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Blog of a BZP Stalker and Former Active Member


Playstation 2 Problems

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Mar 22 2013 · 249 views

So I'm finally playing through Kingdom Hearts (because I didn't have access to it or I was addicted to LoL). Then Novu goes and gets FFVII (which I want to play). Then she turns the Playstation 2 Slim on and it doesn't read the disc. Okay... then it didn't read KH.
So our PS2 derped, and Novu took it to a local game shop. It's going to hopefully be fixed tomorrow (expecting that it just needs to be cleaned, as the thing's really old). Yay.
Funny thing is, I generally stink at console gaming, and yet here are two games that I wanna plaaaaaaaaaaay.
Also, yes, I still love LoL. Just not addicted anymore.


Dreams, Aspirations, History, and Bionicle Zone Power

Posted by Toa of Dancing , Mar 03 2013 · 229 views

Well then.
Obligatory "I'm feeling nostalgic" entry from boredom or regret or something.
I'm currently a nerd/geek/dork of a relatively high degree, I guess. (Yes, I do mean each of those in a specific, non-synonymic way.) Six(ish) years ago, I was a ten year-old playing with some Lego and playing a bit of Starcraft or Warcraft, maybe. Now I watch anime, read manga, cosplay, game my face off, am a brony and all that entails for me, very occasionally still play with Lego, and am looking to get myself into the seclusive business of voice acting. Interests have changed, but one thing really got me (and my "drug dealer" sis, Novu) to this point.
What was that? (It's pretty obvious, but why not be dramatic? =D)
BZP, of course. One day, I was playing with Lego and was like, "MOM CAN I GET ON THIS SITE THAT VIC (brother) WAS ON YEARS AGO AND IS TOTALLY SAFE AND PLEASE." Surprisingly, she said yes, despite sheltering (whether it was good or not, not mad about that because it really probably was for my good) most everything else. And we got on the site and stuff happened and yeah.
We weren't nerds before then. Now her room looks like a manga store, complete with plenty of action figures, Bionicle sets, and a big ol' Kubikiribocho (Zabuza from Naruto's sword) replica. I've got a hefty list of Steam games and lots of time in League of Legends, along with reading/watching manga/anime/bunches of other things.
BZP revealed this glorious world to us, and definitely loosened Mom's deathgrip. So yeah.
Thanks for being BZP, guys. =3 Sorry that I've become not-really-active-much-at-all-stalker-bro.


Phreak too stronk?

Better nerf Irelia.
Because I'm a LoL nerd.


a photo of myself

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because i am an old young weighted companion monsquid

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The Bio Of A Dancing Newb Guy Dude Toa Person...

~My Profile~

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Rahkshi Conquered
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Group: Premier Members
Posts: 7,021 as of 12/21/11 at 9:50 A.M. Central
Joined: 3-May 07
Member No.: 56599

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More In-Depth Profile Thingy

Name: Toa of Dancing
Real Name: No. Call me ToD, but Tod isn't my real name. Not going to give my name away for free...
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Interests: Lots of stuff.
Favorite Book: Uh... Uh... A lot
Favorite Movie: ^^^Look thar^^^
Favorite Game: ^^^Same^^^
Favorite Book/Movie/Game Series: ^^^Follow the ^^^ trail^^^
Favorite Music Genre: Er... Christian Metal or Classical or something
Favorite Color: Green/White/Silver/Purple
Height: Roughly 5' 11"
Ancestry: English, German, Choctaw, Awesomese, whatever else
Location: Florida, United States of America
Occupations: Student, procra - ah I'll finish typing that later, Mocer, author, gamer, wanting to be a voice actor
My Education: Ninth Grade Homeschool
Beliefs: Non-Denominational (meaning a mix of Pentecostal, Baptist, Charismatic and whatever else) Christianity
Hobbies: Reading, writing, wasting time, Mocing, dieing, playing video games, RPing, blogging, Scouting, Youth Grouping
Respected BZP Members: Brickeens, Black Six, The Power that Is, Lloyd: The White Wolf, Parugi, the list goes onwards...
Favorite Bands: Skillet, Demon Hunter, RED, tobyMac, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch

~The Story of ToD's Proto in Interpritive Dance~

Posted Image
•~• And step and step and look to the past. See a newb dance up. See him join the site in hopes of a place to waste his spare time and annoy people with his dancing. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• He does a little spin and money appears. Seven bucks he holds and tosses it away with a sweep. Dimensioneer catches it easily and puts the Toa up to Premier and plus two proto! *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• As a present he gets lifetime rank, a Premier for all his days. He does a little twirl and dances along, grabbing two more proto and goes away. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted ImagePosted Image
•~• He reports some news and anxiously waits, tapping his foot quite rapidly. Then he does a happy dance as he sees one more bit and gets that great PM. He gets orange letters and a copper Huna, happy as a clam. He just keeps dancing happily. *tap*tap*tap* •~•

Posted Image
•~• One fateful day he asked a question, still dancing happily around. He was stupid and bypassed the word filter, slipping under its gaze. But he got nailed in the chest by an admin man, Black Six, the best sheriff in town. ToD frowned and, with his eyes to the ground, handed back a piece of the proto. B6 nodded sternly and then walked off, leaving the Toa a newb again. *sad, slow tapping* •~•

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