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  1. I've actually been talking to someone off-site about the mask. If that falls through, I'll let you know.
  2. Everything except Dragon Bolt and Kardas are still for sale, yeah. Which sets are you interested in?
  3. I feel like if I were more invested in the story, this is the attitude I'd have. I mean, asking Greg to clarify bits from the old story is one thing, but again, it just seems odd to keep asking him to make what amounts to headcanon official. I mean, isn't that literally what fanfic is for? To take all your interpretations and ideas and implement them into the main story? Isn't it a bit odd for, like, this one headcanon to ascend to actual canon? I mean, I could be wrong since I don't know how every post-story bit became canon, but it seems to me that it's potentially limiting to fans who've expanded the universe for themselves but otherwise stick to canon as much as possible. Like, let's pretend I got super invested in that random Voya Nui Matoran w/ the Mask of Aging (the most important dude, obv). Let's say I came up with their whole backstory, element, and decided that they were just wearing a deformed Hau that plays a huge role in their story. Then all of a sudden the main story's all like nah, that Matoran is actually wearing a Mask of Aging. I doubt I'd get mad or anything, but it'd kind of bug me. I mean I put in all this time coming up with a story for this Matoran and then someone else's headcanon basically comes in and trumps mine, y'know? It's one thing for someone to say, "actually in my version of things they've got this new mask I came up with," but instead it's now official. That Matoran has that mask as mandated by GregF (not to say you should take everything he says super seriously, but still), and the only thing I can do is ignore it. It's an extreme example I guess, but still, I get the impression that maybe these things are best left to the individual. Or groups. I remember in my lurker days there was like a group of BZPers who spun off their own stories from the main one and voted on what the group would accept into their overall canon. Maybe that's a better approach than asking GregF to make things canon? Or at least go through the voting thing (I've seen a couple polls in this forum for stuff like this, so maybe this should be the new standard rather than just going to GregF and asking him if such-and-such can be canon).
  4. No problem. I should've been clearer in the first place. Thanks for the interest, though.
  5. I was wondering what's up with this weird trend I've seen recently where people keep asking Greg Farshtey to canonize little details from the old story (the Toa Mangai of the Green's mask power, for instance, which despite my following the story from 2001-10 didn't actually mean anything to me until I looked it up). I mean, I like these little bits of trivia as much as the next guy, but it seems like it's sort of excessive to the point of being... well, pointless I guess. Since this is the example I have in my mind: why do we need to know that the Toa Mangai of the Green has a certain mask power? Why do we need to know there was a Toa Mangai of the Green in the first place? Shouldn't these bits be, I dunno, left up to fanon/headcanons or whatever? I'm not asking, like, aggressively or anything (I pretty much ignore whatever happened after Teridax got killed anyway), but it seems odd that we have a bunch of these little details that people have gone out of their way to get canonized after the story ended. The existence of a "Toa Cordak" team and that massive list of Kanohi that never showed up in canon (Mask of Aging, etc.) on BS01 spring to mind also. Why have this made official four years later? I'm not saying it's bad necessarily, it's just... odd. These seem like bits of headcanon that would be neat details in someone's own story, but again I ask, why do they have to be, like, GregF certified or something?
  6. (Sorry to do this this way, quote on mobile = not great) (also apparently you can like posts here, which I totally didn't mean to do....) @Dragon: I was actually hoping to sell these within the week. Shipping will vary on your ZIP. PM it to me and I'll be able to give you an estimate. @Konahrik: Yep, still have that one. Same deal, PM me you ZIP and I can give you a total. Thanks! EDIT: Hey, I'm pretty sure I have a few of those masks you're looking for in your thread (Sanok, Zatth, '08 Pakari, and Solek masks). Do you still want those?
  7. Okay. They're pretty much ready to be shipped out, so let me know if you want them for sure.
  8. heck, if I can get rid of these guys, I'm willing to pay for half the shipping cost. EDIT: BTW, what sets would you be interested in (so I can takes pics and stuff for you)? As in is the clamshell taped up? It's not, mine never had the packaging taped or anything.
  9. Hey, guys, I'm looking to get rid of a few Hero Factory sets. I was kind of hoping to see if there were people still into these guys (even if only for parts or something). I have the following available for sale: XT4ScaroxAquagonBA RockaBA BreezBA BulkBA EvoJaw Beast + StormerTunneler Beast + SurgeBreakout BreezVoltixCore HunterBA SurgePyroxOrgrumFrost BeastChi Cragger (2013)Chi WorrixChi RazarChi ErisFlyer Beast + BreezStormer Freeze MachineCrystal Beast + BulkFurno XLDragon Bolt (sold!)Splitter Beast + Evo & FurnoSets in green I'm looking to sell for $7 each, sets in red $10 each, and sets in blue $13. Everyone except Rocka and Core Hunter should have their instructions if you need them. I'd prefer to sell these within the US and I'm not really looking for trades or anything. I'm happy to do discounts for large orders (five or more sets) of these guys, so feel free to ask. In addition to the HF sets above, i also have a couple Bionicle sets for sale. Mainly a NYCC Tahu Mask with the packaging ($30) and an Axalara T9 with the instructions ($50). Any questions or requests for pictures, feel free to post in this topic or message me on here. Thanks!
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