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Meaning Of Life

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 29 2006 · 31 views
Worked out most of the details for my order; As of yesterday, the 2006 BoA calendar is out of print. Major bummer. So I had to change some of the items in my shopping cart and it now holds the following items instead of the calendar.

- BoA - QUINCY/Kono Yono Shirushi (Japan Version) (Single)

- Ares - Vol. 1: Digital Human (Album)

You know who BoA is, but Ares is a Korean rock/metal group. I hope they're good. Also want their maxi single/mini album called Machine Ares, but that one isn't available for a while. Shame.

Just realized that my other orders are sent this week!

Order 1:
HeavensDust - Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God (Album)

Order 2:
BoA - Winter Love (Japan Version) (Single+DVD)
Fin.K.L - Forever (Album)

Can't wait! biggrin.gif

IPB Image

Love is just what you can't see...


Not The Nicest Guy

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 27 2006 · 34 views
Went to see Lordi in Amsterdam last week and, well, it was awesome. Lordi played a lot of great songs, with Devil is a Loser, Get Heavy, Hard Rock Hallelujah, Would You Love a Monsterman and Biomechanic Man being some of them.

Lordi almost sounded like they sound on an album, making them another recommendation when you want to see a great concert.

They even brought their own circular saw and unfolding wings.


I'm feeling pretty tired now, having gone to 2 events in less than 7 days.


Also compiled my new order, which I'll complete in a couple of days. Still gotta work out some shipping details.

The order contains the following items:

- BoA 2006 Calendar

- BoA 2007 Calendar

- BoA - Everlasting (Korean Version)

- BoA - Meri Kuri (Japan Version)

What can I say? I love Boa Kwon. biggrin.gif

IPB Image

In my dreams a faceless someone searched for me...
And the voice calling my name...
Was your voice, darling...
Your voice...


Angel Of Death.

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 22 2006 · 34 views
So I was offline last Friday. Missed me? sly.gif

Went to a concert by Slayer in Den Bosch. They were awesome. The support acts were Thine Eyes Bleed, Children of Bodom and In Flames. They were great as well.

But the interesting part came after the concert when my friend and I were on our way home. We had to spend the night in a different city, because the train we caught didn't go further. So we were chattin' around a bit when we saw a homeless man beating the crud out of a candy vending machine; His candy got stuck. He saw us and he came after us on his drunken legs. So we ran. It was sad, but for some reason, we laughed. And we were tired. So we went to search out some benches near the station so we could take a nap. We talked and joked around some more before sleeping though. (I couldn't sleep at all.)

When it was almost time to get our butts on the first train home, some man came to us and asked which train he had to take to (a city called) Rotterdam. We kindly showed him the shortest route to the right train, when he got angry for some unknown reason. We stayed kind though (he was an older man) and he left to go and bug someone else.

We waited and got on our train. I fell asleep in the train after a wile and didn't wake up until we were at the final station. We both went our sepaate ways and I got on the train to my hometown. Couldn't sleep anymore, so I went and listened to some music on my way home.


Didn't do much yesterday, got out of bed pretty late. Went on the internet and checked to see if the dvd I ordered was on its way. No luck yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Haven't gotten around to watch a movie yet, so the movie rant will have to wait.

Cya all around on BZP!

And don't forget to click on the picture below. wink.gif

IPB Image

You will have my everlasting love...


Alas De Fuego

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 19 2006 · 34 views
Hmm, received word that I can go to the UA tour tomorrow after all... <.</^.^ So I won't be online tomorrow. Just so you know. =P


Time flies, that's for sure. It's been a year since I became a POBZPC. Made some arty artwork for it. Maybe it's time to give you all some insight in how I got the proto boosts in the first place.

My first two boosts were given during the Premier Membership promotion 2 years ago.
My third boost was gived because of my ongoing contribution to the forums.
My fourth boost was given when I reported a member who had some bad intentions with BZP.
My last boost was given because of a news item.

Next step: Becoming a staff member. laugh.gif But that's almost everyone's goal/wish.


I hope I get my money soon. Me wants to buy a big BoA calendar which will be released on Saturday next week. The calendar has almost the same dimensions as my OUTGROW and Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~/Your Color posters. And the posters are pretty (and) big.


*holds up glass* Here's to another year of full protoness!

IPB Image

You are my destiny... My love.


Take A Look Around

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 16 2006 · 33 views

As you probably know, I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and it was pretty cool. biggrin.gif Didn't get a lot of stuff though, since there were only 5 of us, me and my mother included. Got a grande totale of €10 and a (hopefully) nice Tommy Hilfiger scent. happy.gif

I won't be going to the Unholy Alliance Tour concert next Friday. (Slayer, Children of Bodom, In Flames etc.) Don't have enough money for the trip. Major bummer. Especially because I already paid for my ticket a long time ago. I'll still be going to see Lordi in Amsterdam tho, my mother is paying for that trip as a birthday present.

Been looking for some new music... My recomendations are:

- VIOLET UK: Solo project by former X-Japan drummer Yoshiki. Style: Experimental.
- Tuu: British group who likes to play with Asian instruments. Style: Ambient.
- Heavensdust: Japanese band who mixes rock and metal with traditional Japanese instruments. Style: Rock/metal.
- Mika Arisaka: Japanese singer who is responsible for at least some Gundam Seed Destiny songs. Style: J-Pop.
- Toshi: Former singer of X-Japan who has some nice songs. Style: Soft J-Rock.

And since I kinda forgot to end my previous entry with a picture, I'll put 2 pictures in this entry. laugh.gif

Remember to click on the pictures for the full views.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Whatever may happen, I will go with you...


Soundtrack Of My Life.

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 14 2006 · 17 views

Got this from Hahli Husky's blog. laugh.gif

Movie Soundtrack of Your Life:

The rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Post in blog, pass it on!

Opening Credits: Ballistique - Robert Miles (Good choice.)

Waking Up: Greed - Se7en (Relaxed way of waking up, if I say so myself.)

An Ordinary Day: I Know - Seo Taiji & Boys (Not my first choice, but yeah...)

The First Date: Thriller - Michael Jackson (No comment.)

Falling in Love: In a Mirror, Darkly (Alternate Star Trek Enterprise Theme) - [Unknown] (Again, no comment.)

The Rumble: Tone Deaf - Acumen Nation (Sets the mood quite perfectly.)

The Break-up: Say Anything - X-Japan (This one fits nicely...)

Getting Back Together: Pink Spider - hide with Spread Beaver (Heh..)

Life's Okay: Barrier Break - Dieselboy & Kaos (Sounds good to me.)

The Mental Breakdown: Velocity Shift - Overseer (Not quite fitting.)

Cruising: Au Revoir - Malice Mizer (I could totally see myself cruising on this song.)

The Flashback: One Good Reason - Celldweller (Must be one heck of a flashback.)

The Party: Die (...) Die - Dope (What kind of party this is, I don't know, but the song's cool.)

Everybody Dance Now: Take a Picture - Filter (But I don't really like to take pictures of me.)

Regretting: Sane - Violet UK (Somehow, this song fits the mood.)

The Long Night Alone: YOU - Ayumi Hamasaki (What long night?)

A Death: Before You Said Goodbye to Me - BoA (Lyrics are fitting, but the music is way too happy.)

End Credits: Battery - Metallica (Now that's an ending theme.)


My Land.

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 13 2006 · 35 views

My birthday passed silently. No phone calls form relatives, no birthday cards in the mail... Made me feel a tad lonely. But at least I got some birthday topics on some websites, which lessened the loneliness. =] Thanks for your kind replies.

I'll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow evening tho, with IXI, my mother and some other family members. *hopes he gets money* I'm checking for some good background music right now. I'm thinking of the Jade Empire soundtrack. I might do the Final Fantasy Advent Children soundtrack as well. Might give some....interesting reactions from the others. sly.gif Or shall I play some BoA? Hmm, decisions, decisions..

Can't wait.

IPB Image

I'll be waiting for you, my love...

Clicky the piccy.


[movie Rant] Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 08 2006 · 56 views
From now on, I will post in royalblue, since that color completely owns the normal blue. But that's not why I created this entry.

The reason why I'm writing this is unknown to me, actually, so it might become another Misc category entry.

Maybe it's because some of the songs in the block to the right are expired, wich is a shame, because all the songs are quite good. Those might need some reuploading. Uploading another song right now.

Or maybe it's because my beloved BoA hurt her ankle again a week or two ago and she still isn't fully recovered from it. And she's still having her 2006 live tour in Japan. I hope she gets well soon. =[ As a result of her injury, she'll perform less dancey songs and more ballads.

Ah, now I remember why I'm posting this.... The (possibly short) movie rant.

This week's movie is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Gods, I love that movie. The CGI is awesome, the storyline is great and the music is sweet as well.

My eyes were fixed on the tv from the beginning to the end of TSW. The ending theme almost brought a tear into my eye. It's The Dream Within by Lara Fabian and it suits the feeling of the end of the movie perfectly. It's only unfortunate that the song was a bit faster or played higher in the movie, because it should be a bit lower...

The movie itself had a lot of action which involved creatures which are referred to as phantoms. The action scenes looked awesome and the (voice) acting in the rest of the scenes was very good. The only time I found the voice acting a bit.. weird.. was when Aki Ross was telling Dr. Sid she had seen Gaia. He reacted a bit too.. uninterested.

Maybe it was just me.

Anywho, if you want to see a movie which looks awesome and has a good storyline, then Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within might be a movie for you.

IPB Image

Everyday... Everynight.. Darling.. Love is in my heart. I'm waiting for you...


Black Bullet.

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 05 2006 · 41 views
Janus' blue owns my blue.

So my birthday is coming up. Thinking of celebrating it after all. Might make some artwork for it, but I'm not sure. Maybe a Bionicle-related drawing or Valenti, my main character with a troubled past in an RP I'm running on MSN with some friends.

Let's see if I can mention some stuff about him.

Name: Valenti Stryker
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Nationality: Dutch
Weapons: 2 butterfly gunblades, katana, Gingko spirit sword, which changed into a replica of Cloud Strife's First Sword. (Couldn't resist. tongue.gif)
Powers: Speed, Lightning, Electricity, summons, Spirit mode.
Alignment: Neutral

Bio: Valenti was born an only child. He lived with his mother in a little Dutch town for 10 years before his father came and claimed him. Valenti didn't like that, so he ran away, searching to find a way back to his mother. After wandering around for a year, he found his soulmate, a Korean girl called Boa, who ran away as well. They fell in love and together they found Valenti's mother. They all lived together for 4 years.

When Valenti was 15, one of his best friends wanted to claim Boa for himself. When Valenti wasn't around, he was buying some groceries, this guy searched out Boa and forced her to come with him. Boa refused and the guy got mad. Very mad. In a blinding rage, he killed Boa by shooting her in the side of her head.

Valenti got home when he heard the shot and when he got to Boa, he realized he was too late. So he grabbed his (spirit) sword and he sought out the guy who killed Boa, the love of his life.

Valenti fought with the guy, who had acquired a sword as well. After a long and tiring fight, Valenti beheaded the guy. When Valenti came back home, he fell apart, not knowing what to do without Boa. He cremated Boa's lifeless body.

Valenti needed to get out of the house for a while, so he packed his bag and started to travel around. He met a lot of interesting people and he slowly got over his girlfriend's death. He had wandered around the world for 1 and a half year when he came into contact with a small group of people who were special, like him. (He met them in a beautiful palace.)

They immediately went into action when a large creature attacked them. Together, Valenti, Angel, Zelly, Joshua and Anti defeated this creature. It was the first time that Valenti used the power of electricity. After the fight, everyone sat down in the palace where Angel lived. Joshua's sword split up in multiple swords which he gave to everyone.

After a while, Angel summoned everyone into the center of the room, where Angel performed a special blessing, which enabled everyone's powers. Anti already received the blessing, so he didn't have to participate.

This is how Valenti got the power of speed and a more controllable version of his electrical power. Later, everyone decided on a name for the gang, which was the Guardians.

In the following months, many battles happened and the Guardians becamse stronger, with Valenti being one of the stronger members, even though he denies it.

Now the Guardians face a new problem, one that will change the future forever...

And Valenti is looking forward to it...

Man, that took a long time to remember and type out... >.<;; I think I'll place this entry into the Misc section.

See ya all around! wink.gif

IPB Image

Sarang hae yo, BoA...
Click thumbnail for larger view.


Act Iv - Seven Seas

Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 02 2006 · 41 views
*sigh of relief* Money might not be much of an issue after all for the concerts. Yaay.

A little note to everyone: I'm not a Forum Leader, even though it'd be interesting. So please, stop with the COT game and RPG requests! tongue.gif But it's always nice to receive a PM, even if it's negative. wink.gif

Added another song to the download list: Force of Gravity (Atlantic 12 Chilled Mix) by BT and JC Chasez. It's one of my favourite BT songs, so get it while it's still hot!

Also got to 15,000 posts in COT, which is possibly the highest amount of posts in COT by a single member to date. I'm proud of that achievement. happy.gif And I have made a topic about it in COT, so you can celebrate it there.

And to end this entry, I'm going to post a little insight in my posting behaviour in Song Association and What Are You listening To....

Whenever I listen to metal, I'm posting a pop song and whenever I listen to pop music, I post a rock or metal song.

Is all.

Cyall around on BZP!

IPB Image

BoA, you're still my number 1.
Click thumbnail for larger view.



Posted by Angel Beat , Oct 01 2006 · 38 views
Okay, so I'm supposed to talk about a movie... But I haven't really watched any movies last week, and when I did, I didn't pay attention to them. Sorry.

Next time, when I can't rant about movie for some reason, I'll rant about a song instead.

Today, I got a bit of some bad news. Because there won't be a special bus going to the Unholy Alliance concert on October 20, I'll have to go with public transport. And it's going to be very expensive, so I might have to let the concert slip. sad.gif The same might apply for the Lordi concert 5 days later in another city. If there won't be a special bus for Lordi either, I'm going to have to let one of the concerts slip out of my grasp.

All because of that (...) phone company, who gladly made me pay a bill that was way too expensive and impossible for me to get.
Yes, I like to blame them. And it is their fault, not mine. I didn't make 89 phone calls in less than 2 hours, even though they 'proved' that I made that many phone calls.

I wanted to follow a quick Japanese study as well, but that can't kick off either because of the lack of money.

Might be time for me to contact one of them consumer programs out there...

To be continued . . . Without remorse.

IPB Image

BoA, my everlasting Atlantis princess.
Click thumbnail for full view.


Get Ya'

Posted by Angel Beat , Sep 27 2006 · 29 views

More minor updates. Category buttons have been changed, added one for the Movies section. Also added another download and another moving piccy.

Took some pics of the Antaeus X, should be able to put them online tonight.

I also think I should continue with NFS Most Wanted, haven't played it for a while... Been too busy with Star Wars Jedi Acaemy. No wonder if you have Tifa Lockhart (Advent Children version) as a character in multiplayer... sly.gif

I'm wondering why my blog is a bit deprived of replies lately... wink.gif

And saving the best for last:

I'm going to order Winter Love, BoA's latest single, soon. Already heard a 3 minute preview and it sounds great. biggrin.gif It reminds me of Everlasting, Your Color, First Snow and some other sweet ballads. So it's a must buy for me. And I'm combining it with the last album by Fin.K.L, called Forever. I love that album to bits.

IPB Image

Click image for a larger and even prettier view.


Zzyzx Rd.

Posted by Angel Beat , Sep 26 2006 · 25 views
As you can see, I made some little changes in my Blog layout. Replaced the static images of BoA with moving ones and my download block is right above it. (The links expire after a month without downloads.)

Going to make some new buttons as well, with possibly a new blog category called Movies. Every week, I'm going to talk a bit about a movie I watched that week. Expect the first rant to arrive next Sunday. I'm unsure which movie will be first, but I'm thinking about Tae Guk Gi - The Brotherhood of War, a Korean war movie.

Should be interesting.

*thinks for a while*

Crud, forgot to take pics of the new revised and improved Antaeus X. It looks pretty different from my LGD Contest 4 entry thoughness.

And again, it's time to end this rant with a very nice picture... See ya all on the forums!

IPB Image

Click for bigger view.



Posted by Angel Beat , Sep 24 2006 · 22 views
Met up with IXI today and, as always, we had a lot of Burnout fun. Crashing into each other, blowing each other into little pieces... Awesomeness. Also, IX gave me some money to buy him an album; 2 Days or Die by Atlas Plug. We've been after that album for years now, literally.

Also got some more music... A lot of songs by Dragonforce, which sound awesome. Got some Ayumi Hamasaki songs as well, they're great too. I also have a trancey remix of the song Aces High, it's sweet. Some songs by BoA...

And last, but certainly not least, a song by 'the Chinese BoA', Jang Ri-in. They call Jang Ri-in the Chinese BoA because her voice is a bit similar to BoA's. And the fact that they're both discovered by Soo-Man Entertainment. wink.gif Timeless is a great song, and it's a must-listen. I'll add it to my music list in this blog soon.

Yes, I have a content block from which you can download some of my favorite songs. They're all BZP appropriate, don't worry. wink.gif

IPB Image

Click to enlarge.


Famiresu Bonbaa

Posted by Angel Beat , Sep 23 2006 · 17 views

I got a new signature and avatar. They're still BoA, don't worry. They're made from pictures from this year's Olympus camera company photoshoot, who casted BoA as their model. And I'll be featuring these photos as my signoffs in my blog. biggrin.gif One at a time, so get collecting. tongue.gif You'll need to click on the thumbnails for the full versions though...

Well, I know the title of BoA's latest single, which is called Winter Love and it features the following songs:

01. Winter Love
02. Candle Lights
04. Winter Love (TV MIX)
05. Candle Lights (TV MIX)

01. Winter Love video clip

Yes, I'll be ordering the single + DVD version. biggrin.gif

Also, BoA recently released a limited digital Korean edition of her single Key of Heart. The download is for South Korean residents only, but I got a hold of it. And the Korean version is great, I think I like it better than the Japanese and English versions. Now for an instrumental version, which wasn't included on the original single.

And I found out something....shocking.

I was in another town today, because there were some festivities. And on a market, I saw a set of 3 swords. Thinking my mother wouldn't allow me to buy them, I said that I saw some nice swords. And then my mother said: "If I had the money, you would've gotten them." I was amazed, because my mother doesn't like weapons in the house at all.

Going to take some pics of my revised Antaeus tomorrow. Transformed it from a triple-seater sub into a single-seater space ship. sly.gif

IPB Image
Click for full picture.

-- Profile --

---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


Position: Retired Staff
Premier Membership: Lifetime.
Post Count: Not important.
BZP Age: Way too old.
Sanity Level (1-10): 7.5

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