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The Apathy Pit



Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 26 2012 · 112 views

Good lord, the nostalgia. I haven't watched this show in years. It's a heck of a lot more different than I remember. I swear Metabee didn't sound like this when I was a kid...I must have a really bad memory.


An Attempt At A Review

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 25 2012 · 90 views

Maybe I've been a little harsh about Linkin Park lately. Not here, obviously. Besides the occasional reference, I'm generally quite quiet about them on this forum. But in real life, I've been very pessimistic about the bands latest release, LIVING THINGS. The reason is my rather lukewarm opinion towards Minutes to Midnight and my heartbreaking disappointment with A Thousand Suns. Seeing a gradual decline in quality, I saw LIVING THINGS as another twitch of a dying corpse, so proceeded to be as uninterested in it as I could be. But, due to some odd sense of loyalty towards them, Linkin Park being the second band I ever really got into, I stayed up until midnight last night (As if I wasn't going to anyway) and rather hesitantly, forked over the £8.99 necessary. And my jaw hit the floor as I finished the very first song, LOST IN THE ECHO. I liked it.

Like, not just regular liking, like I like the odd song I might hear on Scuzz, but I genuinely, really liked it. Borderline loved. Another cause for my pessimism had been the fairly boring album, Kids In The Street from the All-American Rejects, which I have previously reviewed, stored away somewhere on this blog. So with the main figurehead in the Big 5 having so painfully disappointed me, I was left feeling empty and hopeless for this album. But as IN MY REMAINS rolled in, I realised just how misplaced those fears were, because Linkin Park were good again.

I'll say it now: I barely know anything about music. I know what sounds I like, and I can name genres, but I can't say why something's so good. But I can still assure you that, at least as far as I'm concerned, LIVING THINGS is good. I'm always a little hesitant at criticising A Thousand Suns, because it's fair to say that at least they gave it ago. Branching out and trying new styles isn't something that shouldn't be discouraged, because I'm just one person and I've no doubt a few of you out there reading this will be planning a short comment over why my opinion on that album is misguided. It probably is. But now I tolerate it, and am quite happy the attempt was made, because the influence of what Linkin Park learnt during that period is clear in LIVING THINGS. It's quite easy to pick out the influences each individual album had on this one, and it definitely wouldn't be the same if A Thousand Suns had never happened. When I say they're good again, by the way, I don't mean they've returned to the style of Hybrid Theory and Meteora. They quite definitely haven't. Obviously, as I said, the influence is there. But it's not entirely dominating. LIVING THINGS is something wholly new and independent, and it completely works.

As for the songs themselves, while almost all of them are brilliant, there are some particular stand outs. CASTLE OF GLASS was the first one I truly fell in love with, although it was later knocked from its throne by SKIN TO BONE. POWERLESS is coming a close third, and whilst I love VICTIMIZED, I just get the idea it's a little too short. I'm aware it was made that way intentionally, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing out.

Actually, quick update, I was about to criticise it for its general shortness, rolling in at 38 minutes in length, but I then compared it to Hybrid Theory and Meteora, which were the same length and shorter, respectively. So I guess it wouldn't be that valid. £8.99 still feels a little pricey for 12 songs. And yes, I am complaining over that extra £1 increase. I'm meant to be trying to reduce my expenses.

So basically, my hope has been reignited for nostalgic bands of the past. All-American Rejects may have doused that flame, but now it's back in its former glory, just in time for My Chemical Romance to announce they've started recording their next album. Daughtry's also up to something on their fourth release, Dead By April have been putting stuff in the works and Thomas Bergersen's got something coming out any week now. So all in all, the future's looking pretty optimistic on the music front. Yay.


Gotham's Burning, Where's Batman?!

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 24 2012 · 148 views

Y'know, in Arkham City, it really takes away from the style and grandeur of Batman, when immediately after effortlessly wiping the floor with an army of trained thugs, the dark knight then spends ten bloody minutes pacing blindly back and forth wondering where the door's meant to be.

Now, after looking at some of those Bad RPG player meme pictures, I'm just gonna back away and pretend a couple of those don't apply to me.


I Feel Overcome With Shame

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 23 2012 · 127 views

I went out for snacks with the intention of returning and finishing off chapter 19. These snacks have been my downfall as I have been locked out for three hours after forgetting my key, only staying sane by bothering a nearby friend. Finding a way in could be fun. All I wanted was something to satiate my hunger...

UPDATE: I'm in! Thank goodness my sister was in the area.

I didn't even get any snacks in the end. ;_;


Mark This Forum As Read

Posted by The Present Automaton , Jun 22 2012 · 110 views

I hate this button. I have never intentionally clicked on it during its entire life of service. >_>

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