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Best Of Soul!

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 26 2006 · 599 views
Finally, found the time to watch BoA's Best of Soul concert today and it was great. happy.gif The set was more functional than pretty, but that's okay. The dancers were all great and there were even enough musicians to form a new rock group. Yeah, a lot of the songs had a more rockish feel to it than their studio counterparts.

And then there's the star of the concert, BoA. Man, she looked great on stage! And when she's talking to the audience, she's a completely different person than when she's performing. She's cute hen she's talking. happy.gif

BoA's vocals were amazing, hitting almost every high note there was. And her emotions during the songs were perfect. Songs like "Meri Kuri" were done sincerely and songs like "Be the One" were done with the right amount of power. And the live version of "Kono Yono Shirushi" was even cuter/sweeter than the studio counterpart.

It's also one of the very first times that she performed the songs "Do the Motion" and "With U", which were released on a single together only 2-3 weeks earlier.

I recommend this dvd to anyone who wants something different for a change, even though the price of the dvd is $56.99. I only wish the dvd was a bit cheaper...

NOTE: Everything you just read is Valenti's opinion.


Good Day To Ye.

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 22 2006 · 345 views
Er, as you can see, I've found the option to add custom content blocks to my blog. Heh... Dang.

I sent the money to the guy who keeps track of the BoA Fanclub finances and I'll soon send an email for confirmation.

Oh, got my neat little package today as well. You know, the one with the hide and Ayumi albums and the BoA dvd... It was a day early! biggrin.gif

Listening to hide's album, called Ja, Zoo, and it sounds awesome. Those songs are definitely going to be in my Xbox playlist, just like the Ayumi Hamasaki remixes. biggrin.gif

So that was another good day for me... But I'm friggin' tired.

G'nite and see ye around on BZPower~!


Well, This Is Nice...

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 20 2006 · 318 views
One negative thing today. The Seraphim album I ordered appears to be out of print, which sucks, because I was looking for it for quite some time.

On some lighter notes...

My latest order, which consists of 3 BoA albums, is on its way and I'll expect it some time next week, just like my other order.

And I just sent my application for the global BoA fanclub. Gonna transfer the money Thursday because I'll have more time for it then.

Aaand,... I'll be pre-ordering 2 singles this week, one by BoA, and one by the TRAX.


Well, this concludes my entry. Cya around on BZP and don't forget to vote for Join the Inika, MDT Style! tongue.gif


Pure Crud.

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 17 2006 · 268 views
The order I made is on its way, made another order, bought a new dvd player... Sounds like a great week, doesn't it?

Well, it wasn't all good.

To start off, one of the items in my main order got cancelled because it got out of print right when I ordered it. glare.gif Got a refund though which made my other order possible.

Our old dvd player sucks, so we had to buy a new one, with me paying for it. And that leaves me no money whatsoever to become a member of the global BoA fanclub. <.<;; Oh well, everything comes at a price. Maybe I get some extra money next week for it...

And I went to college yesterday for an interview for my study next year. (Pop and Media.) I got rejected and now there's no way for me to get into college next year, So I'll have to wait another fracking year to go back to school. sad.gif All that hard work this year for nothing.

Oh well, at least I get to see the new Guns 'n' Roses in 2 weeks.



Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 11 2006 · 335 views
Been having a lot of fun with Jade Empire lately, I think I almost completed it. Man, hte game is addicting and it's a good way of keeping your mind distracted from other......things......in life.

Also received Halo 2 Limited Edition yesterday. Never thought I'd find it for sale.

Payment for my CD/DVD order is well on its way, so that's another plus. Gonna try to see if I can join the darned BoA fanclub this week. Still a hassle to get the money sent... sleep.gif

And I bought a spiffy guitar yesterday. biggrin.gif

Hmm... it's going to be a busy week...


Yay.... And Nay....

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 07 2006 · 264 views
Hmm, I got my payment... €105.00... I hoped it was more... glare.gif

I'll be using that money to get a nice acoustic guitar and I'll try to join the BoA fanclub. I really hope it works.

Good thing I had some extra money, because I ordered some stuff from The List. biggrin.gif I modified the first order on the List and I combined it with the second order.

So the stuff I ordered are:

BoA: 8 FIlms And More... DVD.
BoA: Best of Soul Arena Tour 2005 Live DVD.
Hamasaki Ayumi: ayu Trance 1 Remix album.
hide: Ja, Zoo album.

Pretty expensive this time, but I'll get through it. happy.gif

Also got a complaint that I don't do my work in our gardens well enough... mad.gif Those people here in the neighbourhood don't seem to understand that I'm unable to do it all by myself, since I got some physical isues going on. And my mother can't help either, because she too has physical problems.

I just wish they'd shut up for once.


Critical Decisions.,.,., Or Just Decisions.

Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 05 2006 · 297 views
Soon there'll be an official global BoA fanclub and I want to join, surprisingly. But there's a little problem. (As always. rolleyes.gif) It appears that I need a passport to be able to join the club and it also appears that they don't accept payment through PayPal and such, which is bad. I think I'll have to do it through check or money order. wakeup2.gif

Don't have access to either of them. glare.gif

There's no problem in getting a passport though, but it takes a while for one to be created. And I only have 25 days left to join. sleep.gif That means I'll have to be fast. I should get my money this week, so I'll have enough to do just that and I'll be able to finally buy something from The List. biggrin.gif

On another note, I've entered the AC11 contest and I hope I'll get past the prelims for once. Got beaten by a darn Bohrok/reindeer hybrid last time. <.<;;

As for music, I've found out, thanks to Princess Kex, that Shinedown is a good band, so I'll be listening to their music more often. Orbital's pretty interesting. Gotta check up on their music as well. Also got more Maki Goto songs, and most of them are pretty good. Some are pretty goofy though... huh.gif

That reminds me.... I'm still waiting for Ai to arrive. It's a cool album by Taiwanese symphonic/gothic metal band Seraphim.



Posted by Angel Beat , Jun 02 2006 · 291 views
And here I am. Bored to death, not knowing what to type and listening to Miss Kwon's latest album, OUTGROW, which rocks in my opinion. Too bad there are only 5 new songs on it.

Anywho, it's always a strange feeling when you're pretty well-known and no one replies on your latest artwork. Forgot how it felt, because it was a long time ago since that last happened. Until yesterday. tongue.gif

I've been lurking in BA1 after the comic split-up and dang, my skills are out of date. tongue.gif Already seen some members with much better editing skills. Congrats guys. biggrin.gif Haven't really noticed them before the split-up because of the edits...

Hng, Everlasting just started. one of my favorite songs on OUTGROW and it's definately one of my favorite BoA songs ever. The lyrics, BoA's voice, the music... Everything's just so close to perfection. Just too bad that it's so darn distracting when playing Burnout 3. <.<;;

I should get my money next week and then I'll be able to pay for the first order off the list in my last blog entry. I'm thinking of replacing the Valenti single with the Rock With You (Japan Version) single though. Not sure yet.

That should be it for now...

Cya around on BZP!


Another Day On Bzp...

Posted by Angel Beat , May 30 2006 · 327 views
Heh, it was just another ordinary day on BZP... Posted a lot... Did some reports... All in all, I had fun.

There were finally some replies in my latest art topic in COT... Thanks guys. laugh.gif I'll reply soon, I think.

Maybe it's time to make a list about what I'm going to buy next off the internet. That way, I won't keep on forgetting it.

Here it goes:

BoA DVD: 8 Films & More...
BoA Single: Valenti
Ayumi Hamasaki Album: Ayu TRANCE 1

BoA Live DVD: Best of Soul Arena Tour 2005

BoA Album: No. 1
BoA Album: Love & Honesty
BoA Album: My Name
BoA Album: Listen to My Heart (Korea Version)
BoA Album: Listen To My Heart (Japan Version)

X Album: Blue Blood
Ares Album: Digital Human
Anthem Album: Eternal Warrior

BoA Live DVD: Valenti Tour 2003
BoA Live DVD: Love & Honesty Tour 2004

X Album: Say Anything (Ballad Collection)
hide Album: hide Tribute Spirits
TRAX Single: Scorpio (Japan Version)

More coming later. tongue.gif



Posted by Angel Beat , May 28 2006 · 311 views
Dangit... Having one of those sudden feelings of sadness now and I don't know how to get over it... Happy thoughts don't work because, well, they end up in a lot of bloodshed. And it's certainly not good to listen to sad music right now... sad.gif

Hmm... maybe it's time to write off some issues I'm having... (Warning: This isn't going to be very easy to read...)

I was bullied for a long time and it messed me up good. Got traumatized to such an extent that I even dropped out of college because I couldn't handle the stress. The bullying wasn't only at school, but also on the streets and at my father's house. (My parents are divorced.) I also had a stepsister who had a crush on me, which made everything even more confusing.

In school, none of the teachers did anything against the bullies, despite me running indoors crying a lot of times in those 6 years.

The bullying at my father's home was around the same time I was bullied in school. Everything started to pile up on me and I actually got therapy for it. The therapy worked for only a year or 2 when I was in high school.

When I was in high school, I didn't get bullied. Until the latter part of the third year. Some guys thought it was funny to squeeze the air out of my lungs by pressing me and my chair against my desk. I got so ticked off at one time that I almost hit someone in the head. It's because my arm was a bit too short, or I might have killed him with one hard and precise blow to the head.

After that, I got a real breakdown that went on even after the summer vacation. Sure, I got into another class, but that didn't quell my fear of being bullied again. That was around the year 2002-2003. In the next schoolyear, 2003-2004, I started to feel serious amounts of stress and it got so bad that I wanted to put an end to it (my life) in the 2004 summer vacation.

It was also the time I got introduced into the Asian music by IXI through a pic of Lee Hyori. I listened to her music and the music of Fin.K.L. I liked the music, but I still felt depressed and devastated. And I went on a downloading spree of depressing music. And that's when I found my first BoA song. It was called Don't Give a ['Darn'] and for the first in a long period, I felt happy again; those suicidal feelings were gone. I even got so far to be accepted in college.

Flash forward to 2005: I was doing pretty well in college and then it went wrong. All the stress and negative feelings came back and I stopped going to college. Dropped out eventually. So I went to look for help as soon as possible. And now I have the help and I'm finally getting back on track. I hope, because I'm out of money right now... glare.gif Can't even go to the rehabilitation sessions this week. But I'll manage to solve that...

The near future: Chances are that I'll be going back to college next schoolyear. Everything shall turn out good.

Something else: I decided to sent that message to BoA anyways. All I need now is a reaction, but I doubt I'll get one.

EDIT: Just updated my Personal Photo.


First Time.

Posted by Angel Beat , May 27 2006 · 285 views

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.

I'm not really sure what to post about, so I'll just say this: The numbers on the bottom line of my sig are edits and most of them aren't published on BZP. Not knowing if I shall put them in a topic, I'm just going to ask it here. Should I publish the edits in the Forums? tongue.gif

On another note: It appears that I have actually found a way to contact BoA and I probably would've done so, if the people of the site (which I won't mention) forgot to put an email address or something similar in the link over there to contact her... huh.gif

And people who say that I´m obsessed will be shot, survivors will be tortured.


Dang, my keyboard is messing up again... dry.gif

-- Profile --

---Real Life---

Name: Mario
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: The Nether Lands.
Known languages: Dutch and English.
Heritage: Dutch.
Education: No college now.
Religion: None.

Notable Physical Features:
Long, brown hair.
Brown eyes.
Occasional Kubrick stare.
Facial scars (dog bites) covered by facial hair.

Wakizashi, daggers, lightsabers, Megatron, several knives and axe.

Utilities & Tools:
Swiss+Tech Utili-Key.

Music fan
Future artist
Occasional crossdresser.

Doesn't use any questionable substances.
Dislikes unneeded medications with a passion.
Doesn't like it when people think they're better than others. (Especially dislikes "Holier-Than-Thou" attitudes.)
Tries to treat other people the way Valenti wants to be treated. With respect and kindness.


Position: Retired Staff
Premier Membership: Lifetime.
Post Count: Not important.
BZP Age: Way too old.
Sanity Level (1-10): 7.5

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