belated friend. He looked at the passerby, some well dressed businessmen enjoying a bit of free time from their work and a smattering of youthful joggers bouncing down the trails, but none of them matching the descriptions of his ally. He payed closer attention to the businessmen, however, and his heart skipped a beat as they lingered in front of him.

Suddenly, one of the suited men wheeled around and produced a pistol and nonchalantly fired the weapon at the seated lord. The elder man fell back with the bench, which as it happened was not bolted to the ground. The powerful cartridge pounded him with such force that the entire bench dumped him on his back. But there was no blood, no sign of wound; the lord flopped on his back, groaning, an then got up, to the shock of the would-be assassins.

He stood there for a second to give the men a hateful glare before whipping a Skorpion from under his coat and spraying the men with bullets. The two men quickly fell, not protected like their target. But as the lord vanquished the men, he could understand why his friend had not arrived.

Seizing the opportunity, he bolted, and after him the dirt flared and trees splintered. The park tourists fled or ducked away from the violence that brewed. The lord came across another killer and flung his cane at him, and as the shaft of the cudgel met the man’s chest, the pointy end of the sword that was suddenly exposed pierced his jugular, emptying his fortitude with haste.

The lord dropped another killer who hid too casually behind a tree before the telltale click of an empty magazine sounded and he had to duck himself behind a cement barrier to reload. He looked out before him and admired the contrast between the massacre and the beauty of the park, but he knew violence was the only answer now. With his friend dead, there would be no respite in the war brewing in the lord’s home country. There would be no peace.

He primed the chamber of the weapon and emerged from his hiding place, ready to bring his wrath down on the insurgents.


2012 Bzpower Member's T-Shirt Project

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 24 2012 · 699 views
T-shirts, contest, project and 3 more...

Posted Image


Phew, finally kicking this project into gear!

First things first: "What are you guys doing?"

You look in those pics of BrickFair or BrickFest and see those staffers in them snazzy BZPower staff shirts? Then you see the members wearing their rainbow of a wardrobe, looking all... yanno... normal? (Seriously, guys-- you're Lego fans from BZPower. You're not allowed to look normal.) And then you want to, if you ever go to one of these conventions, have some sort of uniformity to make y'all look all sharp and awesome? The aptly-named BZPower T-shirt Project is intended to address this and more!

Imagine walking down the halls of the Tyson's Corner hotels in your lovely BZPower member's t-shirt, getting admiring oohs and ahhs from passerby as they dig your sexy and snazzy member's shirt, catching whiff of your lovely perfume or cologne (perfume and cologne sold separately). You can walk with pride and without a care in the world in your custom-made BZPower member's t-shirt.

"Sounds epic. What do the shirts look like?"

See, that's the thing. We don't know. We don't even have a design or even know what colour the shirts will be. Why? Because you guys get to design the shirts. Yes, not only will you get to wear the shirts, you will also take pride in a sense of artistic ownership of the designs on the garment.

Imagine you walking down the hallway of the hotel again. "Oh, nice shirts!" a cute girl says in that carefree Southern accent. "Where'd ya get them?"
"I [helped]* make them," you respond.
"Oh, rad!" she says. She may even ask for your number.

* added because we trust you will have some degree of decency and humility and not take all the credit.

"So, how does this work?"

We'll have a few days of spreading the word around, and I encourage you to link to this entry from your signature and blog, if you have one. After this PR period, I will start a contest here in this blog, also posting rules and stuff when we decide on them.

Once the contest finishes, we will look at the entries and decide on the one we will use on the T-shirt. Then, voila! They will magically appear and be available at BrickFair this August.

"Just BrickFair?"

No! They'll also be available at BrickCon this fall, and depending if we have enough interest and a way of getting it done, they'll also be at other conventions in the US. Additionally, any carryovers will be made available at BrickFair AL next year.

"I'm staff. Can I have one too, pweese?"

Absolutely! You're all members, too. =D

"I don't have any plans to go to any of those conventions. How can I still get a shirt?"

Depending on your location and your desire to get a shirt, we may (or may not! haha!) be able to ship a shirt to you. =3

Comments, questions, concerns, and such go here.

PS: Yes, I know I just blatantly copied and pasted this entry from 2010. Don't judge me.


Old Friends

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 24 2012 · 66 views
(Written to the sound of the Parting and Gathering Theme from LOST.)

The rain fell softly outside, persistently batting away at the fronds and leaves and saturating the lawn. There was no roar of water, only a gentle hiss as the storm passed through and delivered its soft kill. From behind the large window that looked into the garden was the lady of the manor, gazing out at the rain. The moment and the storm seemed like any other to anybody else, but to her, this moment was special.

In her hands she held a leather bound album she possessed, one of many, but like everything else, this was a special item in a sublime instance. She sighed heavily, the warmness of her breath fogging the glass for a few seconds, but her vision was soon regained and the visage remained as she left it. If only everything else was like that.

She turned and slowly walked through the study to her favorite place to read, a small rocking love seat that overlooked the river that now rose steadily. She sat and opened the album, admiring each of the pictures, snapshots of her youth and those she cared about. Her old nanny, wrinkled like a prune (she giggled a bit at this recollection) but as caring as a saint, her aunt Mary who always brought balloons for her when she visited, and her brother Robin, the one who helped her overcome every one of her fears. Good friends she cared about, now all long gone from this world

The members of her current life moved about, she could hear their steps echoing through the halls and creaking through the floorboards, but despite their proximity they seemed distant as if they were in another world. She looked back at the pages of her book, admiring them, touching the pictures of the faces and profiles.

Yes, those in the book were long gone, but for the lady they were now as near and real as they ever were. She closed her eyes for one final time as a tear left them and in an instant was welcomed by her old friends as she went from one world to the next.



Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 18 2012 · 83 views
Write-off, contest, drill, thingy


The metal tube vibrated to the steady hum as the propellers outside tugged the airplane forward. It was claustrophobic for all the people inside, with dark confines rendered even shadowier than normal on account of the night, but while each one of them was sick of the movement and the snake’s abdomen they were in they all equally dreaded their freedom from their prison. Only the ruby light from a bulb that would signal their doom lit their tunnel, and it sickened them.

“T-minus two minutes,” the squad leader announced. The private didn’t even nod -- none of the men did. It was understood already simply by the further paling of the faces. The sergeant simply stood by the door, watching the red light by it, waiting for the emerald spark he eagerly expected. He was the only one who wanted to get outside into the bustling wind and darkness, the only one who seemed bred for this very moment. “Up!” he commanded, and the soldiers unclipped their belts and rose to the order, standing in a jagged line. “Equipment check!” They all searched each other’s gear, a simple double tap on the other’s back the only sign of approval. Still no words were said.

“One minute!” The door was opened up and the men shivered as the sudden gust of frigid air spilled into the cabin. Far below, only the glow of moonlight on the snowy banks of the Alps could be seen, making the landscape seem like a haunted floor of scattered white puzzle pieces on a dark abyss.

The attack came suddenly and without notice. The plane flanking at the right of the squadron simply vanished in a wash of sparks and black smoke as it abruptly spun away to the distant ground. The men in the plane could not see it, but soon another plane was destroyed by a flak gun. Puffs of smoke filled the airspace as the land cannons fired their shells into the air to disrupt the march of the flight.

The sergeant glared angrily at the red light, waiting for it to glow green to dispense of the troops. Impatiently, he gave the order. “Ready!” he barked for final preparation but obediently remained strict to protocol, not giving the go-ahead with a red light.


The fuselage split in two, spilling the soldiers out like crumbs from a canister. They fluttered away, some of them pulling their tabs and releasing their parachutes. They disappeared from view, but the sergeant could hear the drone of another plane, a fighter. Someone was cleaning the mess up already.

Blast it, he thought.

He still clutched onto the handlebar, vaguely safe in the front cone of the plane as it tumbled down. He would die there. His men already did. He waited for the ground to slay him. The light never turned green, but all of the men in that plane flew that night.


Bad Company (Bzprpg)

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Mar 19 2012 · 130 views
mercenaries, Bad Company, BZPRPG
Bad Company

Do you have someone you want dead? Or how about a group of people? Or do you just want a bunker infiltrated and the inhabitants massacred? Than search no further. Welcome to Bad Company. Weíre Mata Nuiís crack team for getting the job done/

Base of Ops:
We claimed a small nomad herder village in the middle of Po-Wahi. Itís nothing special, just a few huts around a dried well. If you see it, chances are youíre looking at the wrong one Ė move along.

The Rules:
Itís pretty shocking that even we have rules, but lo, we do.

1. Do exactly what the boss says or you die.
2. Although psychopaths are accepted, donít attack another member. Doing so is grounds for sacking.
3. Donít betray us. If you do, you will die. Miserably.
4. Always complete the mission. Weíre the best, so nothing less can be expected.

Weíll do pretty much anything, for a reasonable price of course. Though donít come to us if you want some humanitarian stuff done Ė thatís left to the social workers. We arenít good people, weíre mercenaries trying to make a quick widget or thousand.

You donít just get in the Bad Company, you need a certain set of skills. Weíre looking for physical fitness, elemental prowess, combat skills, general ruthlessness, and overall badness. If you canít meet these requirements, then go somewhere else, maybe even hire us. We donít claim weíre elite mercenaries. We show it.


Name: Brykon
Job: Company Leader
Specialties: Leadership, general fighting, brutality
Powers: Iron, Fate, inherent accuracy
Missions: Unknown
Preferred Payment Option: Money can buy anything. Gratitude of a job well done.

Toa Onarax
Name: Vossen 'Sev' Refur Also known as the Lunar Fox
Job: Unknown
Specialties: Strategist, Hand to Hand, Thievery, Infiltration
Powers: N/A Unless extremely Lucky counts.
Missions: Unknown
Preferred Payment option: None

Kal Grochi
Name: Marfoir
Job: Sniper
Specialties: Sniping, intrigue.
Powers: Extreme mental faculties.
Missions: Unknown
Preferred Payment Option: Money.

Tyler Durden
Name: Dorian
Job: Master of Disguise/Merc
Specialties: Deceit, Hand to Hand, Long Range
Powers: Iron, Mark of Rage, accuracy, his looks
Missions: Unknown
Preferred Payment Option: Cash. Lots of it.

King of No Isles
Name: Naryth Zenoklass
Job: Former leader of the Order of the Phantoms, mercenary
Specialties: Strategy, hand-to-hand, demolition, deception, mixed martial arts
Powers: None of the ethereal
Missions: Unknown
Preferred method of payment: Spoils of war, gold, widgets, etc.

Nuju Metru
Name: Grokk (Nickname: Prettyboy)
Job: Hired Gun/Assassin/Jack of all trades/Equity actor
Specialties: Getting out of tight fixes, being quick, being snarky, marksmanship, resourcefulness, dodging hits, inciting conflict, money laundering, theft, killing, kidnapping, persuasion, alcohol tolerance, juggling, baking, doodling, interior design, taxidermy...
Powers: Skakdi of Gravity with impact vision, great agility. Carries a Zamor launcher with containment and acid spheres.
Missions: Operation Your Mom
Preferred payment: any and all things of monetary value, including people and delicacies.

Name: Illicia
Job: Mercenary
Specialties: Trickery, Seduction
Powers: N/A
Missions: Smash up NEX
Preferred Payment Option: Widgets, Kills, Alcohol, Goods, Slaves, Weapons

Have a character in the organization? Post your profile below like I did mine and Iíll toss it in the rest.

Donít have a character in it? Want in? Same drill, just specify it and weíll go from there.



Posted by Jenny Quantum , Jan 18 2012 · 58 views
Sopa is soup in Spanish

Posted Image

Soup is a widespread epidemic, and causes people to ignore the memes online in favor of soupy soupness.

Take a stand against the Soup plague! *

* Notpoliticalatall.


Recent Happenings

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Dec 30 2011 · 71 views

I typically don't talk about my Scouting life here, but here's an update.

I'm a section chief, which basically means I'm like a regional governor of sorts. My area is all of Western Oregon (the I-5 corridor) including some of northern California down to Castle Crags and up to Southern Washington, including Vancouver. As such, I lead some 2,500 youth and adult members of the Order of the Arrow and represent them at national planning meetings as well as have a say in the direction of the organization as a whole. It's pretty awesome.

I'm typing this from my hotel room in Dallas, Texas, where the final moments of the 2012 planning meeting are winding down. Shenanigains happened, we elected the national officers, committee assignments were made and progress established in planning for the upcoming National Order of the Arrow Conference this summer. I'd offer to meet up with you guys, but I leave soon, so that might not happen.

However, if you attend NOAC, I'll definitely see you there!


Brpg Contest #22

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Dec 23 2011 · 94 views
hat is a strong word, halp and 6 more...
SO! I have finally entered in a BRPG contest! After all these years of me promising that I'd enter, I finally decided to live up to the expectations and do what I said I would do. Amazing!

Anyway, the initial polls are up. Here is the poll where my game is in. It's entry #5, Epoch of Despair, a mystery/survivalist game. Here is the full game.

I'm looking for someone with some graphic design skills to make a banner and/or avatar for it, but most of all I need people to vote for it! The polls are young, but this specific poll has plenty of awesome competition, pitting me against the likes of Parugi, The Captain and The Power that Is. So please look at the games in the poll and do try and vote for me!


Year... Six?

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Dec 22 2011 · 69 views
Man, I've, been, here, a and 2 more...
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

W (Pretend this was also made of Faxons ._. )


I Spy With My Little Eye

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Oct 16 2011 · 77 views
Members, BZP
The new boards allow me to see who follows my blog. I was pretty surprised to see some unlikely people follow it! That's pretty cool, I suppose!

Carry on!

(Also, how does one edit blog settings? Seriously, halp!)


So Much Time And So Little To Do!

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 23 2011 · 44 views
Yeah right...



There Are Many Gatanuis In The Bzprpg

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 16 2011 · 71 views
Role Playing
Because people smile a lot, even when it's not natural to do so. Friend being beaten up by someone else? No problem! Go up, ask your enemy to stop and smile! Solves everything!

Haha, not.



Ten Rules For Roleplaying With Me

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 11 2011 · 73 views
Role Playing
Sometimes in roleplaying, people misunderstand me. Truth be told, I have a very peculiar way of doing things, and this entry is to help you understand my style. Here are ten things you should keep in mind when in the same game as I. Hope this helps!
  1. I try to be a roleplayer of vision. Much of what I say and do in-game is rooted in my brain and memories, both from reality and from fiction. Shows like Primeval, LOST and movies like Inception and The Book of Eli help me produce this, but sometimes I don't communicate it that well. It's completely fine to take what you gather and make more from it. Like, if I say there's a tree in the road, go ahead and say it's a sitka spruce.
  2. I tend to push my plotlines forward, regardless of anything, including official plots. Usually they are grand, overarching quests, but some are quick side trips. In either case, it's best to play along, not because my plots are better, but because I work hard to make them amazing and believable.
  3. Play with me!. Seriously, guys. I mean this in the best possible way -- Play. With. Me. I can guarantee you will be entertained and will come out of my quests for the better. Interaction is very prized by me.
  4. Just because my character says or does something in-game does not mean I feel the same. If my character is put off by you, that's fine, I'm playing in character. It's not to offend you or push your character away, it'd just because he or she is not in the mood. Persist, and you might be rewarded.
  5. I drive a hard bargain and push a lot. Related to the above point, you will not be rewarded if you don't prove yourself worthy. Don't expect me to treat you nice right away.
  6. Also related! If I say I'm ready for interaction, join me! Trust me, that means I am giving away free stuff! Free interaction with a class act! This doesn't happen often, so I urge you to jump for it when it does.
  7. I will often leave cliffhangers in my posts where things seem to stop abruptly. This can mean one of two things: 1] If I am playing with someone, namely you, this indicates that I am leaving the next step to you. Don't expect me to move forward! I hate hate hate doing that! That's your moment, not mine! 2] If I am alone, then that means it's meant to build suspense. If that happens, then stay tuned! Something hopefully amazing will happen next.
  8. I don't expect you to follow all my posts, but once things start picking up, usually starting August to December, my plots become more and more important, so it will doubtlessly be relevant to you. I mean, last year I almost destroyed and succeeded in taking over Aesetr Derrum, albeit temporarily. Don't tell me that was neither awesome or important.
  9. I am not the best. For serious, I'm totally nowhere near the best there is at roleplaying. Prolific and well known, yes, but not the best. It's people like Friar Tuck, McSmeag, Seraphim, The Captain, Crimson Jester and many others who are truly the greats. I'm just an outspoken curmudgeon.
  10. HAVE FUN! Seriously, this rule could not be more important. An RPG is fun, but only if you make it. You just have to work to have fun, which makes it so much more fun and rewarding! You gotta relax and have fun. Just gotta.



Bzprpg G D Topic

Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 07 2011 · 77 views
Role Playing
I guess I spend too much time lurking in that topic -- I had a dream last night in which I wrote another sharply worded post advising* people to chillax and enjoy the game. I wonder what the next layer in this dream will be! I must go deeper!

* advise since I can't actually tell them to do anything.




Posted by Jenny Quantum , Apr 06 2011 · 62 views
I've had my current signoff for... well, many years now. It's become instinctive for me to use it in posts, PMs, reports and even some E-mails. The thing is I wonder if it's really great anymore. I mean, it's easy for me to do and stuff, but I've been thinking of using a different one.

Basically, what do you guys think about it? Is it classic, is it retro-cool? Is it lame and should be done away with? What new signoff would you suggest? Text or image? Etc. etc. etc.



Posted Image


Project Home

Entry for Entries


Posted Image


EW Life Stats-

Real Name: Rene
Place of Residence: Oregon
Favourite Color: Green
Favourite Music: Music
Height: 5' 10" ish
Occupation: Student
Scouting: Eagle Scout, OA Vigil Honor, Venturing gold looper
Heritage: 100% Confused
Insanity Level: Unknown...


EW BZP Stats-

Title: COT RPG Judge
Posts: Many
Mask: Posted Image
Years: Posted Image
Proto: Posted Image


FaPosted Imagee - DefaPosted Imagee - MessaPosted Imagee

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