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    I'll fix this later. In short, I'm a mostly inactive user who used to be somewhat well known here. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Greetings Shadix, I have noticed your post about selling a near complete Kaukau mask set, and I am interested in other mask sales if you still have any left. I am buying on ebay under the name of: "SLIFERZpwns" send me a message if you would like to do some bussines!

  2. So, I'm selling a chrome Hau for $15 in my sell topic. Someone asked if they could buy it for $15, then someone else said they'd bid $17 on it. Since it wasn't originally on my auction list, should I let that continue as an auction, or sell it to the first guy for a flat $15? Thanks in advance.
  3. Someone has put a bid on the chrome Hau, which I'm not sure if I'll take or not. Since it wasn't listed as an auction item, I'm not sure what to do. I'll keep you posted and PM you specifics shortly. Yes I do! I have 2 of them, one of them is pending. Would you like me to add the second one to your order? Since I didn't have the chrome Hau listed as an auction item, I'm not sure if I can let you bid on it. I'll think about it. But I'll add your 5-hole Kraahkan bid, and PM you specifics.
  4. I think so. Picked it up off a guy who bought them directly from a Lego factory in Germany. It looks sweet, hasn't been painted over or anything.
  5. I'm sorry, which one is the Dune Kiril? I have one but I didn't see it when I was taking photos. And for an order than big, probably.The Dume mask is the red and black one.Ah ok. I'll add them to the pending list and PM you details when I get home.
  6. I'm sorry, which one is the Dune Kiril? I have one but I didn't see it when I was taking photos. And for an order than big, probably.
  7. Alright thanks! I'll PM you details in a bit. Your bid has been added to the Skrall Shield.
  8. Got it in a trade a while back, along with the other two interesting Kanoka. If I do some rummaging, I might be able to find another one. I think I got at least 2 tan ones, and maybe one more GITD one. I don't remember exactly who I got them from though.
  9. Thanks -Sidorak-, your bid has been added to the main post.
  10. Shadix

    Long Time No See

    Hey hey, how's Moscow? I don't think I'm gonna start back up. As most 'good' comic makers probably have done already, we've shifted our skills, talents and goals to something else. And Pokuaki is gone? Man, that guy was a bro. Windrider is cool too though.
  11. Your items have been added to the pending list, thanks!
  12. Go for it. Assuming you're serious and plan on paying me, I can put them on pending.
  13. Thanks! Kraahkan bid is currently $10, to Trydeltix.
  14. You know you want some of those masks. You know you do. And you also want some seriously rare collectables! Or something like that. Click here to go to the topic! Thanks if you do. Anyways, if you collect masks or are looking for other collectables, go check out my topic please. It's much appreciated. I'm also auctioning a solid black Skrall shield, and a 5-hole Kraahkan.
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