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  1. Hey everyone, I’m looking to buy some of the missing masks in my collection! I’ve attached a photo of what I own, so if it’s not there I’ll probably be interested. Worth noting I’m only really looking for the original line of masks right now, so probably no Nuva masks (though there’s a possibility, I don’t have many) or any other 04-onward masks. I also have a green Kakama and silver Kaukau for potential trade. searching for: Red Kakama Green Pakari Brown Akaku, Pakari Trans-clear Kaukau Black Hau, Akaku Orange Mahiki, Matatu Lime Huna, Rau Tan Mahiki, Rau Light grey Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Rau Light blue Huna, Mahiki, Matatu, Kaukau Dark grey Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Matatu Yellow Komau, Kaukau Copper Komau All 11 Matatu/Ruru european misprints (especially red Ruru) Movie edition Kraahkan And I think that’s everything. Thanks!
  2. Found these lil dudes on facebook marketplace, all sealed! Had to drive an hour to pick them up but I couldn't pass on them. I have probably quadruples of each by now I think? But having some sealed ones is pretty amazing
  3. It seems I missed last year's post so this'll have to do. I keep forgetting BZP still exists and then every time I come back I recognize fewer names! Apparently I've been a member here for 15 years according to my new spinny, it really is amazing that I recognize anyone at all and that this place is still around. No real point to this post, just wanted to say hi to anyone I know who's still around. Until next year, probably!
  4. Xinlo

    The Toa's Hideout

    hahaha 5 years later, better late than never I suppose seeing as I'm replying a year after... I do remember you though I don't think we ever interacted much in the beginning days. Unfortunately I don't have any way of contacting Sean, haven't heard from him in quite a while
  5. constraction older ahsoka would be the most legit thing
  6. hey? I don't really know what to write, just figured I should write something... I guess I moved out to the city a year ago on my own and work in a recording studio now so that's some life updates. and my band's working on a new EP and a second album. oh also I missed my 13th anniversary of being a member of this site... 2004 feels like a lifetime ago and that's all I got! bye for who knows how long until I remember to post another one haha
  7. Anyone have any thoughts on Discovery? From the trailer I'm not really getting it but I'll of course watch it and give it a chance... I want it to be good.
  8. Alright I found photos of all my basses, so I'll start with them and do guitars later (they aren't as cool anyway): Conklin GT5, "Cassandra" - My main instrument that I use 90% of the time, my dad found this on consignment in our local music store after a mere two hours of it being for sale. After doing some research on it (having never heard of the brand before) I discovered Conklin specialize in super weird 12+ string basses and equally strange guitars, and that this was the most normal model they manufacture. I also looked up some reviews, and there wasn't a single negative thing said about the brand or the model. I saw these going on ebay and in music shops for up to $1500 (generally $1200) and this was available for $800... so I snapped it up and have never regretted it. This thing sounds exactly how I always wanted my bass to sound, is perfectly balanced and feels like a dream to play... not sure I'll ever need anything better than this. Its only downside is it weighs two tons lol Schecter *forgot the model*, "Ash" - The bass I play the other 10% of the time, mostly when I do easy pop cover band gigs and don't ever need a 5th string. This was a completely unnecessary purchase, but I loved how it looked and sounded, plus it's light as a feather. cost me about $850 in overpriced canadian hippietown dollars, but I also do not regret it and would recommend it for sure. Samick Custom Pro 4, "Bobbi" - Went bass shopping in a town about 5 hours away to find a more practical instrument in my first year of college (to replace the one below) and while browsing some random pawn shop, a sketchy looking dude walks in with this - filthy and in bad need of some TLC. He tried to pawn it off to the store but they said they had enough basses, so I asked him how much he wanted and he practically begged me to take it for $40 because he needed the money (suspicious but hey), so I did. Brought it home, gave it a bath, ordered new pickups and new strings and had it set up properly by a friend and it plays good as new! I don't use it much these days now that I have those other two, but it's a solid bass and I lend it out to people often. BC Rich Widow 5, "Charlotte" - My dream instrument. I saw this when I was in high school and wanted one ever since... I just find the proportions and style incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Two weeks before my college guitar audition I decided I wanted to go in for bass instead (having never played one ever) and ordered this online for $950. I learned on it and loved it, but discovered that it was ridiculously neck-heavy and playing it while standing is nearly impossible except for the simplest of parts. I somehow made it through most of my first year of college, and all my bass player friends who've tried it have no idea how I managed that. But it still sounds as menacing as it looks and works great for recording purposes and shock value, so I keep it around despite its impracticality. so yeah there's my four basses and some info about them for anyone who cares to read it, and I'll probably makea much smaller post with my guitars later because they're mostly pretty lame. My amp is also an Ampeg BA-112 150 watt, if I'm not mistaken, and it's nothing spectacular but it's reliable and gets the job done. So yeah long post done haha, I leave you with this really cool picture of my band at our last show because I love them and also you can see me playing my bass on stage.
  9. Wow I got summoned to BZP... neat that you actually remembered me haha! I'll get some pics up of my new gear and things soon, I've upgraded quite a bit since my last post I think... also thanks scythey for plugging my album and thanks truant for giving it a listen... it's not anything super spectacular, there's a lot we weren't able to do because we recorded it in about 7 hours, but I'm still pretty proud of it. Didn't spend a penny on it, either
  10. Hola BZPower, long time no see. I've been keeping pretty busy with work and stuff, but more importantly I've been slowly chipping away at the creation process for my band's debut album over the past 9 months! It's been a long time coming, some days I didn't think it'd ever be ready, but I finished it and here it is. I wrote every song on the album with the exception of one, which I co-wrote with a good friend who is not in the band. All the musicians volunteered their time and energy to learn my songs and record them for this, and I engineered/produced/mixed/mastered the thing with newfound skills from my time at music school. The cover artwork was done as a favour by a friend of our drummer from Turkey, and the artwork inside the booklet was done by BZP's own Serein/Scythey/Ryuujin! The whole project was volunteer work, and with the resources at school this cost me nothing to make, which is an opportunity I'll likely never have again. So without further ado, you can give it a listen and download it for free on our bandcamp page or you can give a little bit of money if it suits you. Thanks a ton if you take the time to listen, and if you enjoy it let me know!
  11. working on finishing my band's first album and I also just finished making a really great photoshop of myself replacing kate winslet in the bow-of-the-titanic scene one of these is super important
  12. Xinlo

    on my way out

    see you on skype
  13. Hey there BZP! It's me, Xinlo, the guy who stopped being active on here for quite a few months and finally decided to show up again! But yeah only reason for that was I just finished up my third and final year in music college, so this is the first opportunity I've really had to do much else besides study and write music. Anyway, the purpose of this entry is to inform anyone who might be interested that I've compiled an EP that includes all the full* songs I wrote and recorded during my tenure there. It has 10 tracks, of genres ranging from new age to pop to prog to doom (it's not the most cohesive listening experience but they all do have my "sound", I guess) and It'd be great if you could give it a listen and let me know if you liked anything. This is also a lead-up to my first proper studio album, which I hope to release digitally by the end of June and physically shortly afterwards, so keep an eye out for further info on that! Anyway if you care to give it a listen, here's a link to the soundcloud playlist. *full as in they have a beginning, middle and end and sound decent. not necessarily that they're all finished or how I intended them to be, they are demos after all.
  14. Took a trip to 'Murikka and found a bunch of cool stuff: Saga - Heads Or Tales Metal Church - The Dark John Williams - Star Wars Original Soundtrack Chris de Burgh - Spanish Train And Other Stories Marillion - Fugazi Coheed & Cambria - The Color Before The Sun Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Love Beach Uriah Heep - Demons & Wizards The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Sweet - Give Us A Wink! Jethro Tull - Benefit Jethro Tull - Stormwatch Kansas - Song For America Kansas - Monolith Kansas - Point Of Know Return all on vinyl as well as Fly By Night, 2112 and Test For Echo by Rush on cassette.
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