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    I.K.S. Lady Chronia, I.K.S. Auriel, I.R.W. Oculus, R.R.W. Imperius, U.S.S. Discovery, U.S.S. R. Johnson, U.S.S. Stilwater [[Star Trek Online]]
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    Hi, I am former Blog Assistant Valenti and welcome to my profile.

    ---Real Life---

    Name: Mario
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Location: The Nether Lands.
    Known languages: Dutch and English.
    Heritage: Dutch.
    Education: No college now.
    Religion: None, no conversions available.

    Notable Physical Features:
    Long, brown hair.
    Brown eyes.
    Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

    Wakizashi, dagger, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

    Utilities & Tools:
    Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

    Music fan
    Future artist
    Occasional crossdresser.

    Doesn't use any questionable substances.
    Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
    Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
    Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


    Position: Former Senior Staff
    Premier Membership: Lifetime.
    Post Count: Not important.
    BZP Age: Way too old.
    Sanity Level (1-10): 7.5

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  1. 17 years since I became a member here. Wow.
  2. Thanks! ^^ Kinda wish I could've gotten into E:D hah.
  3. The Pansarka system's gorgeous, innit?
  4. Hi, been a while. I still visit here occasionally, but I've mostly been busy with stuff like Star Trek Online, Warframe and watching OutsideXbox, Outside Xtra, Eurogamer and Dicebreaker. Speaking of which, I went to EGX Rezzed in London in April to meet a bunch of new friends, and watched livestreams of the above, and went to meet and greets with them (aside from Dicebreaker, which didn't exist yet). Cripes, they're lovely people to meet and chat with.
  5. A long time indeed.
  6. A cool cool, cat lady. Yup. (Also Angel Beat in the avatar. )
  7. That's about half my life.
  8. Much like what Knights of the Old Republic 2 did with the Jedi, Sith, and the Force, really. It's one of the things that's been in my mind since I watched The Last Jedi.
  9. The only time a spoiler didn't spoil things for me, was when The Legend of Korra ended with Korrasami being canon. Heck, it's what kickstarted my desire to see the show in the first place.
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