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~ Canterlot's Sparkling Jewel ~


Key Of Heart (20/2)

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 26 2006 · 147 views
I wanted to say something.
I forgot.


Oh well.

Wait, I remember.

Still haven't heard anything from BoA, but I'm a patient man. Too patient perhaps. tongue.gif

Got some Christmas wishes etc. from Shin (HeavensDust), Kessier (Seraphim) and Saki Kaskas (Captain Ginger) though. biggrin.gif The ownage...


Eh, think I'll take some pictures tomorrow of me and my wakizashi. I hope they'll turn out nice. Might as well take some pics of my music collection while I'm at it. Nice addition for the CD Collection topic in COT.


Christmas was pretty nice. Ate a lot and slept a lot. tongue.gif There were no presents this year though, since there was a lack of money on both sides. It was still nice though. happy.gif I have almost everything and everyone I need right now... 'cept for BoA of course.

Our christmas tree is pretty....cute to look at. I guess. Could be because of the inclusion of this Christmas card.

And it seems we have new traditional Christmas movies in the Netherlands, namely the Lord of the Rings movies. Got to see Return of the King today. Awesome movie, although some parts seemed to be a bit too slow for my taste. Maybe it was because I had to....ya know....go. Oh well, 't was still cool.


Seems I have some plans for 2007.

1.) AutoRAI 2007. One of the biggest car shows, if not the biggest, in the Netherlands. Going there with IXI/The Driver.

2.) Fields of Rock. 2-3 days of rock and metal in some park somewhere in the Netherlands. Don't know the line up yet. Going there with a friend I know from work. Big metalhead.

3.) Transformers. Yeah, the trailer of this new movie got me excited. Going there with IXI/The Driver.

Can't wait. tongue.gif

And the following pics are great in full size...

IPB Image -/-\- IPB Image

Want you, hold me tight and never leave my side. Just looking to my eyes, Snow White, come on...


So Real

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 20 2006 · 164 views
...There's no time like the present...

Oh well.

Bought some shtuff this week. First I received HeavensDust's second album, which is great. Yesterday I bought Come What(ever) May by Stone Sour. Ish also great. And today I bought a sword. ohmy.gif A red wakizashi to be exact. It plain owns harder than a coffin nail.


Well, I guess I should do as I said in my other entry... laugh.gif So, here's my second message/letter to BoA. It's a lot more personal than my first letter...

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

...go right ahead and add me if you want to... but not right now, since I'm heading off to bed.



We will get true love someday...



Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 19 2006 · 202 views
The movie The Brotherhood of War is one of the best movies I have seen lately. The acting is superb, the action was rough 'n' tough, and the story itself was great as well. No BoA to be found on the DVD though. Mreh, can't have everything. <.<;

If you like R-rated war movies with plenty of death and a great storyline, then this movie might be something for you, but since most members are too young to watch R-rated movies, it seems that I might place this section as a draft later on.


To Litva: Okay, you got your laugh. Now, get outta here, but turn everything back to normal before you do.


Thank you for the kind words on my letter. smile.gif It means a lot to me. I'm still unsure as whether to post the second one since it's even more personal than the first one. tongue.gif Maybe I'll do it in my next entry. Just give me a while to decide.

IPB Image /-|-\ IPB Image

Listen to my heart...



Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 18 2006 · 75 views
Added new gifs to the right. biggrin.gif


Winter Love (20/2)

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 15 2006 · 167 views
Never thought I'd do this, but I decided to post my first message/letter to BoA. And here it is..

[EDIT] I removed the letter.. [/EDIT]

Who knows? Maybe I'll put up my second letter some time...

PS: PSPX just crashed... <.<



Nanairo No Ashita ~brand New Beat~

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 14 2006 · 98 views


Got replies from both Shin from HeavensDust and Kessier from Seraphim. I'm happy right now. Very frackin' happy. Still no word from Boa though...

Also received my mobile phone yesterday and it owns. It's soo cool. biggrin.gif

Didn't get to buy a sword though...

Heh... just realised the above follows the positive/negative stuff.

And the new trains have arrived! So from now on, I'll be traveling in them 4 times a week. biggrin.gif

...No ranting from me this time, so see ya around...

IPB Image -|-|- IPB Image

~~Aishiteru, my sweetie.~~


Lady Galaxy

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 09 2006 · 170 views
I knew I forgot something. I should've picked up the movie Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War today. I ordered this week and it arrived at the music store today. Oh well, going to have to do that next Monday.


As you might have noticed, I changed the name of my blog. Made in Twenty (20) is the title of BoA's newest Japanese album, as you can see in my new profile picture. Made in Twenty/Two (20/2), however, is simply the edited version of the album title, basically a 'second version'.

All my upcoming entries (including this one) will have the titles or edited versions of the titles of the songs that are on MiT20. There will be some familiar titles, since BoA's last three singles are all featured on the album.

My profile picture is the cover of the album + DVD version of Made in Twenty (20). It's also the version I preordered.

Will update the buttons to the left when mroe pictures become available.


BUT. That's not the only reason I changed the name of my blog.

It also has to do with The Teahouse, the shop run by IXI and me... Someone ratted us out to Emperor Sun Li, who sent his Jade Golems and Lotus Assassins to Tien's Koro to capture us. The Water Dragon knows what we have done to Li... sarcasm.gif

Anyway, our Teahouse in Tien's Koro has been devastated by the Jade Golems and IX and I had to run from the Assassins. We would've fought them if the group chasing us was smaller. But that wasn't the case, and now the Teahouse will be officially locked down soon... We'll finish the remaining requests through PM though.

IXI has gone hiding in a far away place and has been working under cover in a busy school, which will remain unnamed for the time being.
I've been hiding out in my Possum's Hideout until it got raided by the Assassins as well. So now I'm in here, keeping low in a local Carpenter shop.

[edit]And now I had to change my name to stay low...[/edit]

Who knows? Maybe one day, the Teahouse will return, bigger and better than ever. Until then, you're still welcome to PM me with requests.

Now if you will excuse me, there are some Assassins coming my way who need to be cleaned up..

IPB Image ~~~ IPB Image

Sarangheyo, my dearest...


From Razor To D900

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 08 2006 · 141 views
So the bank I'm with is going into mobile phone services. And I'm tagging along. biggrin.gif And I'll get a new mobile to go along with it, replacing my Motorola V3 RAZR with the Samsung D900. My mother will get my RAZR, making her old Pocketline Swing 460 obsolete.

This new service is also capable of banking with the phone etc, which is also a first in Europe.

"Can I use your phone?"
"No, I will not give you my wallet!"

I'm pretty excited right now.


Found this on DevArt:

01)First name: Mario

02)Your nickname: Valenti, Val, Scorpio, Scorps, MDT

03) Birthday: October 9th, 1986

04) Horoscope sign: Libra

05) Birth town: Somewhere in the Netherlands.

06) Religion: Undecided, leaning towards Atheist.

07) Nationality: Dutch

08) Parents: My mother. Father lives somewhere else.

09) Do you love them: Yeah, they're my parents for crying out loud.

10) Brothers or sisters: N/A

11) Do you like the place where you live: It's a bit dead, but aside from that, it's nice~

13) Color of your eyes: Brown.

14) Height: 1m72

15) Weight: 60-70 kg, I believe.

16) What school: N/A

17) What marks do you have: N/A

18) Do you work anywhere: Yeah, sort of.

19) What do you want to be in your life: Myself.

20) Your life style: Relaxed.

21) Personal quote: Your dreams will come true if you're ready to work for them.

22) Lucky number: It alternates.

23) what are you interested in: Music, games, movies, playing guitar, playing keyboard.

24) Good side of your character: I'm kind, most of the time.

25) Bad side of it: I can be ice cold towards others.

26) Is your life happy: Yup, it is right now.

27) Do you think that you are crazy: No, but I'm happily insane.

28) What is the time: 9:58 PM

29) what is the date: December 7th, 2006~

30) what’s the weather like: Rainy with some lightning.

31) Favorite day in a week: Saturday or Sunday.

32) Favorite music: Just about everything.

33) Singer: BoA, Hyori Lee, Utada Hikaru, Mika Arisaka, Mika Nakashima, Lena Park and more...

34) Band: Schwarz Stein, DragonForce, HeavensDust, Dir en grey, Iron Maiden, X-Japan, The TRAX and many more...

35) Song: BoA - We (Oo Ri)

36) Best concert you have been: They were all great.

37) Actress: Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk.

38) Actor: Jet Li, Michael Rosenbaum, Mark Dacascos.

39)Film: Battle Royale 1+2, Vital, Infernal Affairs trilogy, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and many others.

40) TV series: Star Trek Enterprise, Stargate Atlantis, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven and others.

41) Theatre play: N/A yet.

42) Film director: Don't remember their names...

43) Do you want to be famous: Yup.

44) Do you want to be an actor/actress: Depends on what kinds of movies/tv shows they want me for.

45) Do you want to be a singer: Yeh.

46) Book: The Long Twilight by Keith Laumer.

47) Color: Blue.

48) Flower: The rose.

49) Food: Anything that tastes great.

50) Drink: Hot chocolate.

51) Sweets: Not much of a sweets fan.

52) Fruit: The apple. Granny Smith.

53) the worst food: Old food.

54) The worst Drink: Churned milk.

55) the worst Singer: Can't remember his/her name.

56) the worst Band: MCR

57) the worst Actor: The Governator.

58) the worst Actress: Don't (want to) remember.

59) The worst Movie: Too many to type down.

60) the worst book: Don't know.

61) Do you drink alcohol: Nah.

62) Do you smoke: Nope

63) Do you take some drugs (and what):Not yet, my mother promised me a joint some time tho.

64) What do you adore to wear: Basic clothing.

65) Do you think that you are pretty: Nah, I'm cool tho.

66) What languages do you speak:
- Fluent: English, Dutch
- Little bits and pieces: German and some basic lines in Korean and Japanese.

67) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/male: Gackt Camui and Yoshiki Hayashi.

68) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/female?: BoA and Hyori Lee.

90) the worst experience in your life: 8 years of scapegoatism.

91) When were you the happiest: Everytime I think of her~

92) when were you the most scared: When my parents got divorced. <.<

93) When were you the saddest: When my grandmother died. She was so kind.

94) whom do you want to go on deserted island with?: BoA and some of my friends.

95) Do you have a secret: Aber natürlich.

96) What would you do if you were invisible for one hour: I'd wait until I got visible again.

97) Who do you want to get stuck in a lift with: BoA.

98) Do you have an idol: BoA, Yoshiki, Gackt, Shin, Bruce Dickinson and many others.

99) If world goes to apocalypse, and you can save only one person, who would that be?: ...Do you really have to ask? BoA of course.

you are tagged to take this quiz and answer all the questions if you read it you are tagged. But...you don't really have to do it if you don't want! ^__~

IPB Image -|\|/|- IPB Image

~~Wanna get time for watching you...~~


Dark Chest Of Wonders

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 05 2006 · 175 views
BoA's interview on CNN was nice. Too bad she didn't speak any English, even though she knows how to speak it. Ah well, she was still cute. tongue.gif Didn't hear much about her new album and her planned acting career though. sad.gif She did talk about the things she had to go through to be famous and she went through a lot.

Also, she said she likes her current image of an innocent girl/woman (woot), so it might be quite some time before (if ever) she goes all Spears on us. tongue.gif And that's just fine with me.


Finished the game Freelancer. It's awesome and the game even features a Dyson Sphere. (Look it up on the internet if you don't know what it is.) It's also insanely difficult near the end. I was actually cursing when my ship got destroyed again.

That should explain the lack of me being on BZP and MSN for the last couple of days.


I highly recommend Ayumi Hamasaki's new album called Secret. It's awesome. biggrin.gif


My avatar and banner are edits, believe it or not. tongue.gif

~~IPB Image~~IPB Image~~

~The white white snow is coming tonight, make a wish upon your kiss.~


Winter Love

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 29 2006 · 194 views
Wootsies. The calendar has arrived! And the pictures look great. I might be able to get the separate pages out of the calendar, because they're big and awesome enough to serve as separate posters. I found pictures of the calendar, but it seems I won't be putting them up, since they're watermarked. And the website displayed in the watermark has forums.

Transferred money to my PayPal account, should be uploaded tomorrow. I'm going to pre-order BoA's new album, due January 2007. I also wanted to buy the official Key of Heart and Winter Love posters, but they both got out of print yesterday.

And why am I unable to find a legal version of the "Last Live Video" by X-Japan? sad.gif Because it's out of print and the only versions available are all pirated, that's why. Oh well, gotta stick to YT then.

My back hurts like there's no tomorrow.


Back Now.

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 28 2006 · 145 views
Seems my little time off was cut short by 5-ish days. Will reschedule the off time to another week. Maybe during the Christmas holidays or the beginning of 2007.

In the meantime, I still managed to make a new MOC. Going to take and upload the pictures soon.

I'm going to contact a certain company as soon as possible, since they sent my bud IX the wrong wallscroll.

In other words, I'll be here for a while.


Back In A Week

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 27 2006 · 200 views
Since I'm on the computer every single day for 10+ hours, I've decided to take a break from the computer. A week long break, to be exact.

Time to pick up some of my other hobbies, like reading and MOCing.

That also means that all Teahouse and Personal Message requests will be delayed, but it's something I can work on when I'm back.

Also, I've completed showing all the pictures from the Olympus camera photoshoot, so there won't be a special signoff this time.

See you in a week....



Over -across The Time-

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 23 2006 · 177 views
Well, well, well... Look who finally makes it onto CNN... I'll be so watching and/or taping that episode next week! >.< I only hope I won't forget. So frackin' happy right now.


The calendar is on its way and it should arrive on Friday next week. Maybe on Saturday morning.


I got around to watch BoA's 2004 Live Tour DVD today and it was amazing. ohmy.gif The stage looked like a big UFO. laugh.gif The sound quality was great and BoA was amazing as always. And she cried during the last song. sad.gif Felt like hugging her. (But hey, I always feel like that. wink.gif)


Also had a little emotional breakdown tonight when I was on MSN. I was feeling so bad, but one of my online friends got me over it. I call him my oto-san and he calls me his nii-san. happy.gif

I'm sensing a pattern in here... unsure.gif


Got another contact with good ol' Shin from HeavensDust. I'm telling ya, Shin is awesome. And he's kind. biggrin.gif

Been talking about one of HD's older albums for a bit, since I'm planning on buying it soon.


Better scrape some money together for some albums, I guess... A HeavensDust album and single, the new BoA album, an album by a new French metal band called 20 Miles of Wayside and the Winter Love and Key of Heart posters.

Correction: Better scrape a lot of money together.


Got a new song uploaded.


The names of the music videos and commercials etc. which are displayed by the gifs are:

Do the Motion
Make a Secret
Atlantis Princess
Be The One
Make a Secret
Make a Secret

IPB Image \/\/\/ IPB Image

Let's make our love our life...


October 4th~

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 20 2006 · 166 views
Irony can be such a cruel, yet funny thing. (And yes, I'm talking about the pirated BoA DVD.)
Almost everything on the casing and the DVD itself are copied masterfully, except for the pirate's logo. They even copied the "Warning: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws." lines.
People get weirder and weirder as time progresses. tongue.gif

No real contact updates.

Created a new BIONICLE edit though, the colour scheme is also found in the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You can view it here.


Woohoot! Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is finished downloading! Going to install it very soon. tongue.gif Too bad it's a 30 day trial. sleep.gif

Also, this is the landscape Saki Kaskas was talking about. wink.gif

Cya all around!

IPB Image/|/|\|\IPB Image

I'll be here, waiting for your love...


The Memories Of You

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 18 2006 · 105 views
Grr, I hate not being with the woman I love... It sometimes makes me feel sick knowing that she's out of reach. Makes me feel lonely as well...
Haven't had a reply from her yet, but I hope she'll contact me soon. I hate waiting. TT_TT

But patience is a virtue. So I'll try to be patient waiting for the reply. happy.gif Can't wait though...

Received a comment from Saki Kaskas, also known as Captain Ginger. He composed music for the old NFS games. It appears he likes one of the landscapes I created quite some time ago. =D Makes me happy.

But not less lonely... *huggles pictures of Boa*


Now I gotta find a way to make Yoshiki and Bruce Dickinson to talk to me. xD


Would be cool if it worked tho.

Cya all around in the forums~

IPB Image //||\\ IPB Image

The white white snow is coming tonight. Make a wish upon your kiss~

-- Profile --

---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


Position: Retired Staff
Premier Membership: Lifetime.
Post Count: Not important.
BZP Age: Way too old.
Sanity Level (1-10): 7.5

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