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  1. Erebus

    I can make these?

    Dorek! Do you remember me?
  2. Monolith is a first party studio of Nintendo, right? Maybe it is bigger than XBX
  3. Erebus

    Breath of the Wild

    It's looking so good. Told myself to not watch the trailer, but too much hype. The weather and temperature system, "snowshielding", Link's expressions, cooking, graphics, physics... soooo good. I understand the subtitle now.
  4. Tahu running away? unpossible Animations are great but I felt this episode was really short. It didn't help with the small recap at the beginning. Also cliffhangers ;(
  5. Makaru, you're so cool~ Erebus came from the Greek God of Darkness. Gotta love darkness.
  6. ddyyyyyy Trying to watch the first two hobbit movies right now so that tomorrow I can watch the third one. It's not easy getting through all of them at once.
  7. I am not sure what to say about this. I am very good at finding old quotes (when the archive was around), but it looks like I missed the 2007 answer. If it was from the same quote... well, then that was very stupid of me. I won't apologize though!
  8. Glad 2015 is a reboot and Greg can't do anything. Am I right guys? Good thing it's the first year for the new storyline!
  9. Toa Mata's a bit weird because they were named after the Great Spirit rather than the island. I would agree with what Chro said.
  10. Erebus

    Phone Call

    Someone named Jesus Christ called my land-line. Left no message. Wonder why.
  11. Ah, I understand. I am in the same boat as you, Ballom, but had to get this old idea out of my mind.
  12. That would not make sense since I believe we already know what the name of the first island ever created in the Matoran Universe is called. It originally meant desolation. I think that was in one of the 2007 books or something? Anyway, as late is this little tidbit comes, I'm pretty indifferent. Let's get more details about New!Bionicle instead of the latest thing Greg canonized. ~B~ You know, Greg told me he's not the person to ask about 2015 since he's not on the story team. He suggested waiting to see if the story team will answer questions. Then again, the storyline hasn't begun so what's there to ask. Also, to be fair, I asked about Toa Cordak (a thought I had since 2010) three weeks ago, before we knew ANYTHING about 2015.
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