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Dark Chest Of Wonders

Posted by Angel Beat , Dec 05 2006 · 95 views
BoA's interview on CNN was nice. Too bad she didn't speak any English, even though she knows how to speak it. Ah well, she was still cute. tongue.gif Didn't hear much about her new album and her planned acting career though. sad.gif She did talk about the things she had to go through to be famous and she went through a lot.

Also, she said she likes her current image of an innocent girl/woman (woot), so it might be quite some time before (if ever) she goes all Spears on us. tongue.gif And that's just fine with me.


Finished the game Freelancer. It's awesome and the game even features a Dyson Sphere. (Look it up on the internet if you don't know what it is.) It's also insanely difficult near the end. I was actually cursing when my ship got destroyed again.

That should explain the lack of me being on BZP and MSN for the last couple of days.


I highly recommend Ayumi Hamasaki's new album called Secret. It's awesome. biggrin.gif


My avatar and banner are edits, believe it or not. tongue.gif

~~IPB Image~~IPB Image~~

~The white white snow is coming tonight, make a wish upon your kiss.~


Winter Love

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 29 2006 · 81 views
Wootsies. The calendar has arrived! And the pictures look great. I might be able to get the separate pages out of the calendar, because they're big and awesome enough to serve as separate posters. I found pictures of the calendar, but it seems I won't be putting them up, since they're watermarked. And the website displayed in the watermark has forums.

Transferred money to my PayPal account, should be uploaded tomorrow. I'm going to pre-order BoA's new album, due January 2007. I also wanted to buy the official Key of Heart and Winter Love posters, but they both got out of print yesterday.

And why am I unable to find a legal version of the "Last Live Video" by X-Japan? sad.gif Because it's out of print and the only versions available are all pirated, that's why. Oh well, gotta stick to YT then.

My back hurts like there's no tomorrow.


Back Now.

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 28 2006 · 57 views
Seems my little time off was cut short by 5-ish days. Will reschedule the off time to another week. Maybe during the Christmas holidays or the beginning of 2007.

In the meantime, I still managed to make a new MOC. Going to take and upload the pictures soon.

I'm going to contact a certain company as soon as possible, since they sent my bud IX the wrong wallscroll.

In other words, I'll be here for a while.


Back In A Week

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 27 2006 · 106 views
Since I'm on the computer every single day for 10+ hours, I've decided to take a break from the computer. A week long break, to be exact.

Time to pick up some of my other hobbies, like reading and MOCing.

That also means that all Teahouse and Personal Message requests will be delayed, but it's something I can work on when I'm back.

Also, I've completed showing all the pictures from the Olympus camera photoshoot, so there won't be a special signoff this time.

See you in a week....



Over -across The Time-

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 23 2006 · 93 views
Well, well, well... Look who finally makes it onto CNN... I'll be so watching and/or taping that episode next week! >.< I only hope I won't forget. So frackin' happy right now.


The calendar is on its way and it should arrive on Friday next week. Maybe on Saturday morning.


I got around to watch BoA's 2004 Live Tour DVD today and it was amazing. ohmy.gif The stage looked like a big UFO. laugh.gif The sound quality was great and BoA was amazing as always. And she cried during the last song. sad.gif Felt like hugging her. (But hey, I always feel like that. wink.gif)


Also had a little emotional breakdown tonight when I was on MSN. I was feeling so bad, but one of my online friends got me over it. I call him my oto-san and he calls me his nii-san. happy.gif

I'm sensing a pattern in here... unsure.gif


Got another contact with good ol' Shin from HeavensDust. I'm telling ya, Shin is awesome. And he's kind. biggrin.gif

Been talking about one of HD's older albums for a bit, since I'm planning on buying it soon.


Better scrape some money together for some albums, I guess... A HeavensDust album and single, the new BoA album, an album by a new French metal band called 20 Miles of Wayside and the Winter Love and Key of Heart posters.

Correction: Better scrape a lot of money together.


Got a new song uploaded.


The names of the music videos and commercials etc. which are displayed by the gifs are:

Do the Motion
Make a Secret
Atlantis Princess
Be The One
Make a Secret
Make a Secret

IPB Image \/\/\/ IPB Image

Let's make our love our life...


October 4th~

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 20 2006 · 85 views
Irony can be such a cruel, yet funny thing. (And yes, I'm talking about the pirated BoA DVD.)
Almost everything on the casing and the DVD itself are copied masterfully, except for the pirate's logo. They even copied the "Warning: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws." lines.
People get weirder and weirder as time progresses. tongue.gif

No real contact updates.

Created a new BIONICLE edit though, the colour scheme is also found in the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You can view it here.


Woohoot! Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is finished downloading! Going to install it very soon. tongue.gif Too bad it's a 30 day trial. sleep.gif

Also, this is the landscape Saki Kaskas was talking about. wink.gif

Cya all around!

IPB Image/|/|\|\IPB Image

I'll be here, waiting for your love...


The Memories Of You

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 18 2006 · 61 views
Grr, I hate not being with the woman I love... It sometimes makes me feel sick knowing that she's out of reach. Makes me feel lonely as well...
Haven't had a reply from her yet, but I hope she'll contact me soon. I hate waiting. TT_TT

But patience is a virtue. So I'll try to be patient waiting for the reply. happy.gif Can't wait though...

Received a comment from Saki Kaskas, also known as Captain Ginger. He composed music for the old NFS games. It appears he likes one of the landscapes I created quite some time ago. =D Makes me happy.

But not less lonely... *huggles pictures of Boa*


Now I gotta find a way to make Yoshiki and Bruce Dickinson to talk to me. xD


Would be cool if it worked tho.

Cya all around in the forums~

IPB Image //||\\ IPB Image

The white white snow is coming tonight. Make a wish upon your kiss~


Long Goodbye

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 15 2006 · 90 views
The last 24 hours have been pretty weird for me with stuff happening that's pretty exciting.

1.) I found a way to send a message to Boa. Did that as soon as possible. And I wrote everything with my heart and it felt good. happy.gif Maybe, just maybe, I might get a reply. I doubt it, since she could receive tens of thousands of messages without having the time to read them all. tongue.gif Oh well, at least I got to say what I wanted to say. And that's a relief.

2.) My happy little order arrived today, so I can now put the BoA concert DVD placeholder (aka the pirated DVD) in my room and put the official DVD in the DVD rack near the TV downstairs. Also received Lena Park's 5th Korean album On & On. And the cover is awesome, it's wider than the BoA DVD case is high. Which was surprising, since I expected a simple jewel case. tongue.gif

3.) [negative thingy] The muscle pains aren't over yet, but it's weekend for me now. Hope my muscles are feeling better next Monday.

4.) Just found out that the composer Saki Kaskas/Captain Ginger is in my friends list on [guess]. Never knew I added him or that he added me. Saki Kaskas made music for the old Need for Speed games. And I certainly never knew he was Captain Ginger (one of the artists) from Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed. tongue.gif Pleasant surprise number 3.

In other words, I has a pretty awesome day. Haven't head from Shin, HeavensDust's singer, yet though...

IPB Image |/|\| IPB Image

You´re the only one for me, baby...


Art Of Life

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 14 2006 · 107 views
[This will go in the "Life" category.]

Should've been at work today, but the muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back region are killing me. I think I slept in the wrong position last night, because the pain is worse than yesterday. Ah well, life ain't easy... At least I have a little something to look out for in January next year. BoA's new Japanese album, which doesn't have a title yet. I hope her latest 3 singles will be featured on it. That'd be great. laugh.gif

Some of ye goode members might think why Valenti is obsessed with BoA. The answer is simple: I'm not obsessed, I'm very dedicated. I've dedicated a large part of my life to her. She basically saved my life and I'm very grateful for it. Thus, I made it one of mi life's goals to personally meet up with Boa and thank her for saving my life. Maybe, just maybe, even more. But whatever may happen, she'll always have a special place in my heart. Just so you know. wink.gif

Also, I hate it when people call me obsessed. Sure, I laugh along with them about it, but on the inside, I'm always deeply hurt when someone says it. Maybe I should talk to them about this. Again. And again. Yeah, they don't always listen very well to what I have to say to them. sleep.gif Some people are so annoying. <.<;;

And before you ask, yes, I do love her with all my heart. =D

Got to listen to BoA's new song Sunshine today. And it's a great ballad. One of the best I've ever heard actually. It literally put a tear to my eye, making Sunshine one of the few songs that ever made me cry (or almost cry). smile.gif It's the ending theme for a new Korean drama movie which came out in theatres a couple of days ago, but I fail to remember the title of the movie. =[

When I find a better sound quality mp3, I'll give it an upload. Speaking of mp3s, are the ones currently on display still available? [I could use the downloads. wink.gif]


I want an Olympus camera.

~~IPB Image /|\ IPB Image~~

Baby, do you, do you love me?


End Of The Beginning

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 11 2006 · 91 views
My music collection just got bigger. It grew with 3 more singles, all by BoA. The titles are Quincy, Meri Kuri and Everlasting (Korean Version).

Got contact with those people of that online store where I got the pirated DVD and if I read correctly, they sent another copy, hopefully a legal version this time, since it (AAA Anime or something, it's another web store, I believe) is not on one of BoA's biggest fansite's hit list... Yes, they have a piracy hit list.

Also, next week my third order will arrive, with the legal version of the same DVD which I got from YesAsia, my standard online store. That order also has Lena Park's 5th abum, of which I hope it's great.


I also want your opinions on "Fallen Icons", which is my SSC#3 entry and it's also one of my very first songfics. So don't hesitate to post! wink.gif

"Get Nidhiki, get Nidhiki..."



I feel like hugging someone.


~IPB Image~/~|~\~IPB Image~

If you were here tonight..


Fallen Icons | Short Stories Contest 3

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 08 2006 · 108 views
~~IPB Image~~

That's right, I entered the Short Stories contest! I hope I'll do better in this one than in the other contests I participated in. laugh.gif
When I read the lyrics to the song "Fallen Icons", I had to think of Nidhiki. And that's why I chose it. Also, when I was writing everything, I almost shed a tear because of the lyrics. It's that great. Will upload it soon.


And we had another order arrival today: The Winter Love and Forever. Going to have some musical fun tonight. tongue.gif Waiting for 2 other orders, with one of the items being the legal version of the BoA DVD.


Also had contact with Shin, HeavensDust's singer, again. He hopes that someday, HeavensDust will do a world tour. And I hope so too. sly.gif


There are delays in the Teahouse in COT; I'm very sorry about that. Some personal things have a higher priority. Will finish the requests this week. Again, I'm terribly sorry about the delays.

Well, this was my little rant in my blog, hope you'll tune in next time! biggrin.gif

IPB Image/~|~\IPB Image

Our love will go on, from here to eternity...


Pirated... Not Feeling Good.

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 04 2006 · 114 views
I received my BoA DVD today and it didn't take me very long to find out that it was pirated.
Instead of putting Avex Trax as the publisher, it said Miya Recods, which is one of the larger music & DVD pirates out there.
Also, the region code of the pirated DVD is "All", which also is a sign that it's pirated, because all legit BoA DVDs have either region code 2 or 3.

I'll be buying the legitimate version soon.

I'll also send an email to the site where I got the DVD.

To be continued...


Life To Dawn [demo]

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 03 2006 · 93 views
That was...interesting and annoying. I can't seem to reply to topics on the forums.

Anyways, I added the band HeavensDust to my friens list on [name of site happens to be censored]. And the singer, Shin, sent me a comment. I was amazed. So I sent him a reply. laugh.gif

His message was:

Hey from Japan!

Thanks for the add request!

Hope you stop by and give us some comments!

[link to site]

Me reply:


Thanks for the comment & you're welcome for the add!

Bought "Higher Than Heaven..." last week and I have to say, your music is amazing!


You bought our CD?!?!?!?!
Thats amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

we're going to upload our new demo song from our up coming album in few hours so hope you check that out also!

[link to site]

That was awesome. biggrin.gif

So yeah, I'm kinda punted onto the ceiling right now.


Also played a part of the NFS Carbon demo and it totally owns. Might buy it for the pc, since it runs pretty smoothly, even though most of my specs are a bit on the low side of the spectrum.

Autosculpt rules!! biggrin.gif

Oh, and 2 pics for the ownage.

IPB Image -~-~- IPB Image

I care, cause I love you...


/ Desire Pearing The Water Of Truth \

Posted by Angel Beat , Nov 01 2006 · 95 views
The first CD of my batch of orders is in: Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God by the Japanese alternative metal band HeavensDust. Listening to it right now and dang, it's awesome. The entire album is in English and the music is nice and heavy, but the traditional Japanese instruments give the songs a sense of serenity and tranquillity as well.
The following songs are on the album:

01.) Silent Scream
02.) Unknown Pain
03.) Time Will Take
04.) Grace
05.) Before I Die
06.) Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
07.) Meaning of Life
08.) Desire Pearing the Water of Truth
09.) Where Is My God
10.) Red So Deep...
11.) Fade
12.) Forever Sleep
13.) Hatred Falling to Angel's Wings
14.) Home
15.) Words
16.) Devotion

Some songs have some explicit content tho, but overall, it's a great album.

Influences are:

Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Megadeth, Live, Radio Head, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, B.B King, Kitaro, Miles Davis, Enya, Cypress Hill

Drop me a PM for details on where you can buy it if you're interested.

IPB Image

Our love will make a miracle...


Meaning Of Life

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 29 2006 · 102 views
Worked out most of the details for my order; As of yesterday, the 2006 BoA calendar is out of print. Major bummer. So I had to change some of the items in my shopping cart and it now holds the following items instead of the calendar.

- BoA - QUINCY/Kono Yono Shirushi (Japan Version) (Single)

- Ares - Vol. 1: Digital Human (Album)

You know who BoA is, but Ares is a Korean rock/metal group. I hope they're good. Also want their maxi single/mini album called Machine Ares, but that one isn't available for a while. Shame.

Just realized that my other orders are sent this week!

Order 1:
HeavensDust - Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God (Album)

Order 2:
BoA - Winter Love (Japan Version) (Single+DVD)
Fin.K.L - Forever (Album)

Can't wait! biggrin.gif

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Love is just what you can't see...

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Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

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Doesn't use any questionable substances.
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