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Farshtey Feed (p183-185*)

Posted by Planetperson , May 22 2009 · 910 views

Farshtey Feed
Friday, May 22, 2009

• The Great Beings once held a position of power on Spherus Magna, up to the Core War and during it.
• Greg hints that it is possible that the Great Beings would not refer to each other as "Great Beings" or their giant robot as the "Great Spirit."
• Prior to the Shattering, many Agori and Glatorian had been outside of Bara Magna. Most are not native to Bara Magna.
• Greg, on the Vorox's anomalous tails: "Ah, but who is to say they aren't the same species as Glatorian, genetically tinkered with by the Great Beings?"
• There is water up near the headwaters of the Skrall River in the north, then it turns to sand as it goes further south. The water comes from melting snows in the Black Spikes.
• Scarabax beetles can fly.
• Special forces Skrall are more agile and stronger and quicker thinkers than the warrior class.
• Greg believes it is Stronius who killed one of the baterra for the Skrall to study.
• The Great Beings created the Element Lords to help them govern the Agori.
• Greg's hunch is that the Element Lords are of mixed gender.
• All of the tribes on Bara Magna had an Element Lord, but some of these tribes did not have villages in Bara Magna prior to the Shattering.
• The tribes' affiliation with certain elements existed prior to the notion of Element Lords.
• In the past, Strakk has defeated Vastus and Ackar.
• The alpha Vorox that Malum defeated wandered off on its own away from the pack.
• There are more Vorox than Skrall.
• The origin of the giant robot limbs scattered throughout Bara Magna is revealed in the movie.
• Strakk and Tarix have roles in the movie.
• Gelu plays a large role in the first novel.
• Stronius appears in comics and in the upcoming Papercutz graphic novel.
• Kyry appears in the first novel.

• Mata Nui had not come close to completing his mission before the Great Cataclysm.
• Teridax is aware that Bara Magna exists.
• Greg says that the inhabitants of the Red Star are probably not aware of what they are living inside of.
• The Red Star would attach to Mata Nui's upper back, large enough to cover most of it.
• Greg, on Mata Nui's camouflage mechanism: "We know that the state of Mata Nui in our story was caused by an energized protodermis LEAK .. we never said EP played a role at all in the other times MN was disguised. How do you know the leak did not transform what was used to create the plant life, thus accelerating the process?"
• Greg, on the function of the EP pipes near Mata Nui's face: "We haven't revealed that yet, but my personal belief is this -- we know there are what look like spare Mata Nui-ish parts on Bara Magna. To me, it's reasonable to assume that was an experiment that failed. So why, then, did Mata Nui as a project succeed? I think the difference was the use of protodermis and the use of EP. Think about it -- EP is capable of transformation or destruction of ANYTHING -- consider what an energy source that would be if you could harness it."
• The two beings found dead near Mata Nui's consciousness were of the Glatorian's species, being from the Fire Tribe and the Jungle Tribe. Their presence there was intended.
• Greg: "Brutaka is not dependent on his mask the way a Toa or a Matoran is. Different species."
• Only creatures of the Matoran universe can produce Rhotuka.
• Lava Eels inhabit Mount Valmai.

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On the alpha Vorox question, was Greg referring to before or after Malum defeated it?
*This may be a lack of knowledge on my part, since I don't know if Malum killed it or not.
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May 22 2009 03:43 PM
After Malum defeated it, since Malum did not kill it.
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Bitter Cold
May 27 2009 08:47 PM
"The two beings found dead near Mata Nui's consciousness were of the Glatorian's species, being from the Fire Tribe and the Jungle Tribe. Their presence there was intended."

I must've missed something, where's this two-beings-dead-near-Mata-Nui's-conciousness thing from?
    • 0
May 28 2009 01:41 AM
Refers to the two bodies the Toa Hagah found deep beneath Metru Nui in "Dwellers in Darkness."
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Bitter Cold
Jun 04 2009 09:51 AM
Ah. Not much was said of that afterward, with the Hagah being mind-wiped and all. I wonder how the crud they got in there?
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