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A Golden-Red Horizon


The Hero Factory Building System is Amazing and Here's Why

Posted by Aanchir , Feb 17 2013 · 573 views
LEGO, Hero Factory, MOCs, Robots
Before we proceed, let me say that this model is NOT MINE. It was created by LEGO Group designers (EDIT: The designer was Christoffer Raundahl, one of the inventors of this building system whose BIONICLE design credits include the original Tahu and Kopaka sets), though it is most likely a MOC and not a set design (if it is an unannounced set design, though, you are free to celebrate at your leisure). The painted variant was detailed by Søren Westborg, a Danish artist who seems to specialize in painting tabletop gaming figurines, as a commission for LEGO Systems A/S.

Original model (photo taken by Flickr user Teabox at LEGO World in Copenhagen)
Another pic of the original model
A pic of the painted version
Gallery of Westborg's commissioned work (also includes a lovely painted Raw-Jaw)

I've built the leg and foot of the model on LDD (minus the heel piece, which is not available on LDD) and it's quite brilliant how they go together. I hope that some of these techniques wind up in sets eventually. These models have all the complexity of Witch Doctor and then some, and yet it comes together into a model that is far more refined and cohesive in design. Truly this model demonstrates that the Hero Factory building system is far from infeasible for "titan-sized" models. It just takes some very clever use of parts and a custom skeleton to create something every bit as incredible as many of BIONICLE's greatest titan models. And of course, as far as set design is concerned, a sufficient price point and age range for such a large, complex model.


BBCC64 Entry

Posted by Aanchir , Feb 06 2013 · 105 views

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Visit the topic


Matau and Nokama finally got together

Posted by Aanchir , Feb 04 2013 · 257 views

...In another show altogether.

Turns out they are voiced by Brian Drummond and Tabitha St. Germain. You might know them better as Mr. and Mrs. Cake from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Posted Image

Of course it's already well-known that voice acting can be a tightly-knit community, but it's still fun to find amusing little coincidences like this.

P.S.: I am not at all suggesting any sort of relationship between the actual voice actors. That would be a little bit weird.

P.P.S.: Feel free to substitute Onewa and Nokama, if that's your OTP for some reason


Minifigures Series 10 and Beyond?

Posted by Aanchir , Nov 23 2012 · 174 views
LEGO, Minifigures, Series 10 and 1 more...
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Discovered some pictures, element IDs, and design IDs for forthcoming minifigure parts through Brickset and service.LEGO.com. Click here for a list.


Obligatory Twinkie entry

Posted by Aanchir , Nov 16 2012 · 222 views
pony, TV, shipping
I don't really ship it, to be perfectly honest. The only Mane Six ships I really have much support for are Flutterdash and Twidash, and both because I think they're cute rather than because I have any interest in seeing those relationships develop into romantic ones. Rarijack is cute but at the same time I'm really enjoying seeing how Spike's relationship with Rarity is developing. With that in mind, I'm not a Sparity shipper in that I would be severely peeved if it turns out that he and Rarity don't really work out as a couple, since relationships are dynamic and it can be just as interesting to see how certain relationships fail to work out as to see how others succeed.

But back to Twinkie. I don't really see how Twilight and Pinkie Pie have very good chemistry. But feel free to list examples. I'm sure after this weekend Twinkie shippers might have a lot more fuel for speculation, since Twilight and Pinkie are supposed to be key characters in the upcoming episode.


From: Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Tv Series Discussion Topic

Posted by Aanchir , Nov 14 2012 · 134 views
LEGO, Ninjago, TV

Episode 25, "Return of the Overlord", airs tonight at 7:30 in the US! And next Wednesday there is going to be a Ninjago marathon leading up to the series finale! All this season's episodes will air starting at 1:30 in the afternoon and continuing until the finale at the show's usual 7:30 airtime.

Also, Jay Vincent has confirmed that a two-volume Ninjago official soundtrack is planned for a worldwide release by the end of this year. Guess that's just one more thing for fans to be excited about!

Source: Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Tv Series Discussion Topic


My Little Pony on iOS!

Posted by Aanchir , Nov 08 2012 · 186 views
pony, video games

Oh my gosh everypony.

The new My Little Pony game for iOS is excellent. It's a lot like LEGO Battles. Only without the battles. Or the LEGO. And with much better graphics. OK, perhaps this wasn't the most apt comparison.

There are microtransactions, but I don't plan on making use of them. Certainly it's possible to advance in the game without them; from what I've experienced it just means you have to wait longer for buildings to be constructed and other jobs to be completed.

Also the Ponyville in this game reminds me of Zoombiniville, and anything that reminds me of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is definitely a good thing. I'm talking to you, Seymour Eyeclop (no, Seymour is not in this game, but he is still best Zoombini pony).

Meanwhile, we have confirmation of BonBon's name, along with the names of several other minor ponies like Rarity's dad (Magnum) and the Big Lebowski shout-out ponies from "The Cutie Pox". Also lots of excellent voice acting, great music, and enjoyable minigames (though it may be a while before I'm any good at them). Fun times.

Source: Official My Little Pony topic


From: Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Tv Series Discussion Topic

Posted by Aanchir , Nov 07 2012 · 259 views
LEGO, Ninjago, TV

Don't forget, episode 24 of LEGO Ninjago airs tonight! After this there there will only be one more episode before the series finale!

Source: Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu Tv Series Discussion Topic

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