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The Apathy Pit


Warm Bodies

Posted by The Present Automaton , Feb 21 2013 · 232 views

Heh. That wasn't actually as bad as one might have expected for a rom-zom-com. Not normally my kind of film but I got dragged to it and I may as well enjoy it, even if the teen angst subtext was as subtle as a train wreck on a cruise liner.

Though really, I know the idea was loving someone regardless of who they are but...come on, the lead male was a corpse. I don't see Norman Bates getting away with the "love conquers all" shtick.


The PS4

Posted by The Present Automaton , Feb 20 2013 · 193 views

So, they had the presentation but they failed to mention what it looked like and how much it would cost upon the time of release. Well that was a worthwhile two hours spent.
Actually no, it was pretty interesting overall, I guess. Knack looked like a fairly good game, and though I'm disappointed to see Sucker Punch can't leave the inFAMOUS franchise alone, it should be good to see where they take Second Son. Deep Down also looked fantastic, like a cross between Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls though I can't tell what, if any, was gameplay and what was a sneaky cinematic. 
Sadly I get the idea I won't be buying it anytime though. University's coming up so money's tight. I don't think I could get away with using my student loans on such a luxury...



Posted by The Present Automaton , Feb 19 2013 · 229 views

Man, I dislike going to the dentist. It was just a small check up and everything went pretty well but it's uncomfortable as all Karzahni to be lying down motionless as the guy pulls out that medieval torture device of a scrapey stick and jabs at your teeth whilst making small talk about local theme parks. 
Also it's quite remarkable how therepeautic writing really can be. Last night I was more than ready to punch a door right in its stupid wooden face or at the very worst post an unhappy blog entry about my emotions for everyone to suffer, but then 1500 words into the third chapter of TSotRR and I felt right as rain again. I'll probably end up deleting half of what I've written on a revision but, hey, at least it seemed to calm me down. Let's just hope I can keep that up. 


The fates are conspiring against me

Posted by The Present Automaton , Feb 16 2013 · 211 views

It's four in the morning. I wake up to feel something tickly crawling across my legs then across my arms. Check it and it's friggin' spiders. Then I drink whatever's on my bedside able only to find out it's a can of Monster I'd set aside for the season finale and never finished. And now my cat's stolen my pillows.
Something tells me I'm not meant to be getting any sleep tonight...


A question of curiosity

Posted by The Present Automaton , Feb 13 2013 · 136 views

In light of my efforts to get my way through at least one novel a week, finishing Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness has left me in something of a pickle. I gather it's a novella (Especially when combined with Youth) yet I'm not sure whether I can count it as my one weekly book due to its obvious lacking length. Am I meant to read the rest of the collection of his works before I can count it in my list or will that do for now? Although, this question may turn out to be irrelevant as the rate at which I'm speeding through When She Woke by Hillary Jordan could mean that I'll be done by Friday. It's definitely turning out better than I expected.
Other unrelated point. Last month, if I had to name a song of the month I would probably have labelled it as Lullaby For a Princess by Ponyphonic. This month I'm already pre-emptively going to have to give the title to Cost of the Crown by Mercedes Lackey. What is it with me and the tragedy of royalty at the moment?

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