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  1. At this point isn't it obvious? He wants Bionicle to return and is willing to hop onto the project again but Lego isn't convinced, so he's trying to get his followers and the fanbase to social media it into existence ("Your interest and comments will power the ignition").
  2. I can't imagine it goes more than four or five miles an hour; that's probably for the best though XD
  3. Oh... Oh no... 2009 Tradakk was the worst. I sincerely apologize for everything that has befallen your profile feed.

  4. Bionicle is a franchise that strikes me as one that needs to be fueled by passion and creativity, and the core of those tenets are seen in the art and story that are built around the figures. I think we saw that in the... visually uninspired shorts that were released this generation, and the absence of an attempt to release comics or more public promotional material. Unfortunately, those driving artistic principles aren't inherent to financial success, even if the promotions and shorts had been of higher quality there is no guarantee that higher sales would have followed. I would say that I only want to see it coming back if someone took the helm with true artistic drive, but I don't know if that's enough to keep a franchise afloat any more. Bionicle was very, 'of an era'. Maybe it should stay that way.
  5. 24K Solid Gold.- Lol. Well you can't say I didn't try. Side note, I'm surprised and glad that BST is still going strong after all these years. Plastic never goes away, neh?
  6. I saw that you were interested in a gold Hau- was that referring to the 24K solid gold Hau or the plastic Kanohi?
  7. Since I can't seem to change my avatar, a silhouette on a grey background I will remain. Sorry stalkers.

  8. How does he climb with only one claw? :SFantastic art, though. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of dedication that Lego puts towards its fanbase.
  9. You planning to ever come back to tth?

  10. But seriously, that's trippy.

  11. Oh God your avatar


  12. At first glance I thought your personal photo was Eyerok from Mario. :&

  13. Hey, thank you!

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