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    Use your imagination. :]

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  1. boop I see you come back :c

  2. I don't play Halo, but that looks spicy.
  3. Whoops, sorry. Happy belated birthday!
  4. Aw, it's been over a year since you got a comment on your profile. Come back man!

  5. iunno, loluse it if u want to
  6. hehe, thanks @xinlo: and U_K's canadian too, haha.
  7. So, I entered this Adobe Imagination Challenge, and I need votes to win $10 000. If you could, help a brotha out and vote for me here: [You may not link to sites with comment systems. -Shine] aiya shine, pretty please? i thought this was a cooler bzpower well then just go to the website and go to entries and mine's on page 6 You have to register an account. Don't worry, it takes like 5 minutes. Spread the word on BZPower! Put a link to this in your blog. Thanks everyone.
  8. Chunky!


    so this is what i've been doing instead of bzp and i probably won't stay here much longer [p.s. don't steal or i will murder you]
  9. Chunky!


    thank you both. i draw stuff on the computer in illustrator, then add effects in photoshop
  10. Chunky!

    Emoticon Updates

    nah, it's still lame when moderators use it.
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