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From Fritane To Titripec

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 13 2006 · 121 views
The Realm of Ip
Come, hearken to the first of many tales about the, people, places, and hapoccurs within the Realm of Ip. I myself am the archivist of all Ippish history in the fair town of Stesh, and have been given leave to recount the happenings and infoings of two famed cities in our fair land - the cities of Fritane (Fri-tan-ee) and Titripec (Ti-tree-peck).

Most consider them one city, and misinformed as they are, that is a very credible observation. For throughout the streets of the two towns, amongst all the azure and orange buildings, one can hardly discerne which and whether town they're in. Just why this?

Deep in the south of Ip, at the tip of the Easchnlor peninsula (a great battle was fought on the plains there, but thi's another story) there were a rather large settlation of colonists coming from the great Kaah Treaui Kaah ruins to the westnorthwest, seeking a new place to govern and call their own. At the tip, at a small but worthy bay, they decided on the location for their new village.

But there was a disagreement - one prominent leader of the group had decided the name would be Titripec, a name he came up with and thought clever and fitting. But one woman (of Gereant race) in the crowd thought it a ridiculous name, and voiced the name Fritane, after the 500-andon year old tortoise they clanspeople had raised through the generations, who was, sadly, deceased.

(I should take a moment to explain - in Ip, it is an esteemed practice to raise family tortoises. They never die of old age, and continue growing larger and larger. Families or clans or town councils would raise these reptiles and protect them from all disease or predators, so that generation after generation of devoted spoiled care these turtles would be so old and so huge, well... they would be very old and very huge. Why did people practice this practice? For the very famous heck of it.)

The leader refused - he would not rid the name Titripec. To enqouth him, "I'm making a town named Titripec, and I'm making a town of the name of Titripec!" His stubborness caused unrest in the settlers, who after many debates and arguments came to a compromise. No, not that the name would be Fritripec or Titrane, how stupid would that be? They decided to break off into two groups and each found their own towns. So, at a small distance of 25 Efferlengths (about the distance of 150 or 160 meters on Earth) began constucting their villages. Everyone was at peace with these decisions, and the two towns were very much in harmony with eachother.

But years passed, generations came and gone, and all cities expand with time. And expand Fritane and Titripec did. They grew and grew. The trouble was, as more time passed, there was no longer room for expansion outward. On one side was the sea and on the other three were the steep climbing edges of the basin they lived in. Expansion continued until they were just about meeting, only a road's width between them.

A brave entrepreneur and a wary architect began construction on a tavern in the direct 'tween of the two towns, a tavern by the name of The 30 Bucklers (for thirty bucklers were to adorn the walls inside). Following their lead, constuction continued in that tiny width of land until there simply wasn't enough room. Well, there was, but it was already occupied by the other town. Yet, thanks to inspecific boundary regulations, nobody viewd that as a problem. A Titripecan bank was built right in the middle of a Fritane street, and several Fritanish vendors placed their stands between various buildings in Titripec. And more time passed, and more expansion occured. Though it wasn't expansion so much as squeezing - more and more buildings of one town were built within or next to the streets and buildings of the others. Eventually, Fritane and Titripec practically entirely occupied the exact same space, and just what was Fritane and what was Titripec was interspersed within what was not.

Finally, both town councils realized this was a problem. How many times had it occured in the recent years that they would be walking down a Fritanish street, lean to the right and suddenly they would be on Titripecan property? Or a Titripecan walking into a market that was right beside his house and surrounded by lots of other Titrepecan houses, only to find it full of Fritanes? One particular citizen had it rough - He himself was declared Titripecan, but every house surrounding him contained Fritanish citizens, leaving him to ponder just to which he belonged. Postage was an absolute nightmare. Some spots were on Fritane property, some spots were Titripec, some were both. And both councils met, and both councils developed a simple smashing idea.

With surpluses of blue (they all preferred to refer to it as "azure", because it was a shade darker than normal blue) and orange paint from some previous undefined celebration of sorts, the towns agreed that all Titripecan structures would be painted one color, and the Fritanish bildings the other. And the painting begun - everyone in both towns were quite pleased with this arrangement. But yet another problem arose, starting with a situations that probably went summat like this:

Titripecan: Hey, you're painting that house orange!
Fritanish: Yes, isn't this whole idea great?
Titripecan: Oh, absolutely. But that house is Fritanish, not Titripecan.
Fritanish: Exactly, which is why I'm painting it orange.
Titripecan: But orange is the color of Titripec!
Fritanish: Absolutely not! Orange is the color of Fritane!
Titripecan: All Titripecan buildings are orange! Look at those over there!
Fritanish: Those? Those aren't Titripecan at all. Those belong to Fritane.
Titripecan: Orange is Titripec!
Fritanish: Orange is Fritane!

And when this argument was brought before both councils, it was realized both towns assumed orange as their color. Only a small portion of the cities had been painted, but they had all been painted orange. And the councils ARGUED. Both gave lengthy, filibustrous debates on why orange was the color for them. Really, the true reasons were no more than both liked orange and despised azure. Nobody could reach an agreement, especially because of the fact that whoever got orange, would get all the already orange painted buildigns as well, despite whether those buildings originally belonged to Fritane or Titripec. While the councils argued, months passed, and the citizens decided they might as well get the job done. They, randomly but fairly, painted the houses either orange or azure. With all the various orange and azure buildings, things were altogether even more confusing, but they faithfully awaited the decision the councils would make.

That decision, which was vary fair, was this: each town would get half the orange buildings, and half the azure buildings.

And the situation was never brought up again. Despite the fact that the decision made no less confusion and scattering, as well as (especiall as) the fact that neither side specified which buildings were the half they possessed. The reason it was never brought up again was the fact that so many arguments and useless decisions have already happened over the matter, that everyone was fairly sick of it to bother with it anymore.

So now, if you were to venture to Fritane or Titripec, don't expect to EVER be aware of which town you're just exactly in, because just when you're in one you're in the other. Go ahead and gaze at the remarkable orange and azure buildings, whose color is now meaningless and no more than a decoration. Though do regard this helpful bit of advice - Do visit The 30 Bucklers, which is the only place that belongs to neither town.



Filler Entry

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 12 2006 · 117 views

I have nothing to say. But I really need to make a blog entry. So I'll just write random words and sentences and see what fribbonshas upwards.

BEA BEA BEA I li,e the ukelele King Dedede Luke and Leia and muffintog.beep beep beep beep bep ak aka a asdfjkl;l;kjfdsasdfjkl;lkjfdsasdfjkl;lkjfds THAS ALL FORKS

Whats up then thdown ahd nda Quewerty Boo yah its qwerty he has a verse for us today TODA!H EXCLaim is oops is boo yah and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE ghertrude. My name is gheretrude. Your name isn't Ribguse (Ribguse's is) neaXT!!! Super california-licious EXP Al a doe shious. Even though tyon sound of yon est yon a lona docshius. Crest Vs Colgate: It's all in the mix.

Hapy brithsay son, your am fiveteen years old know!!!!

HIBIJIBIDI HIBIJIBIJIBIDI, HIBIJIBIDI, HIBIJIB-JIB-JIB, josijihosiohi! Fritters, corn fritters, rice fritters, wheat fritters.. calico fritters, kodak fritters, hakann fritters... IS ONE FIFTY A CLOCK

boured boured, I'm britishly bored, boured boured boured.

Habitrail safari, Habitrail safa=== YEUCH!!

Volcano flower seashell sunshine boat stone,
Judith Hann who she's be?

Large, larg... Liason... macabre... morbid... putrid... petrified.. infected... Kaw... Doooooodwadee, Dooodwaduu, Dooodwadeee, Dooooooooo dwadeeweee


THE FIN!!!!!!



Posted by Etcetere , Jun 09 2006 · 102 views
That Real Life Thing
So I said I'd talk about .selah in some entry. Hith be tha entry.

Pondering over many names, like TriloByte, Etcetera (my all-purpose name, now), and Director of Music, .selah is the only one that fits. What's the best about it is that it's written in a cool form of text. The idea here is minimalism, taken literally. It's drawn as it would've been drawn pixel by pixel in a super-tiny font.
IPB Image

It's the moniker for my muisc-making hobby. Over time, more and more, I've been wanting to create my own techno, but with an orchestral symphony twist. The sole inspiration for the music is imagination, trying to stray from traditional and reach ungenreable. Here's a few of the songs I've developed, in both my mind and on the keyboard.

Bright - Ravey. A fast, repeating tune reminiscent of SandStorm, with bell-type pads and saw leads. Named because every connotation I have of it pertains to something bright.

Joyful Noise - A happy hardcore song, fast and happy and full of flutes. Speedy Cheerfulness. Named for "Make a joyful noise unto the lord".

Maelstrom - Another somewhat rave-ish song, but a lot more thick and aggressive. And faster. Contains both personal melodies, "Nothing Beats Elastic Feats" and "I'm an Apricot Dispenser". Named for a real cool word.

Wake Turbulence - Name's really the only developed thing. Insanely speedy, that's all I know.

BeepBoopBop! - More of a joke song than anything else. Contains lots of beeping, repetitive tunes, and a plain beat. It's a compilation of all the things that are reasons people don't like techno. But it's fun. Names in honor of www.beepboopbop.com.

Kadigan - Very weird song, somewhat happy hardcore, with a bit of mellow melodies. It's a collaberation 'tween me and Piratesheep. A kadigan is the term for words like "Doohickey" and "Thingamabob", as well as "Some-odd", "Thing" and "Zillion". They are definition-less placeholder words when an actual noun can't seem to make its way off your tongue.

Be Still - The idea of this song is that it is so quiet, you can barely hear it for most of the song. Very slow, very very relaxing and tranquil. Named for another Bible quote.

Untitled - Starts off with a repeating piano roll, enter some chamber strings, and after a boomerang it comes to the full-fledged song. Every bit is planned out in my head, I just need the software to get started. Dun know if it'll ever be named, or if "untitled" is its name.

Ueueu - Really, really weird song. Droning and bendy instruments. Born when I started singing "Weeeooo weeeoo weeoo, weeeeooo weeeooo weee-eee." while washing dishes. Named as a more interesting way to spell "Weeoo weeoo".

Earsore - Ever wondered what ugliness would sound like? This song is HORRIBLE. But done entirely intentional, of course. The strange idea is that it sounds so bad, so off-key and off-beat and annoying and repetitive and just plain ugly, that you like it. Well, someone in the world will. Named after the way it sounds, of course.

Panic Button - The world's largest pop remix. A compilation of every annoyingly recognizable tune to hit modern pop-culture media. The Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei), Homestar theme (Everybody Everybody), and the Six Flags theme (Time to Party) not to mention a million other random tunes and sounds. Named after that button on the car keys you always accidentally hit in a crowded public parking lot.

And that's what I can think of off the bat. I know I have a few more, I'll possibly edit this as I can.

Real quick, just some music that gives me inspiration, so you can get an idea of my style.
Mario Paint: Intense Color ~ SuperGreenX
Utopia ~ KaW
Take Me Back - KaW
As Do I ~ Prophecy
Chekan Winter ~ Prophecy
La Luna Caida ~ ForGreatJustice!
A Storm in the Desert ~ Unknown



The Wind Is In My Pocket

Posted by Etcetere , Jun 06 2006 · 84 views

I've got fourteen things to tell you.

1. I don't know what "edifice" means.
2. I just got a haircut sad.gif
3. I did Napolean Dynamite's entire dance as a skit in my church's VBS (minus the pelvic thrusts). The first time I accidently threw my fro off. The second time I practically fell off the stage. But it was fun.
4. Harman/Kardon is a company. They make speakers.
5. Thunder Toga != Ticonderoga
6. I has my own wedsite.
7. I'm listening to an awesome, very orchestral/imaginary remix of Dragon Roost Isle from WindWaker.
8. Happy people running into walls.
9. There's a broken-in-half trilobyte cast on my desk. Trilos roxxinate.
10. Three dollars.
11. I have new flip-flops!!!!
12. I still haven't taken pics and posted Tantrum. He's been built for nearly a year. Nevermind.
13. CD-RWs don't hold their full 700mbs.
14. (o)



Posted by Etcetere , Jun 03 2006 · 84 views
Dun know if anyone ever clicks on my "Pfft" minibanner, but in case you haven't, I wanna let you know it happens to link to one of the most awesome websites on the internet.


Isn't it just totally hilarious? I have no clue who made it, my friend just discovered it while Googling and showed it to me. The best part is that it's not some Geocities or Freewebs site or anything like that - it's a genuine domain name that somone obviously has some sort of paying account to keep on the net. Even if you disagree, I must admit I love that site.

You have to admire someone who goes through all that effort to be wasteful.

And another thing. Go to coredimension.com (as well as .net or .org). It's um.. interesting.




Posted by Etcetere , Jun 01 2006 · 96 views
That Real Life Thing
There's something extremely important I need to tell you about.

No! Don't listen to me!

No! Really, please listen!!

Don't listen to a word I say!! I'm not-

- Don't listen to that! Listen to ME.

I'm an imposter!

No! I'm real, please, please..

Don't listen to a word I say!




If I tell you I'm real because I'm the one alive, don't listen to me! That's proof I'm fake!

Please, I have to tell you!

No! Please, please don't think I'm real... please.. don't listen..

I only don't want you to listen because it's so important! You have to know!

You have to understand-

I can prove I'm real! And if I told you not to listen because I'll say I'm the one alive, don't listen to that! I am alive, and the fact I said not to listen to that proves I'm not!

You're right I'm not!

But I am!

Don't.. I beg you.. trust me...

No! Don't try to lie to them!

Trust me... don't listen to what I'm going to say...

I'm trying to deceive you!

Don't consider a word... I say...

Don't listen to me, but listen to ME!

No please! Don't listen at all!

It's important that I tell you-

It's important that I don't!

I have to-


No! Please!

Trust me!

Trust me!

I'm saying only lies.

Everything I say is true!

I'm lying!

No I'm not!

Yes I am!








Phillip Man

Posted by Etcetere , May 31 2006 · 111 views
I have a friend named Phillip Man. I'm not joking. His first name is Phillip and his last name is Man.

Well, actually, his last name is Mane. But there's a circumflex over the A, signifying it was once Masne but the S was dropped for some reason. Therefore, many people mispronounce it "Mane" as in the state Maine or the lion's mane, but no. It's correctly pronunced "Man". Every superhero has to have a theme song, so I coined this jingle:

Phillip Man, Pheh-Phillip Man.
He does nothing at all, nothing that he can't can.
He can't can is not what he can't, so he can't do what he can cannot do.
What do he does is a do he can't,
And can't can he cannot do can what he can't.

Well, the word can has become meaningless to me. I suddenly am thinking, "That means 'able'?? Since when did it mean anything other than a metal cylindrical container? Can? Can means.. can? Have I ever said the word can before? Can I can? Can't I?

So now I'm not totally sure can is even spelled that way.. though there's not much more ways to spell it. Kan? I dun think so. I'll have to trust that odd unsure reasurance that it's the right way.

Has that ever happened to you? You repeat a word so much it becomes meaningless? It's odd that things can do that. Oh look, I used can. I guess seeing as it comes naturally, I can use can just fine. But it's really odd.

Like take a moment to analyze the word "It". Why it? Why not "Wuh" or "Ut" or "Ite"?? Why do we say it? Why is it spelled I-T? Why does I make the i sound? Why can't it look like some other symbol? Why can't the ih sound be signified with a G-shaped letter, or maybe just an O?

Why the heck is the alphabet even in that order?


And who coined the phrase, "coin a phrase"?


I Love Techno

Posted by Etcetere , May 30 2006 · 105 views
I do. I guess I've always liked it but had been against the whole sterotypical beep-boop-bop kazzo kind, which now I love just as much anyways. What mainly got me hooked was an online DDR-type game called Flash Flash Revolution, which I can't link to because it has message boards.

My favorite techno artists are as follows-

SuperGreenX - Lame name, but amazing music. Most of his songs blend in orchestra with ambient electronic, making songs that'd be great for background music in a Myst-type game. But some of his songs can be rather hardcore, and many are done in a unique style. He happens to remix video game songs frequently, making them so different you'd have never guess he didn't make the tune up. Fave Songs: Crowdpleaser, 4F73R M3, Mario Paint - Intense Color, and Synesthetic.

KaW - Goes by too many names - KeeL, Smiley, Bonzai, etc. that I've just come to refer to all of him as Kaweeleybitzaitor X. His music follows the traditional techno system the most - lots of tracks that repeat in a pattern, coming in and going at different points in the song. But the fact that his focus the most on tunes rather than effects make them my favorite to listen to, and the melodies frequently get stuck in my head. His songs tend to call in the categories of Happy Hardcore, industrial, or foreign cultural. Fave Songs:
Delirium, Destiny, Take Me Back, Petrification, Exotica, and Who.

Prophecy - One guy but collaberates with a group known as Prophetik Music. His songs are the best for imagination trips because it's more instrumental than synthesizes. A lot of his songs sound foreign. The Indian and Asian styles are what he seems to enjoy the most, but he has several songs that sound spacey as well. Music to close your eyes to. He remixes game songs as well. Fave Songs: Back to the Place I Once Knew, As Do I, Chekan Winter, Dark Piano, and Tribal Transcendency.

For Great Justice! - His name happens to be a quote from All Your Base, but it used to be SpookGoblin. His songs tend to be around grindy and buzzy, the type my friend David (piratesheep on BZP, but he only has 1 post) refers to as "Liquid Stretch". But some songs can be very unique and musical as well. He has a skill of totally changing the song's feeling in the middle of it, going from chaos grindy to soft and beepy. Fave Songs:
Save Me!, La Luna Caida, Secret Zombie Room, Parachute Stupid Clowns (in The Good Job Company), and One Last Battle.

DJ RageVI - Goes by other monikers as well but they all include "Rage". He's the rave guy. His techno is the type you think about, the kind they play in lazertag and car commercials. Tons of synthesized instruments, and lots of what my friend calls "Techno Kazoos". Speedy and exciting. Rave, rave, and more rave. Fave Songs: Tetris Tailspin, UB3R R4VE, and For FFR.

.selah - Guess who this is? Me! Unfortunately, my music exists only in my imagination and on my keyboard as of now. When my music is created, it will lean towards imaginary over rave, and - wait, why am I rambling about myself? I'm saving all this info for a totally new blog entry. You'll just have to wait.

But I do like artists like Darude, Zombie Nation, BanYa, DM Ashura, Patt.22, etc. Just not as much as the above 5 guys.



White's The New Black

Posted by Etcetere , May 29 2006 · 91 views
That Real Life Thing
Minimalism is in.

The style fad all started with iPod, and the next step was a huge one - the top three producers for the world's consoles have taken on this style in their own form.

XBOX 360 - White. And with a pleasurable blend of lime. The whole style's theme seems to be liquified. Reminds one of milk and mountain dew. Plus the basic, though a bit unique text.
PS3 - Goes for silver instead of white, though the effect is the same. Smooth and simple.
Nintendo Wii - The most plain of all. White. Arial-esque text. Ordinary rectangle. A bubble button.

The minimalistic style goes for Simple. Smooth. Easy. White.
Nowadays, the high-tech, fancy, detailed look is out. The plain, boring, ordinary look is in.

And I must say I quite love this style - it's what I go for myself. While it's not good for everyone to take on the same look, each company has provided their own twist to make minimalism more like minimal-plus-ism.

Thus far, the future's looking good.




Posted by Etcetere , May 28 2006 · 197 views
That Real Life Thing
It's befitting that my last entry was on cards. Because I've recently learned the world's best card game and wish to share it with you. It is called Minimao

This can be found on Kevan dot org, yes indeed that site of those zombie links. But this game has nothing to do with those, thankfully.

Here's how it works:


- Take a deck of cards. Literally any deck. This game will work with traditional playing cards (jokers included), Trading cards, business cards, absolutely anything. Preferrably you should have a lot, around the number of a deck of 52 cards.
- There are two piles; a draw pile and a discard pile. Draw pile is facedown and the discard pile is beside it, with one card already in it at the start of the game.
- Everyone is dealt 5 cards.
- At each turn, the player places down a card in the discard pile. Unless, if they are unable to go, they draw a card.
- To win a round, you must lose all your cards. Basically, for the first round, whoever goes first ends up winning first.

Now here's what makes the game interesting: You make up the rules. All the rules that weren't specified above you create. Here's how that works:


- Whenever you win a round, you create a secret rule and name it. The rule can be absolutely whatever you want, and the name can be whatever you want as well.
- If someone breaks this secret rule you made, you tell them "You have violated *rule name*". You do not tell them what the rule is or what it means, you just tell them the name of it and that they violated it. It is up to the other players to figure out the rule's meaning for themselves.
- Rule violaters must draw a card. If they had played a violating card, they take that card back as well. It is then the next person's turn.

And that's all there is to it! Once several rounds are played, there's several rules that everyone must remember, and it's very fun because the game can take any turn you want it to.

Things to remember about making rules:
- Rules cannot make it impossible to play a card. Examples include "You cannot ever play a diamond", "Queens must be played on other Queens", or "All cards must be played on the 2 of Clubs".
- Try not to make them too complicated. Then it's not fun, and that's the whole idea of playing a game in the first place. Of course, sometimes complicated rules are funny, so just use judgement.
- The rules can be as ridiculous as you want them to be.
- The rules don't even have to have anything to do with the cards themselves! Example: "Everytime someone touches their nose, everyone else must clap."
- I recommend writing your rules down privately, so you can remember them.

RULE EXAMPLES (These are using a traditional deck of cards)
Here's some examples that me and my friends have used:

Fibwee - Face cards can only be played on top of a card of the same suit.
Kriggan - Every time you play a card, you must slap the table.
Superman - All cards must be played with the left hand.
Eyeball - Cards played must be within 2 higher or 2 lower of the previous card's value.
Pobert - If you play a Jack, you must flip the discard pile upside-down.
Sip a Cup - No doubles allowed.
Yellow Hat - Everyone must mimic the current player's sitting position.
Swiffel - If an Ace is played, everyone switches hands.
To Be or Not To Be - Kings can only be played on twos.

And that's it! Be as creative as you like, and think of ways to bend the game funwise.

Have fun!



IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

I'll get around to Pippining my blog. Eventually.

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